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Uncontrollable Pastrycraft (Ashley WG Story)
    It was October 31st, Halloween Night was fast approaching, and while others were out preparing to trick or treat and get all that candy, it wasn’t the case for one Ashley. She actually had different plans, in fact, she was throwing a wonderful party for all of her friends. She wasn’t normally so social, or invited anyone to her mansion, but this was a special occasion.
    Halloween was her favorite holiday, only because it was on this day that her magic was both the strongest, but also the most unstable. She needed something to do while waiting for the day to be over, since using her magic was too unpredictable and would most likely end in catastrophe. Red had to keep Ashley from casting any spells, as she was too trigger happy with her own magic.
    So, for now, Ashley was unable to use her spells until the day was over.
    Ashley and Red were setting up the Mansion to be a bit more lively, cleaning out cobwebs, wiping away th
:iconchubby-chimaera:Chubby-Chimaera 82 8
Spelling Errors (Ashley WG Story)
    Beyond the forests on the outskirts of the shining Diamond City lies a large Mansion, one that has but one resident living within. The owner of this Mansion is Ashley, the Young Witch. She chose to live here, far off from society not because of an antisocial qualities she may possess, but because it’s kind of hard to practice demonic magic with so many public bystanders.
    Yes, Ashley practiced magic very often. Mostly of the occult standard, but by no means did this make her evil. In fact, she often used her powers for good. Whenever she could, that is. Her methods are unorthodox, but so long as it works, it works.
    However, today was a rather boring day at the Mansion. To put it quite simply, Ashley had absolutely nothing to do.
    She paced around the long, seemingly endless hallways of her Mansion, looking out the windows hoping someone or something would come along to end this dreadful boredom.
    But nothing did s
:iconchubby-chimaera:Chubby-Chimaera 29 0
Bigger Nightmares (Little Nightmares WG Story)
    Hunger is the only thing Six knew for the longest time. Her weak, frail 9-year-old body was just barely able to survive in the depths of the Maw, where she had spent most of her time sneaking through air ducts, wooden beams and whatever secret pathways she could find.
    Her only companionship was that of the Nomes, a race of even smaller creatures than she is who don’t seem to communicate through any actual language, more or less communicate through hand gestures, writings on the wall, or other means. Their wrappings and cone hats cover up any visible, distinct features, which causes most of them to end up looking more or less the same, save a few height or shape differences, ranging from subtle to very obvious.
    Six’s only form of clothing was her yellow raincoat and her underwear, which were plain white and ragged, but considering how Six always wore her raincoat, it was obviously not something she really cared about making look good
:iconchubby-chimaera:Chubby-Chimaera 68 3
Aura Blob (Braixen WG Story)
   Deep within the forests, the sun shines down upon a meditating Lucario, levitating slightly in the air above a pond. Aura spheres surround him, floating about peacefully as he calmly steadies his focus, keeping balance within his body, mind, and soul. Birds chirp and sing, the wind softly blowing through the trees. His eyes are closed, his body still. Not a muscle is shifted out of place.
   That is until he hears the bush behind him rustling. He opens his right eye and perks his ears up to listen for what it might be. Upon hearing more rustling, and the screams of what sounds like someone in danger, he instantly flipped around, the aura spheres siphoning into his paws. Lowering himself gently onto the ground, dust forming around where his feet landed, he watches the bushes, prepared for anything.
   Soon enough, a Braixen popped out, accidentally falling onto the chest of the Lucario. She seemed to be in some distress, with some signs of battle are pre
:iconchubby-chimaera:Chubby-Chimaera 49 7
Stuffire by SuperSpoe Stuffire :iconsuperspoe:SuperSpoe 578 38 CM- Raven by SuperSpoe CM- Raven :iconsuperspoe:SuperSpoe 558 30 Blackfire Belly by Cookies-Cat Blackfire Belly :iconcookies-cat:Cookies-Cat 1,170 17


Current Residence: Canada
Favourite genre of music: A bit of everything
Operating System: XP
MP3 player of choice: Winamp
Shell of choice: Kappa {and you probably thought I was gonna say turtle}
Favourite cartoon character: L, Merle, Felicia, Al Elric, Master Tigress, way too many others to list in such a small space
Personal Quote: If you don't get the joke, you are the joke.


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