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Uh huh. I'm a pussy and a coward for not thinking Capcom is amazing and I'm an ignorant attention whore for having to keep defending my opinion and a whole stack of cold hard facts from your constant waves of "Your representing of the majority view makes me angry!" passive-aggressiveness. And yet you're the one blocking me and throwing a tantrum because I called out Capcom's bullshit. Yeah, I totally buy that you don't even care. :3

I recommend checking out the entire fiasco for yourselves, people, it's hilarious how he gets progressively more asspained over my pointing out what he refuses to believe even when other people back up what I stated. Once again, Dilly, so very sorry I'm not willing to roll over, forgive Capcom, let them fuck me in the ass and fork over as much money as they want to reward them for their fuckups.

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Hey Capcom, here's an idea! Maybe the game would've sold better if you had actually advertised it! Maybe it would've placed higher on the charts if it was an actual new game and not a game from 1997 rereleased for the 5th time with a cheap HD filter slapped on! Maybe you'd see the demand for more Darkstalkers if you gave a shit about what your fans outside of the Street Fighter community think! Maybe more newcomers would be drawn to it if you stopped making it look like some shitty weeaboo fanservice game in all the crossovers! Maybe your games would meet your sales expectations if you STOPPED EXPECTING EVERY GAME YOU MAKE TO SELL A BAJILLION ZILLION COPIES ON RELEASE DAY!!!

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I love that, in July of 2013, some people are still bitching about Street Fighter 4's artstyle.

On Eventhubs, there's this article that was posted about a week ago regarding the future of Darkstalkers and how in the unlikely event that there's ever a Darkstalkers 4, it'll have SF4's artstyle. And people are actually leaving comments screaming about how the style is ugly and won't fit.

The art of SF4 is that of Daigo Ikeno, the guy who designed all the Darkstalkers characters in the first place. And did the artwork and character designs for their beloved Street Fighter 3.

And I especially love whenever someone cries about how everyone's hands and muscles will be "too big". Bitch, your only experience with Darkstalkers characters is so obviously MvC3. And you're afraid of seeing Morrigan not looking like she does in your fanart with dainty little hands, no muscle and tits twice the size of her head.

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Warning: Incoming rant.……

Yeah, what a fucking shock. Capcom releases a rehash of a 15-year-old game, doesn't even bug-test it, barely advertises it, blames the fans for not caring enough when it fails to sell well, and decides to can the series because somehow this was supposed to determine interest in a new game.

Let's face it, they had no intention of reviving the franchise.

Interest is there, you Capcom fucknuggets, but the interest is in a NEW game with NEW ideas, NEW characters, NEW graphics, NEW music and a NEW story. If you thought a rehash with a cheap HD filter slapped on was gonna cut you a quick buck, then you need to reinstate Yoshinori Ono and give your CEO the boot! Seems to be a running theme with Japanese developers lately. Like Square-Enix going "We're losing money on games! People REALLY fucking want a Chrono Trigger remake, a sequel to Final Fantasy 9 and remakes of Final Fantasy 6 and 7... I know! Let's make another lackluster Final Fantasy 13 sequel!"

Actually, I guess it's more like a running theme with developers in general. They CLAIM to know what the player base wants, deliver something from the bizarro world, and then wonder what went wrong.

But y'know what? While part of me is upset that this happened, another part of me is happy it did. All the above stuff, that's just me being pissed off about Capcom's shitty business decisions and apparent desire to stealthily find excuses to kill old franchises. But really, I'm honestly sorta relieved. Are gamers so absent-minded? Capcom would royally fuck it up, we all know they would. It'd be another bare-bones fighter with a bunch of on-disc DLC held back, 1/3 of the roster would be DLC, they'd likely remove Jedah in their frenzied attempts to keep their fighting games T-rated, they'd refuse to put in Jon, they'd add infinite combos and some shitty gimmick like Street Fighter x Tekken's gems, the English cast would sound terrible and couldn't pronounce half the names correctly, the roster would be horribly unbalanced, it'd be buggy and laggy as all hell, characters would have entire moves omitted because they'd require a little extra work and imagination, it'd have model mirroring despite the fact that this doesn't need to be done anymore, Felicia would somehow be made even dumber and be canonically made a nun just to please the people obsessed with the notion, the list goes on... But apparently, that's what a disturbingly large number of fanboys want.

