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September 19, 2008
Photoshop custom shapes are one of the most exciting tools you can use and are extremely useful for many creative projects.Straights and Swirls by ~thesuper are a superb toolkit of designs and shapes and just one of the many wonderful packs this deviant has made available to the community.
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Straights and Swirls



Just some more shapes. These were all created by me, use at will.

Use by members of dA only please.
No credit req'd but welcomed if used as part of a larger work.
Not for resale or redistribution as shapes without permission.

Created in version 6.01.

An example of their use [link]

Holy Crap! I wake up this morning and see 114 messages and I think, "what did I say in the political forum that would piss off that many people?"

Then I noticed I have a DD, Wow guys!

Thank you for all your kind words, I'll get to them straight away.
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