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Postapo North America

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When Korea and India nuked Washington, most of the Administration was killed in the process, and Franklin Wolffe, a nationalistic maniac, came to power. Wolffe, surprisingly, didn't take revenge on his enemies, but made peace and began following an isolationist agenda. 
In the following Nuclear Winter, though, tensions began to grow. Some States were outraged by Wolffe's fascist methods, leading to a new Civil War. California lead the rebellion, and joined forces with liberal corporations. The Second Civil War was a huge bloodshed. Wolffe nuked California and led mutants armies. Canada joined the war against Wolffe. Millions died in the war, and only the corporations profited from the war. 
Finally, the two sides came to make peace. Corporations were given states; Canada was partitioned; California became independent and the US became a neofascist nation. 

Seeing this, Mexico was quite afraid, and they decided to build a wall. 
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well trump gotten what he wanted....
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The other way round xD
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Only suggestion I would make on this map would be to change Utah to Deseret. This was the original, intended name for the territory, when Brigham Young brought the Mormons into the Salt Lake Valley. They were going to call the state Deseret, but the U.S. Government would not provide them statehood until they provided a name that was not "Mormon" based. If there is no federal government, and they area has become an independent "nation", it is very likely that the heavily LDS population would revert the territory to the name Deseret, as much for historical reasons, as a "f*** you" to the rest of the former United States. 

Also, I'd change the flag to a Beehive, as that is what Deseret means. There are a number of corporations in Utah that use the Beehive as their symbol, and with the LDS Church being the largest corporation, owning a large share of a number of businesses in the state, there is a fair chance that they would make the territory a "corporate theocracy".  
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OK, I didn't know about that. :) I actually looked for a prettier flag for Utah than the actual one, but couldn't find any. And I didn't think most people would care about the flags sections so... :p
Thank you for that though, I'll redo that part. (probably will not republish it though)
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That's cool. I've done some pondering about "post-apoc" style games, as well as played/ran Palladium Book's Rifts, I have always realized that a lot of people kind of overlook Utah's odd past and present. Most of the time they just see "Mormons", and leave it at that. The name Utah was actually meant to be a snub at the Mormons, as the name was supposed to represent the Ute tribe. :-) I appreciate that you are going to update that. :-) 
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Of course! I wouldn't like if people overlooked France (my country) so I wouldn't do that to someone's else country or region. Well it's true that I didn't think too much about it while doing the map in the first place, but I obviously should have :)
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Robotics, why does it always have to be Robotics...
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>Sees "Postapo"
>Reads "Gestapo"
>Doesn't think anymore
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Well, since the US on this map is fascist, it can be "Gestapo America" too :p
WolfVirindis's avatar
No, please no x3
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