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Name: Rex Zeale

Height: 5'8"

Age: 27

Eyes: bright (light) blue eyes

Hair colour: Long-ish red hair with bangs coming down to just under his chin.

Clothing: He wears white sleeveless shirt with baggy beige cargo shorts and black boots, he wears a dark green jump jacket, white short sleeved t-shirt and beige cargo pants in colder weather

Affiliation: Superhero

Personal traits: Rex is a laid back person, always trying to look on the bright side of things but is very determined when it comes to getting something he wants done, done, which helps him out when fighting criminals and super villains. He always tries to be kind to others but can sometimes be a little bit flirtatious towards those he finds attractive.

Short history: Born in one of the few city domes on Belige, he learnt to handle hot temperatures from an early age in order to cope in the city. He first learned of his powers at the age of 8 after a brief and fearful transformation, keeping it a secret from his parents he continued with a normal life for several years before curiosity got the better of him and he started to practice using his powers. For many years he used his powers for... less than savory activities like fraud to earn money. Once he saved up enough money he left his planet behind and traveled to Hezsc in an attempt to find more interesting life.

Superpower: Can transform it any human like creature, only living things and must be able to see or remember them. If the person has any physical strengths, powers or weaknesses, he will take them on in that form.

Weakness: He can only keep the transformations up for a short amount of time before becoming very exhausted, also any physical weaknesses that the person may have transfer into his transformation. He has an issue with controlling his powers when angered which can lead to him not being able to transform or exhaustion being quicker.

Random facts:

- Slightly pointy red goatee

- light tanned skin

- ideas in slightly hunched over position with hands in pockets(laid back style)

- has a dark green sweat bracelet on his left wrist

- has sharp, symetrical red markings on face just under eyes (two each side)

- has a dislike for his home planet for being "boring" and "too hot"

- he has a temper to his and when angry he can overlook rather major things in battle as well as having a harder time controling his transformations
A picture will come later but this is a new character for the rp group i'm in, you really should check it out.

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