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Name: C041

Age: 52 years old.

Occupation: Works as a Coal hand in the boiler room of the airship.

Species: Android.

Height(optional): 6'00"

Gender: No gender due to being an android but looks and is refer'd to as Male.

Social Class: Lower.

Personality: A tough man that is not afraid to shout his opinion of what should be done to other androids but takes on a more respectful attitude when dealing with living creatures on the airship. Due to the laws of robotics he is programmed to follow the orders of the living creatures on the ship but will do it with his programmed personality and act like it is a nuisance/ do it grudgingly while carrying the order out.

History/Background: C041 is one of the original batch of androids built on the airship to replace the androids built for the premotion of the airship. He has worked in the boiler room since being built, shoveling coal into the boiler and watching the pressure, making sure that the boiler remains operational and safe.
He was involved in a small boiler explosions that damaged his chest and right arm beyond repair causing them to be replaced.
He is wary of Reptilians after a android hating Reptilian attacked him with a hammer.

Other(Anything that doesn't fall under the above; ex. likes and dislikes): has engraved forehead and forearms.
lives in a crew cabin in the bowls of the airship.
He likes to explore the city and meet people after his shifts are finish.
He sometimes wears thick leather boots.

Appearance: C041's whole body is a dark brass colour with lighter brass engravings on his forearms and forehead, his right chest door and right arm have less wear n' tear on them than the rest of his body due to being replaced after a boiler explosion.
He stands at 6'00" tall and has a bulky body type to give the impression of a strong man so it matches his personality.
He has scorch marks and soot dotted randomly across his body, C041 wears a long brow leather apron and elbow length leather glows to protect himself from the heat of the boilers fire. His chest doors are kept in place by two locks, he also has three gauges on his chest to display the pressure within the chassis and his water/oil levels. He has two small dents on his right arm from when he was attacked with a hammer.
Engravings on his forearms are of a large cog on his wrist then followed by the 'normal' type of engravings up to his elbow, these engravings are on both of his forearms. Engravings on his forehead are the 'normal' type of engravings.
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