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Isometric Shapes

I few Isometric views of some shapes I've made using windows based cs2.

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2. Credit not required but welcomed
3. Not for resale or redistribution.
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Nice job on these lovely shapes.

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Nice but therese aren't isometric

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Here's a link of my (quickly made) music cover artwork, for which I used one of your awesome Isometric Custom Shape. Thanks again for your contribution. The project for which it was used, was for a beta test for an iOS music software.…
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download button not working
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how i can download it
If you are having an issue downloading, like I have, (e.g. It sends me to a page full of code.) right-click and press "Save Link As..." and it should allow you to save/download the .CSH file.
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download does not work CSH file does not work.
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What version photoshop?
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which one is it, the download or the csh file doesn't work? Please use firefox or explorer.

other browsers get spam, i can't control that.
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It looks really cool! Thank you for share them! :D
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I can't download this... Isn't this made for macOSX.8 user?><
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if their is a red x in the upper right side of the download button it's an ad. Go down below the "Browse more like this" portion and click download file.
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be sure you are downloading the CSH file and not the advertisements that also say "download."
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Is it me or does the DL not work? D:
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It's you. Save it to the proper folder, do not "open."
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I click the link. I'm directed to a page with a bunch of "cush����������
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