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The Super's Racing Stripes

Just a bunch of racing inspired shapes I created to get you on the fast track. No credit desired (you don't need a monkey on your back trying to remember who gave you what) but if you want to then fine.

Some stripes used here [link]
© 2006 - 2021 thesuper
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downloaded thanks
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nice shapes. Many thanks!
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VERY snazzy! It says .... ZOOM!
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Beautiful work, great work and thanks for sharing. :)
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you're welcome.
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Very useful for cars and UI elements.
Great work, thanks for sharing!
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hehe these will make some damn nice tech borders too man. awesome job on these!
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Im glad they'll work.
Thanks so much for sharing!
thank you very much !
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really good work... i like them...
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Thank you very much!
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WOW!! really nice.. Keep it up.!!
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Really Thank You for this ! I will make good use of 'em on my carskins for Live for Speed ! ^^
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Good, your welcome...I always wanted to skin 3d cars.
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damn. nice designs.
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