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Sea Sprite 2

By thestyles
Heres another little Sea Sprite I made recently!
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An amazing piece of art! Hell, i truly like this one!
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Whaoh! This is really good! I sculpt too and I think this is fantastic!
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very very amazing ; nice work...:)
oktopussy's avatar
This is the nightmare of all pregnant women!
crawford-the-imp's avatar
Fucking love it. Got all the subtleties that make it real.
What's it cast in?
Nakiusa's avatar
yay! alien ^^
Fabi-The-Chamelleon's avatar
Really amazing!!!!


seems the son of Calypso and Davy Jones from Pirates of the Caribbean for me!
Crawling-meower's avatar
Congratualtions, it's a squid! :=P
Your-cheery-overlord's avatar
This looks so real I'm in love with it!
OyiethEhtAnrah's avatar
Congretulations for the DD.

Seems like a cute-ish baby Chthulu. Heh.
copperhead1973's avatar
So creepy, but so awesome. Well done! He looks so real.
hyenacub's avatar
What a neat little guy...I love it! How big is he? He's kinda cute. LOL
LEADloaded's avatar
Beautifully ugly. I love these kinds of creatures. Haha. Congrats on the DD!
Cyper5's avatar
lol i just watched Pirates of the carrabien (spelled right?)

anyways, astonishing!
0Confuzzled0's avatar
Oh my gees! This is spifftacular!!! =)
I bow down to what ever these prowess are, and hope somehow I can gain them. Specially if they're Photoshop, because I'm taking a class on that right now.
TheLastHetaira's avatar
Wooowww...So realistic! Excellent combination of humanoid and octopus, there. Are you sure this isn't one of Chthulu's minions?
Sleetwealth's avatar
The skin detail is amazing. Congrats on the DD its well deserved!
InsecureFlaky's avatar
This is an impressive work

Tentacles looks very natural, Also the folds on the skin

I hope never meet one of these at the sea for sure
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