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Custom Flames

Just some more flame shapes. These were all created by me, use at will.

Use by members of dA only.
No credit req'd but welcomed.
Not for resale or redistribution.

Created in version 6.01.
© 2007 - 2021 thesuper
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yes more flames thank you
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download button not working
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If you're using chrome, right click and select "save link as". Thanks for the freebie!
i'm trying to download but when i click the button i get a page of weird letters. any ideas?
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yes, try firefox and be sure to click on the correct download button. dA uses ads that trick people into clicking on the wrong box.
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i cant download? :( it goes to some wierd page when i click download
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dA thought it would be cool to have an advertisement on their page that says "download" as well as have the actual download link for my file.

Please click on "download file" instead.
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i see only 1 download link and its "download file" which takes me here [link] :/ like what are those codes even "cush����������� ¤name�������S�h�a�p�e� �1��rect�����Ä���-��¢��tdata� "
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Use firefox or explorer, i get complaints from google chrome users.

I click the link you offered and it asks to save file, no issues.
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Hi there,
I've just been playing with your flame set and I thought that you might want to see the result -

Thanks ;)
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I love these. Thank you.
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you're welcome
Thank you very much bro.
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clear friend I invite people to visit the website and register
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Thank you!! I just couldn't quite get my flames look like this. Darn...
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Thanx so much for sharing!
Hey I just added these to my blog to share with my readers. I would love it if you left a comment or read the article, these are such awesome shapes, I used them to create the mini logo for my freebies section, I also dropped a link to here.

you are a skinners best friend
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