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Astronomical Profile: Pocket 417C5
Pocket 417C5 is a notable pocket universe located on the outskirts of the Delta Azromli Main located 11.7 KLYs from the Sol System. Based on the analyzing and decay-dating of the pocket's content particles, Pocket 417C5 is estimated to have come into existence approximately 2.5-3 billion years PT.
Pocket 417C5 is connected to its parent universe by an umbilical-cord-like wormhole - designated W-417C5-0 on its parent end, and W-417C5-1 on its exit end into pocket 417C5 - through which vessels and other objects can travel. Pocket 417C5's total volume of folded space consists of an estimated 1,480-1,520 cubic LYs and its contents have a total cataloged mass of 17 solar units and holds 11 star systems, among which are a number of megastructures. The 11 star systems within pocket 417C5 are surrounded by nebulous gas, illuminated by the 14 stars of the pocket, brightening the night skies of 417C5's planets.
Federation expeditions into Pocket 417C5 have been sporadic
:iconterrantechnocrat:TerranTechnocrat 6 0
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theSuricateProject's Profile Picture
Gregory Laurent
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
I also have an Instagram for my maps and other drawings : @mrb3bert
I'm a French guy who loves maps & world-building. I will put some of my (drawing) art here. I also do writing, but that won't be published here.
Thanks to everybody who favorite and/or comment, it is very much appreciated! feel free to contact me for whatever you want.


Solar System (Two Universes series)
Today's second map, here you will see the Solar System and Proxima Centaurii, colonized. Obviously not to scale. 
And also, former "Golonth" on the main map became "Sian". So, again, sorry for the discrepancies :p 

About scale : 
1) Space is so huge that traveling between these 2 "close" stars would take forever. In this timeline, it's been reduced to 100 years, more or less (cf. Project Orion). Hence the "Centenary Trade" that took place, for long, between Sian and Pontos. 
2) However, wormholes are a thing, yay! So now, Sian is wayyyy "closer" to the Solar system and the Centenary Trade is useless. Pontos, a rich, city-covered artificial moon, lost its important place in the Solar system. 
3) Sian is head to the huge, multistellar empire of Sian, which rules the 3 Alpha Centaurii stars. For long, Sian was isolated from the rest of the universe, behind infinite closed doors. 

This time, I won't explain the choice of the style. It was the easiest one to do. Font is "First", used for its S-F look. 
Green and Red Mars (Two Universes series)
NB: I updated the dates, so they won't match with the dates used in former maps. Sorry! :p

Mars: green, red, blue, and weird. 
That's all there is to say, i guess. 

On the right, you'll see the Royal house of Tomaris, which is on the throne since they initiated Mars' revolution (2826-28). They love killing each other and/or marrying each other, hence the often complicated succession, civil wars, and consanguinity. Also, they die pretty young even though they live in the far future (thanks to stress & poor atmosphere).
The flag has actually a meaning. Or maybe not ? 

About the style: I chose a "brushy" style to show Mars' vitality, a mix of violence and serenity. I also invented a few Martian words, for the fun of it, but also to show the planet's diverse culture, background, blended in to make a brand new society.
The fonts are Ghund Ziliag for region names, Forgotten Junk for cities names, BlockItOut for the bottom description, and LPEducational for the Family tree. 
Retrofuturistic Earth (Two Worlds series)
4217. Earth has not really evolved in 2 millennia. While humans finally managed to conquer the Universe (even two universes, see my previous map), they couldn't put aside their differences in their mother planet. Some people tried, though. The US and Russia fought for centuries to see who was the best monster ever. Then China and India tried. 
In 3977, after a failed Martian invasion, Earth finally agreed that maybe working together was for the best. The UN became more important, the Secretary-General is now elected by the people. But soon, tensions grew, and the UN quickly became a Holy Roman Empire 2.0, but even less powerful. Earth went back to her old habits -- thus earning her nickname, "the Senile Planet". 

NB. The style chosen is "retrofuturistic" : retro, because Holy Roman Empire - and also, China is more or less C16/17 Portugal (former colonial empire), the US is the Byzantine Empire (empire on the decline), Brazil is Spain (rich colonial empire), etc. Futuristic, because 4217, duh. I tried to blend the two styles, hence the black and white, the neon coat of arms, the old and modern fonts, the colorful cities. I guess in the end, it looks more retro than futuristic, but well. Sweating a little... 

Next up : Mars ! (or not, we'll see :D (Big Grin)
Two Universes (Main Map)
Welcome to my new SF series (there's going to be quite a few maps from this one, and maybe drawings too): Two Universes. One is dark, with hot stars, full of death, and us. The other is white, cold, full of life, and the Aliens. 
Humans decided that colonizing our universe was way too difficult... The multiverse, though... They began colonizing "the Other Side" as they called it, slaughtering and enslaving Aliens and robots, terraforming the many planets, building even planets of their own. The colonization is lead by the Kingdom of Mars, the UN (with the help of many many megacorps), the kingdom of Golonth, and religious fanatics who think that "the Other Side" is God's world. 
Other maps to follow: Earth, Mars, Deucalion and Tian. 


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