No disappointing ripoff Darkstalkers sequel is a good sequel.

Also, ATTENTION ALL VIDEO GAME COMPANIES: Stop expecting every single one of your games to sell a bajillion copies and outperform every other game on the market within the first week! You WILL be dissapointed!

Capcom, have you considered that your past antics have caused your customers to lose faith in buying the first edition of your products, knowing that there will be an enhanced, cheaper edition within months? You're like Apple. Anyone who buys the first version of your products will be sorely disappointed when a new, cheaper version is released shortly after the first.

What does he even mean "any other fighting title we put out"? Look, Darkstalkers is awesome, but did he seriously expect it to sell as well as Street Fighter or MvC? Sorry, not gonna happen. Darkstalkers isn't gonna sell simply because they tell themselves "We're fuckin' Capcom, bitches!" All these companies really need to learn how to manage their expectations. What's next, a new Metal Gear Solid game sells 8 million copies and Kojima complains that it wasn't 10 million and decides that continuing the series this long was a big mistake? Why is it only the sales that matter? Are they saying that if it sold way more and everyone was disappointed with it, it would be considered a huge success? Yes, that is exactly what they're saying. They don't give two airborne shits about how much people like the game. Once they have your money, they stop caring about how you feel about anything.

God, I'm sick of hearing these companies saying a game "hasn't sold enough to be successful", that's how you can tell the soul is gone in this industry's heavy-hitting companies--the sales are their success, not the story or experience their game was supposed to convey. I've now heard this exact bullshit from Capcom, EA and Square-Enix, three of the biggest names in gaming. They need to know that their idea of a title "not being successful" is their problem, not the players'. We do our part, purchasing the game and deciding whether we will support or damn it. Telling me a title I like "hasn't sold enough to be successful" doesn't sway my judgement of the game. What it DOES change for me is my opinion of the company. I think that the more and more these companies are telling us that the titles we play "aren't successful enough", they're basically telling us that they wanted more money out of that dead horse. And they say this about games that are still popular, some with no DLC released for them yet! So how can it be a success if, in theory, it's not yet complete? Is that their way of copping out so they don't need to continue making content for it? It just seems like I've been hearing this far too often lately from DIFFERENT sources, and I'm fuckin' done with it.

What blows my mind is things like the new Tomb Raider. Barely a week after the game's release, they're all "This game has underperformed and is a disappointment to us all" and the CEO steps down. It's like, really? The game will be selling new copies for at least a year, maybe more! Don't judge a game's success by its opening week's sales! And see, I told people this would happen. Capcom releases this and when it doesn't meet their expected sales figures, they use that as an excuse to can the series like they planned and blame the fans as usual. First off, Darkstalkers is still a very niche series with a cult following. When people heard of Darkstalkers Resurrection, they thought Capcom was going to make a new game, not just rerelease old ones. Second, the fact that the game placed 7th on the PSN Top 10, despite being a RERELEASE, and it's still not good enough for Capcom just really shows that they set their expectations way too high. I imagine that this didn't cost much to develop, so I don't know what Capcom expected from this.

tl;dr: It's a damn shame. And I thank all that is holy for Lab Zero and other indie developers that are coming out with good games that don't require a HUGE corporation behind it.…

That's right. US Congress has ruled that pizza...IS A VEGETABLE.

Wow, I can just imagine how this went down.

"Sir, we're losing against the fight against obesity in children--how do we combat it now?"

"Hmm... I'VE GOT IT! We'll just call pizza vegetables! That way, parents and health activists can't bitch at us anymore!"

"Brilliant, sir!"

And guess what? IT GETS MORE PATHETIC.…

...They spent three years investigating whether or not drinking water prevents dehydration... Only to go against all science and logic and say that this is not a proven fact and that any company making such a claim will face criminal charges.

Fucking wow, world.
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I hope you can see this, DarkVampireDee. Because you decided to be a chickenshit coward and blocked me from replying, I'm displaying your temper tantrum over my dislike of a fictional character here with my reply for all to see.

I commented on his fansprite of Thomas, an extremely minor filler character catguy from Udon's Darkstalkers comics, pointing out that I'm glad he and his owner Majorette aren't canon because they're boring and pointless. Here's buddy's reply.

