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Hiya! I'm Mika, nice to meet ya!
Hello Hello! As you may have noticed; I have been re-creating the snugglie series originally made on Neko-Marie .
So far these are whom I have created; 

*Miku Hatsune*
Snugglies Return by TheSun-Cat

*Anon and Kanon*
Anon and Kanon by TheSun-Cat

Chika by TheSun-Cat

*Flower v3 and v4*
Flowerv3 and Flowerv4 by TheSun-Cat

Gumi by TheSun-Cat

*IA Rocks and Haku Yowane*
IA and Haku by TheSun-Cat

*Luo Tiyani, Lily and Luka Megurine*

Luo,Lily and Luka by TheSun-Cat

Mayu by TheSun-Cat

*Macne Nana*
Macne by TheSun-Cat

*Rin Kagamine and Rana*
Rin's and Rana's by TheSun-Cat

*Yanhe, Neru Akita, Sonika, Momo Momone, SeeU and Stardust/Xingchen*
Yanhe, Neru, Sonika, Momo, SeeU, Stardust by TheSun-Cat

*Nala-chan, Teto Kasane and Unity-chan*
Nala-Chan,Teto,and Unity-chan by TheSun-Cat

*Yukari Yuzuki*
Yukari by TheSun-Cat

*Coco nana, black and white. Along with Fuyu Sekka*
Coco's and Yufu by TheSun-Cat
*Miriam, Sweet Ann, Miki, Prima, Meiko, and Lola*
Miriam Meiko Miki Sweet Ann Prima Lola by TheSun-Cat

Exclamation Mark by playboy Nala-chan does not belong to me, HE is a utau owned/created by luiz7429 
Exclamation Mark by playboy I AM AWARE!! If you recognize the parts I have used for Yanhe, please DO NOTE that I have read over the readme's and it says it is allowed AS LONG as there are both Japanese and English readme's in the files.
Exclamation Mark by playboy I am simply making this series for fun and honestly do not suspect anyone to credit me for them; though showing me what people have done is pretty cool.
Exclamation Mark by playboy Yufu DOES NOT belong to me either, her creators are Rokka Fuyou and Tsunoyomogi Amahashi
Exclamation Mark by playboy I AM AWARE!! If you recognize the parts I have used for Miki+(more to be added to this one), please DO NOTE that I have read over the readme's and it says it is allowed AS LONG as there are readme's from the original file.

If there is any other vocaloids you would like to see me add to this series or utau's please let me know. I will try to add them.



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