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NAME: Belthorn

ALIAS: When posing as a human he uses the name Jonathan

AGE: 37

HEIGHT: 8' 4"



PERSONALITY: Acts like a polite man when acting under his human identity but when annoyed he will become very patronizing towards people.

HISTORY: Belthorn was born and raised in the lush forests of Noctis, he discovered one of the many cities mounted within the forest canopy and started to prey on the humans there, picking them off from hiding instead of preying on smaller creatures like his fellow species to gain a more filling meal, after the people of the city grew wise to what was going on they started a manhunt for him. To escape he smuggled himself aboard a cargo vessel to Belige and began to pick people off again but this time he tried a different tactic, stealing a hooded cloak that would fit him he started to lurk around the backstreets, picking up human words and speech before using his new found language to lure people into allies before feasting on them. Once the people of the Belige city he stalked started to catch on, he once again smuggled himself in a cargo vessel to Hezsc, where he resides now.

POWER/ABILITY/WEAPONS: Super strength, enhanced agility and senses.

WEAKNESS: Loud noises, electricity, very bright light shone into his eye with blind him.

Other; his leathery skin does give him a slight resistance to acid and fire.
He has low level telepathy, he can only really use it to speak to people since his mouth cannot pronounce human speech.
Due to his claws he can climb up weaker surfaces surfaces e.g. old mortar.
His external bones are extremely tough, able to stop a strike from an iron pipe but if broken, it will reduce him to a flailing pile of pain and anger for a few minutes.
He has a fondness for books, finding fiction his favorite, he can be found in the darker corners of the library when not hunting.

This OC belongs to me.
This amazing artwork was drawn for me by :icon110475: Go check out her art!
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