"Geez! That's like kinda rude! You could aleast comment on it instead of giving this bull crap! That tell your not a true DarkStalkers fan! nd yes there is male cat race! What, some guy fuck a cat?!!!"

1. It's not rude to state my opinion of the character. You did a great job on the sprite, but I still hate Thomas and Majorette. They are entirely pointless, serving no purpose whatsoever and being in 4 pages of a 10-issue comic series, Majorette has the stupidest motive I've ever seen {"Ooh, I hate all cats except my own! Felicia must die!"}, and Majorette is basically a green-skinned Hot Topic shopper while Thomas is pretty much a male Felicia for no reason.

2. How am I not a true Darkstalkers fan just because I dislike two pointless filler characters created by Udon for an incredibly rushed comic? Screw you, I'm one of the absolute biggest Darkstalkers fans alive.

3. No, Capcom themselves have made it very clear that Felicia's race is entirely female and they reproduce by mating with males from other species. Get your facts straight.

And then on top of everything else, you block me before I can say another word, and mark my comment as spam. Yeah. Not just hidden, marked as fucking spam. For all I know, I might risk a ban or something now because you didn't like something I said about a fictional goddamn character.

Seriously, man, if this is really how you react to someone speaking their mind about something as trivial as this, you need to mature up.
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Don't talk shit about Total.
The people who build the bathrooms in grocery stores are assholes.
If you're 93 years old and you don't know what Alf is, you're a piece of crap.
There is in fact a difference between pissing out the window and shitting out the window.
It's never a good idea to offer a man Twizzlers too many times.
When it comes down to choosing between beer and marshmallows or napkins, juice and Tide, ALWAYS choose the beer and marshmallows.
If you have an ass, you should be embarrassed as fuck.
"Bob Saget" is a perfectly acceptable substitute for cursing.
"Piss" is a perfectly acceptable substitute for "Hello" when answering the phone.
The best way to tell your ex-wife you still love her is by calling her a bitch right in front of her tits.
Avoid buying Colgate toothpaste with tartar control--it'll only make you feel like a piece of shit.
You can't do shit without your balls.
With practice, it is possible to change the month simply by yelling "PISS".
Garbage disposals sound like Chewbacca taking a shit--and feel free to ground your kid if he doesn't think so.
If Alex Trebeck has a picture of a giraffe in his ass during an earthquake, your son will wake you during your nap.
A porcupine's balls are small and don't give a shit.
If you ever owe someone $36 and can't come up with the money, you'll be out of the butt and into the fuck.
Apparently nobody gives a shit about Bigfoot. Except men's asses.
If there's a bird in the house, the best solution is to break everything. Start by throwing a brick at the clock.
You should never talk about someone's dick without their permission.
People with tubas are faggots.
If you have to turn your clocks back, your ass will turn to jello by the time you get to the last one.
Getting hit in the dick with paper towels hurts.
Your spouse's spaghetti not tasting the way you would prefer is a perfectly acceptable reason to demand a divorce. That and him/her fucking everybody in Bismark.
Keep a close eye on any long-legged pissed-off Puerto Ricans living in your neighbourhood.
Also watch out for any tomato-fucking squirrels.
If you ask angrily enough, perhaps you too can get the nearest fast food place to give you some shit to drink.
Bananas can indeed shit. Make like one and do so.
Best time and place to practice your cursing: In the bathroom mirror while brushing your teeth.
If you've lost your pants, asking where they are about a dozen times should help you find them.
It's not a good idea to insult your parole officer when he can clearly hear you.
Tearing the phone book in half is a perfectly rational response to its pages sticking together.
Who cares if Dairy Queen fucked you over twice? They've still got some good stuff, so eat up!
Popcorn is nothing to get a big dick over.
If your last name is Combs, kill yourself.
Cooking fish sticks incorrectly will result in them being hard as tits. But the real question is, whose tits have you been grabbing that feel hard?
It is important to know the difference between Mickey Mouse and tit dirt.
Lesbians just like what guys like.
Don't judge anyone until you've walked a mile in their shit.
Fuck salt.
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7 notes for those still freaking out about 2012

