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Plan Trees

I'm sure some of the Landscapers & Architects could use these custom shapes for plan renderings.

These were uniquely created by me and are 100% original.

DeviantART members only.
No credit req'd but welcomed.

I only like to see what people were able to create with them...even commercially.
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A brilliant idea, thank you

thank you so much
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so helpfull, thankyou 
Awesome and incredibly useful! 
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thanks man, apreciated.
I can't open the file, it seems empty, what is the problem in your opinion??
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This is such a nice work done..Gonna use it for sure..Thanks for sharing.
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Thanks a lot!!! it is great to youse it - I´m happy :-)
thank you so much. it's amazing. THANK YOU!!!!!!!! :)
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you are welcome.
Thanks a LOT!
Great shapes. I plan to use them to create a custom map.
Can anyone help me here? Am I downloading this into shapes or brushes?  I have tried both, restarted and neither seem to work for me... any tips?
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Those are shapes. You will put them into your presets-shapes folder under adobe photoshop. When you use photo shop you will load them into your shapes palette by selecting the plan trees file.
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Amazing thannks a lot :) I will use them in my Studio project
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you solved my site plan presentation problem :D, so much helpful
thank you very much :)
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