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Birmingham STC Meetup

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 15, 2007, 11:45 AM

Welllllll, after a day of mixed up times, directions, a really crap haircut and my terrible driving, Ali, Retro and Super arrived at my house.  Nothing much happened that night, ate a few pizzas, haxxored the STCO forums with retro's 1337 mod skillz and went to bed around 1.
The next day, we were up and out the house by 8am, the directions from Google messed up at the second step so we plugged in Retro's GPS and followed that.  We got into Birmingham (after the three and a half hour drive =/), checked into the hostel and caught the bus into Birmingham City Centre.  We promptly realised we had no idea where the ThinkTank was and ended up having to phone for Pete and Matt to come get us.  Once salvaged, we met the rest of the boomers at New St. Station and the meet-up officially commenced (albeit with some added extra members from a completely unrelated forum meet).  After hanging around on a green somewhere for a while, we went to the Comics Show and proceeded to wander round the main room with a sign held high with STC staff names and a Sonic doodle scrawled onto it.
We eventually unearthed Nigel Kitching at his Comics in Education talk, afterwards, we met up with Richard Elson and Nigel Dobbyn in the bar, where we all sat and chatted for about three and a half hours.  It was brilliant to get an insight into the mids of the creators and really see where they wanted stories to go.  The guys were great, they just had a few drinks with us and chatted about whatever we asked them. After Nigel Dobbyn made a small fortune selling off what were no doubt some of his prized original pages, we took a huge group photo and half the group went home.  The other half went for a meal in an Italian restaurant where Rich, the Nigels and some other (presumably comic) guys turned up also.  Bryce, Ali, Retro and I retired back to our hostel at around 10pm.  We went to sleep about 1am again, woke up at 10am, hurriedly packed our stuff and vacated our rooms.  After three attempts, we finally made it out of Birmingham and started back home.  Arrived back about 4ish, had a chinese, watched Bill Bailey, Ghostbusters 1 and 2 and went to bed.  I took the guys back to Durham to get a train at dinnertime Monday and thus concludes the weekend.

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