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Dead Trees

I needed a dead tree silouett one day for a subdivision logo so I created one...then I thought, "Why not create 23 more and put them into a pack for DA."...well several hours later here they are. Have fun!

Use by members of dA only please.
No credit req'd but welcomed if used as part of a larger work.
Not for resale or redistribution as shapes without permission.

I wouldn't mind a note here and there when you create something so I can see these things being put to good use
© 2006 - 2021 thesuper
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Thanks for the these I was looking for some inspiration for some jewellery designs

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Thank you very much!
Elinize sağlık süper olmuş başarılar
how to download
Thank you from Perillo (A Coruña) - Spain
Thank you from Perillo (A Coruña) - Spain
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Can't find tree branches so I am going to take the dead trees and do some trimming.  Thanks for the awesome shapes!
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this is great dude.Thank u so much for your work
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These are very nice.  Thank you.
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soo nice thanks
Hello, would i be able to use one of the tree shapes as part of a logo that will be printed on a couple t-shirts in a very small setting for private use? Thank you. :)
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The are Awesome. Thanks and GREAT JOB!
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They are AWESOME!!! GREAT JOB!!! Thank you!
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