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Oil on board 30x40 cm. Old house from south Serbia. I have been there for some painters meeting. May not be quite finished, but I already gave it as a gift to my friend, a Serb refugee from Bosnia. The land here is flat, one big plane. It may be that this reminds him of his home.
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May 11, 2010, 5:18:04 PM
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Mnoštvo tekstura u sitnim potezima, dopada mi se preklapanje. ;) Boja neba je nestvarno pogođena.
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Jako mi je drago da ti se dopada. Nije karakteristicno za Vojvodinu, to sam poneo sa neke kolonije iz okoline Knjazevca!
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Interesting looking place. Very eccentric. Nice composition.
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Maybe we are to urban and not understand a miracle- it is a source of really clear water! So what? A big deal! The place exists, like many others, for instance, in Serbia and could be a good material for a serial of documented places. Some kind of a treasure!
Thank You for a nice comment!
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AAh ! I love it ! Amazing work !
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In fact, I am interested what do You love in this peace? I noticed that You have Your own style which is far of any of my investigations, even in abstract or ceramic and dry pastel. I am asking because I am interested in modern styles...
Thank You for a kind comment!
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What I like in those kind of things is... the atmosphere and the nostalgia... What I like today it very very linked to my childhood !
For exemple, your drawing here reminds me of an old house I visited with my father, and most of your drawings recalls to me some memories.
And you're very very skilled so I enjoy looking at how good some people are able to draw. And it's also the colours that do everything, your drawing here looks like it was taken from an old photo, so it gives it a style !!
Well it's just the way I see it and what I usually like, I can like a lot of different things as long as it's eye-pleasing ! And I mostly search for very personal art, for example, someone who doesn't take time to put his/her personality in their work don't interest me... I mean, I really feel it when someone's work is personal and has it's own style. And I don't only like modern styles, I can like pretty much everything ! I do have some preferences yes, but I will not discriminated a style because or X or Y reasons. I used to do that actually, but I kinda regret it... some of the people I know only do that wich make their work very repetitive and uncreative... It doesn't mean it's bad, they do have skills, but the originality is something they are missing...) 

You're welcome ! You deserve kind comments, you put so much work and patience in your drawings so it's totally normal !! And I would love to see you drawing an old school... not that I'm asking you to (maybe giving some ideas haha !) but I'd like to see it ! No need to do it as I said. But yeah, I love how you put a strong atmosphere in your work it makes it so interesting to look at... You should continue, really, it's not everyday that we see artists like you honeslty !
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Well, old school, new school, I am autodidactic, which means under no influence of any school, or better, trying to take the best of all, including cubism, dada, naive... We have to study (seriously, every inch of paintings) Mone, Mane, Van Gogh, Gauguin, and learn about color rich surfaces about painting the air and water, we have to study pointillism, to left some colors mix in a very eye... Interesting is that drawing is not the most important, it is enough to explain idea and some mistakes often becomes a style.
In agree with You words, I do not understand why new school painters do not paint digital paintings seriously. Imagine what could Leonardo paint with a new version of Photoshop or some other tool...
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Yes I agree ! I like how you can experiment alot of styles here ! It must be interesting, isn't it ? And it makes your skills even better !
I'd like to go to an Art school, but I can't for the moment, I could take an Art Option for my next school but I coudn't take it because I already had too much options.
But when I'll have the opportunity I'll try ! I know you have to be very patient for studying art, at least I can try.
Painting either on Digital or Traditional is good, at least for me, it's just another support, you still nedd skills to do Art. And I think it's just a matter of preference and how much you're confortable.
I'm more confortable on digital but I do some traditional drawings. I just don't post them. And if you made the drawing with care it'll be always interesting !
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Well, I am a chemist, I used to work in a ceramic factory, which gave me an opportunity to work with ceramic pigments and glazes. I want to say that school is first and art giving You another dimension of understanding and self-culture.
Most of my paintings are after by myself taken photos. Often I measure dimensions when I put them on painting. My drawings are nothing much, some river banks, abstract patterns, I post only destilated stuff.
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I see ! It's really interesting ! Do you think you will try other art styles ? 
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Outstanding work!

I think this is as photo like as an artist can do. 

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Thank You for a kind comment!
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You really have a great eye for light and shadow! A beautiful gift!
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Dar je 50 posto a 98 posto je rad. Recimo, kada sam naslikao beli zid na jednom od ovih mojih boljih prozora on je leprsao kao plahta na vetru. A onda ga polako uklapas i vracas tamo gde treba. Zapravo lazes oko, a te lazi mogu da se nauce. Nemam ni jedan minut nikakvog slikarskog kursa, do svega sam sam dosao, verovatno na tezi nacin. Hvala na lepom komentaru!
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Pa mislio sam u smislu, dar za prijatelja. Verujem da je veliki dio umjetnosti rad. Ok, možeš da imaš talent da vidiš stvari, ali moraš i imati znanje da to preneseš na platno/papir. Ljepo si ovo napisao! Ja uvjek trdim da je veči dio učenja pravljenje napaka i učenje iz njih. Sretno!
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¡Por favor, queremos ver más trabajos tuyos en el grupo!. 

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Please, We want to see more works in the group of you!. 
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Thank You for nice feature and comment!
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Looks like a lot of work with trees! :O
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In fact, I love work like that, give me back my ballance. You are right, there is a lot of ballance!
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Wow, what an interesting architecture.
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South-east Serbia. Who knows, may be 100 willages abandoned, some of them realy impressive. Thank You for comment!
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Such interesting looking old house! :) Wonderful painting! :)
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