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Sea Creatures

My eyes are blood shot now...please enjoy!

1. DeviantART members only please.
2. No credit required but welcomed.
3. Not for resale or redistribution without consent.
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Thanks!  Perfect for a science project I'm helping my son out with. 
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download button not working
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That seems to be a common problem with chrome users and sometimes very convincing looking spam ads on this site.

Make sure it's not the spam ad. It should say Download with"CSH download" spelled out below it -also it shows the file size.
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Yay for squid and the others....but....*sniff*....why no Octopus? I has a sad.
Otherwise awesome sauce.
They're really cool but I can't download them. Do you know why?
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Try right clicking the link and saving as, instead of just clicking it.
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people with google chrome seem to complain a lot about downloading from dA. not sure other than PEBKAC.
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beautiful creatures!
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Thank so much thesuper :)
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Thank you very much
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you're welcome
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Whoa! There is a lot of effort here. Thanks! :leetcrab:
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Awesome! Thanks for sharing :)
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