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Little Empress by TheStoryHunter Little Empress :iconthestoryhunter:TheStoryHunter 2 0 Raymond Parrish by TheStoryHunter Raymond Parrish :iconthestoryhunter:TheStoryHunter 3 0 Ellyza x OSU! by TheStoryHunter Ellyza x OSU! :iconthestoryhunter:TheStoryHunter 4 0
Monster Mansion

Game starts; go on, explore this mansion. But beware of monsters -- no, you can't fight them, you are too weak for that and they are just poor monsters after all. Find your round-way now, no matter if you intend to go further or go back. Hm? What do you mean there seem to be more and more of them?

Doesn't matter -- I guess it means you guys got to stay in this mansion, huh... Don't worry. First you are guests, but soon you will be part of us too...
:iconthestoryhunter:TheStoryHunter 2 3
Autumn Picnic
The trees trimmed, weeds cleared, and every crops and flowers watered. Erecting her posture, Ellyza viewed the garden with subtle feeling of accomplishment. Then after washing her hand by a nearby pond, she spread a cloth to sit down on grass by the side and opened her packed snack. It was a cake with unique, blood-red jam; people call it Zombie Cake due to the colour and also because it is a food related to Halloween season, she guessed. Though the Halloween eve itself had passed, the festivities still lingering in the realm.
It had been a while since Ellyza last visited that realm with Hunter. The officials even gifted them a free ticket they could exchange with an article of fashion in their shop. And when they arrived in their humble shack, they found a new garden — and a sulking pet that they had left for weeks without food. And now, clad in new clothes, Ellyza assigned herself the task to cultivate their garden so that they could use their old stove other than as a room hea
:iconthestoryhunter:TheStoryHunter 1 5
“Drink it in, little girl.”
It was not exactly sexual, but it was definitely sensual. His hand on my neck, and around his neck were my arms. Lips to lips, he poured in and I drank him in — was he Golden Champagne? But the colour of his eyes were Red Wine.
He grinned victoriously upon seeing me getting tipsy from his kiss, and he knew that I wanted more. More, more. Like a drunkard longing for drink, I longed for more of his touches. His low chuckles sounded like bubbling liquid, a drink poured into crystal glass. And I found my lips looking for his, feeling dry without them on mine.
After another kiss filled with a hum, husky voice caught in my ears. “Hungry little kitten, aren’t you?”
Hungry… yes, I had been empty for the last few days. Cold and numb; the sky also cried along with me.
“I see… I should look forward for tonight then. Since I know you wouldn’t sacrifice your present moment, being a busy woman
:iconthestoryhunter:TheStoryHunter 3 4
Lazy Morning (fin) by TheStoryHunter Lazy Morning (fin) :iconthestoryhunter:TheStoryHunter 2 0 Lazy Morning (line) by TheStoryHunter Lazy Morning (line) :iconthestoryhunter:TheStoryHunter 1 0
Pretty Tomboy (Bonus Part)
[[ Warning: in case you haven't read the main story of this bonus part, here's what you better read first: ]]
“For a moment there, I thought you were going to do something to me…”
With her shirt not tucked in anymore and her sleeves rolled up, she seemed way more relaxed. Anderson couldn’t help but imagine how she would look in his jacket, enveloped in his smell… “I thought so too.”
“Hm? You said something?” Of course, his mutter was way too low for her to hear.
“I said…” but he stopped himself. He couldn’t possibly say what he just said directly to her. And there was the slightest feeling of frustration at the thought.
So he gestured to her, with a finger, to come closer to him. There was that cautious-curious look on her face again — but she approached him anyway. He supposed he had gained some of her trust from earlier. She even stayed still as he leaned down to her ear
:iconthestoryhunter:TheStoryHunter 0 0
Pretty Tomboy (a Student AU)
That was the third guy that spoke to her today. It’s amazing how something as a little change in someone’s appearance could change the surrounding’s attitude toward that person.
Anderson spoke up, as the guy finally gone and they continued their way to class. “It’s rare, though, to see you dressed up like this.”
“Hm?” Elly looked up to him. “Oh, you mean… my shirt, and my hair?” She looked down to her shirt with floral embroidery, tucked neatly into a pair of jeans that fastened with leather belt. While her hair moved to her shoulder length hair, which usually tied low, but now was let loose.
She went on with a sigh then, “It’s my sisters. They dared me to wear something less ‘tomboyish’ to campus today.”
Ander raised a brow at this. “Dared you?”
“Yyeaah…” she dragged her tone, shoulders seemingly slumped. Even from that shoulder, she currently had a woman shoul
:iconthestoryhunter:TheStoryHunter 0 0
Ryu by TheStoryHunter Ryu :iconthestoryhunter:TheStoryHunter 2 0 Wake Up, Princess (line) by TheStoryHunter Wake Up, Princess (line) :iconthestoryhunter:TheStoryHunter 4 0 Wake Up, Princess by TheStoryHunter Wake Up, Princess :iconthestoryhunter:TheStoryHunter 3 0 Three Lovers - The Mercenary by TheStoryHunter Three Lovers - The Mercenary :iconthestoryhunter:TheStoryHunter 1 0 Three Lovers - The Prince by TheStoryHunter Three Lovers - The Prince :iconthestoryhunter:TheStoryHunter 1 0 Three Lovers - The Devil by TheStoryHunter Three Lovers - The Devil :iconthestoryhunter:TheStoryHunter 1 0


“Stay… stay with me. Like you did with your old lovers.”

“I… I thought we couldn’t be…” A feeling of deja-vu.

He squeezed me lightly in his embrace. This time, there was a kind of desperate tone in his voice that was almost a whisper, “Please… I just need someone. I feel like it won’t work if it’s not you…"

“How…?” I finally replied. “How can we be a lover?”

“… break me. The way you did to your old lovers.”

They say, you have to first learn to love yourself before you could learn to love other. You won't know how to love other if you don't know how to love yourself. I have learned, through my own experience, that it is true. What I have just learned now, is how... just like the way it is with lot of thing, learning how to love yourself could be something you have to learn over and over again.

A friend ever asked once, "Why is it so hard to learn to love yourself?"

Back then, I couldn't answer. I just thought about how, for so long it is something that comes so naturally to me. But now I found out that I'm not any better. Here I am, been feeling bad about myself for the last few days. And I surprised when a thought abruptly popped into my mind; I finally asked myself today, "What's preventing you from loving yourself?"

Life is like cycles. History repeats itself, but like what Lewis says, same thing doesn't have to happen the same way twice. From my own experience, I always find how similar thing tends to happen again and again -- and yet, everything is different from the last time...

Can you relate to it too?



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I am a self-proclaimed words artisan, who also dabbles a bit in visual art. Feel free to talk to me, though reply might be very, very slow due to how I visit here so infrequently these days...


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