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The Ghoul from Philipines

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Meet Maiang! She's the daughter of the manananggal, a creature from Filipino folklore. More info here:…

:bulletblack::bulletblack:Basic Information:bulletblack::bulletblack:
:bulletblue:Name: Maiang Nananggal
:bulletblue:Age: 17
:bulletblue:Monster Parent: Manananggal
:bulletblue:Height: 1,66m
:bulletblue:Eye Color: Red
:bulletblue:Gender Identity: Female (intersex)
:bulletblue:Sexual Preference: Straight
:bulletblue:Pet: cannot take care of a living pet for safety reasons so keeps a koala plushie instead.

:bulletblack::bulletblack:Personal Information:

Reading, walking and other calm activities;
Flying around;

Being the center of attention.

Able to separate her upper body from her waist down and get back togheter at free will.
Extemely patient
Great listener and trustworthy friend
Usually kind

Can only fly with her upper body, leaving her legs behind, and during the night. If her legs are destroyed, she will die at breaking dawn.
Has a strong accent and her proboscide tongue gets in the way of her speech. Monsters oftem mock her for the way she talks;
Allergic to most spices, mainly salt, garlic, and pepper;
Finds it extremely difficult to approach males;
Shy and exremely anxious;
Looses control and becames a wild beast when hungy. Can only return to her normal state of mind when satisfied. Eats mostly viscera and raw beef.

Manangals are a one-gender vampiric race fully consisting of fenotipically female individuals who have both functional reproductive organs - a full female genital system, plus functional testicles - and able to fecundade themselves. Mai was concieved by self-fertilization from her mom.
Needs to be on birth control in order not to get herself preagnant. She takes the pill since her first period.
Has a major crush on Danny Tish but shakes everytime she sees him and couldn't have a decent talk with him so far.


Riley Hatter:… by *Fallonkyra
Upira Tepes:… by ~AnaAosPedacos
Shiis-Tehl:… by ~AnaAosPedacos
Danny Tish (total crush): by ~Dizcotheque
Saphira Charm: by *Andy-Dorinka
Andy Reiko by =ILoveThePanda


Profile template by *LadydragonQueen
Skullete base by *MHScreamQueen
Decals by ~KPenDragon
Floral detail on skirt by :devkatibear stock:
Sand texture used on background by ~hhh316 all their textures are avaliable at…

Hope you like her =) I worked really hard on the design.

Look at the amazing chibi version of her !Saprowan did for me!
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Aww she's so cute!!
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My papa would hear rumors about aswangs in Negros Occidental. I know more of local creatures too because I live in the Philippines. 
ThestralWizard's avatar
Nice to know.  Is an aswang the same monster as a manananggal, or are they only vaguely similar
Mariposabutterfly's avatar
There are variants of aswangs, from a werebeast, a witch, a vampire, a shapeshifter or a manananggal. 
ThestralWizard's avatar
Oh, so it's more of an umbrella term, awesome!
Mariposabutterfly's avatar
Yeah, but mainly an aswang is a shapeshifter.
ThestralWizard's avatar
I see =) thanks for the information
Mariposabutterfly's avatar
No prob, you can ask me about Filipino culture.
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BTW, is there anything about Mai than seems offensive or in any way, "off"? If so I should fix it right away.
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Can one Oc mine by her friend?
ThestralWizard's avatar
I still know nothing about her. Does she have a bio or some kind of written information?
LeslieLepeKiraJess01's avatar
No, i work on his bio.
ThestralWizard's avatar
please show me when finished! 
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Can one of my OC's be friends with her?
ThestralWizard's avatar
I'm sorry but no.
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Oh, manananggal creeps me out but I still like her
<--------- Girl from the Philippines
ThestralWizard's avatar
That's great to know =) I was going for creepy, but stil captivant.
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