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Written by Reddawgi 

Greetings Castle Folk...

The first challenge of 2015 is: Dark Fairytales. I think we're all (overly) familiar with all the tales that are sweet and probably made for young ones. But what about those that are a little darker with not necessarily a happy ending? I'm thinking of many of the Grimm tales and Hans Christian Anderson for instance. I hope you find this concept inspiring, as I do.

Create a work that is based on a fairytale. This can be dark, macabre and even horror. I'd like to see your best work, in any medium. Be sure to reference in your note which tale you are illustrating.

:bulletred: Fairytale or "dark tale" must be your inspiration
:bulletred: Media open
:bulletred: Reference your tale in your description Castle-of-Cards
:bulletred: End Date: March 1, 2015

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:bulletblue: PRIZE LIST:

From TheStockWarehouse ~ Llama to each Winner, Feature and Exclusive Stock Pack

From Elsapret ~ Choice of a Stock Exclusive from This Folder 

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OK, I think this covers it all. Be sure to tell your friends or include this journal in any groups you are an "influencer" in. It would be great to have LOADS of dark tales to muse on over a nice cup of tea. :)

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General instructions for submission

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I just got done with the fairytale contest at Stewed-Tomatoes I might have time to get in on this one! I can't wait to get started.
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:nuu: That would be wonderful! You know "dark" better than anyone else I know!!!!
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I will give them a choice of my exclusive stock.  elsapret.deviantart.com/galler…
I'm in the process of adding some more!Nod 
When is the deadline for this challenge? 
TheStockWarehouse's avatar
Deadline is March 1, 2015. Thank you for the donation! Am adding the prize now ;)
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Boiling swamp full of bubbles, falling into the waters might be .... interesting. :)
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Interesting... or burnt skin worthy? :confused: :giggle:
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Boiled in oil maybe? Or land on the belly of a great beastie. :D
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