Journal Entry: Wed Nov 25, 2009, 11:27 PM

1. If the Mayans couldn't predict the arrival of Cortez, what makes you think they could predict the exact day that everyone will die?
2. Saying we're all doomed because the solar system aligns perfectly with the centre of the galaxy makes about as much scientific sense as saying you shouldn't drive west at sunset or you'll crash your vehicle into the sun.
3. The Mayans had to end their calendar somewhere, right? Saying the end of their calendar marks the end of everything makes about as much sense as fearing the end of our own calendar each year.
4. What happened on January 1st, 2000, when people were in their bunkers screaming about Y2K and the end of civilization? Oh yeah, I remember--nothing!
5. Roland Emmerich is not a prophet nor a scientist--he's a Hollywood film director, the same one who made the worst Godzilla movie in existance and the laughable mess that is 10,000 BC. Stop freaking out every time he puts out some new cynical, poorly-written, propaganda-filled, time-wasting, money-raking, scaremongering, error-ridden apoca-schlock.
6. Do you realize how many time zones this planet has? Do you realize that the winter solstice will have already happened everywhere below the equator? This event is supposed to happen on a specific hour on the first day of winter, so, what, do you also believe it'll happen at that hour for each time zone, and on the summer solstice in places like Australia? Or will the end of the world conform to Eastern Standard Time?
7. People who believe in 2012 are often the same people who still follow Al Gore's hypocritical preachings like he's the Messiah and insist that we're killing the planet with our comfortable lifestyles {and if you feel that way, GTFO your energy-sucking environment-polluting computer}. Okay, well, if the planet and everyone on it will be dead in three years, why raise such a fuss about what we're supposedly doing to it?

In short, none of this makes any scientific or logical sense, and there is no reason to be so afraid. There is also no reason to adamantly insist it's gonna happen, unless you just WANT to die in three years.

To the believers, chill out. To those who don't buy this bullshit, you guys are cool.

ADDITIONAL NOTE: So... After doing more reading, the theory is apparently that the alignment of the solar system and the centre of the galaxy will cause the planet to suddenly switch north and south from within itself and trigger every natural disaster at once. LOL WUT.

ANOTHER ADDITIONAL NOTE: Apparently Roland Emmerich made the 2012 film because he thinks the government needs to be better prepared for doomsday. Yeah, he actually thinks the events of his own film will happen, just like he did with Day After Tomorrow, and he seriously thinks that the "selecting certain people who will survive the death of the world" program that he scared the shit out of everyone with to make a quick buck through viral marketing is a great idea. Again I say LOL WUT.

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According to another artist who will remain unnamed to avoid a big shitstorm, my artwork is the exact same thing as twisting characters' personalities and backstories to my liking for use in deluded fanon shipping works.

I'll give that a moment to sink in and give you a good laugh.
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Okay, so I've heard that there's some hacker or something going around and spreading links to virus-infected pages through people's accounts here on DA. I haven't been hacked yet, but if anyone gets a comment from me, or anyone else, with a link in it and a phrase like "This may be relevant to your interests", DON'T CLICK IT.

Just reporting what I've read, and thought you all should know about it.
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What does the scouter say about my Pageview level? :XD:
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You know what really grinds my gears? Parents who don't even consider a game's rating before buying it for their kid. I hear about it more and more every freakin' day, and I just HAVE to get it out of my system.

I mean, WHAT exactly do they think the HUGE BOLD LETTER "M" on the FRONT OF THE BOX means? Do they think it's just there for decoration or something? They just go ahead and get whatever game their kid bugs them for, just so they'll shut up about it!

Then the next thing you know, dumbass soccer moms/religious groups/politicians {I'm looking at you, Hillary Clinton and Jack "Turd Sandwich" Thompson} come along blaming the company that made the game, the stores that distribute it, or the ratings system, for the way their 10-year-old acts after having played GTA and Mortal Kombat from the time they were SIX!

No, parents--BLAME YOURSELVES! If you can't be bothered to actually FIND OUT whether or not a game is appropriate for your child, that just shows how irresponsible YOU are.

There are also parents who don't consider the box art {which can tell you alot about a game}, or even the TITLE! What else could "Hitman" or "Grand Theft Auto" mean?! These are the kind of parents who'd buy their youngster a game entitled, "Gore-tastic Splatterfest III" or "DoA: Extreme Girl-on-Girl Action--Now with 10% more physics-defying breasts"!

In short, yes, these parents need to grow up and get a sense of responsibility. They truly grind my gears.

NOTE: Please visit my friend Darkness-Nova's journal. He's in need of some help with ideas for his next stories.…