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My hunter character

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allllrrriiiight here is my ref sheet for my Hunter character, im not good but lets have a go.

Name: Sam "Zip" Prowler
Age: 14
Birthday: 10th of December
Gender: Male
Height: 5'10"
Occupation: Student
Type of Infected: Hunter

Personality: He is a happy and joyful type of person, takes everything good that happens to him and treasures, this has made people call him a sissy in the past but he does not care.
He lives alone in an abandoned house after coming across it and having no money for a real house.
He never shows the top half of his face because he thinks he is ugly and frightful making him very nervous when anybody puts a hand anywhere near his hood or shoulders.
If he is ever embarrassed, he will zip up the front of his hoodie right to the top of the hood so you can't see his blushing lower face.
He old really likes art lessons and goes to school just for them.
He likes to play with the large zip on the front of his hoodie which is how got the nickname of Zip.

Family: Mother – dead Farther – dead

Background: he was a young boy that his family use as nothing more than an object to make them look like the perfect family in public but when in private he was used more as a servant and when he messed up what they wanted him to do they would hit him (beat is too strong of a word), he would always try to escape but would always be brought back viva different ways such as missing person leaflets or the family going out looking for him, once the infection started he was bitten in the leg ( note the bandage on his right leg) and his family just left him right where he was.
After his abandonment he managed to find a safe room with a large amount of supplies, sleeping bags, a TV, kitchen and a bathroom with a shower. He stayed in the safe room all through his transformation into a Hunter and even after he rarely ever went outside until one evening a group of survivors came along and found there way into his the safe room and before he could do anything he found himself under attack from a hail of bullets so he made a run for it, he managed to make it out of the safe room and the range of the survivors guns. After that incident he decided it wasn’t safe for him in his home town so he set off in search of a safer place to rest his head, after searching many cities and town he came across L4HS and after hearing what it was he decided to find an abandoned house nearby and make it his new home so that he could apple for L4HS.

Like: being in a group, being with friends, baths, sports, art and ice cream!!!!

Dislikes: having his hood down, his family, maths, being dirty, being bossed around

Fears: being alone, having his hood removed, running into his family again

Eyes: (if you manage to catch a glimpse) Blue
Skin: light blue
Hair: Brown
Hoodie: Light grey - can zip right to the top of the hood and has tinted goggles so he can see out when he does this but nobody can see his eyes
Pants: Dark Blue - have deep deep pockets
Shoes: Black - also has a white pair

Odd fact: his eyes are more sensitive to light than the normal hunter!!

Extra fact: he carry a large amount of bottles and cans in his pockets that are filled with energy drink and when he drinks some he becomes extremely hyper,very outgoing,slightly creepy and insane(but it just he is so hyper he look that way).

I think i got everything if i didn't i'll add it in later.

I tried my best at this and that’s all that matters……… I hope.
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Sally: hi Im new to L4MS