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Riiiiight, so after the whole 'worst week of my life' thing, I'm starting a new life.  Seriously, I'll be out more, which MIGHT just mean fewer deviations... Sorry.

Buuuut, I do feel guilty about not uploading anything for half a month, so I'm now working on a nice big thank you picture to everyone who's helped me through. Expect that in early April. :)

Thanks, you guys that helped, you really did make a difference. :D
Sooo, we were on our way home, cruising down a road, when this turquoise car pulls out of a junction... I don't know if she just didn't look or slipped or the wind blew her (Very strong winds today), but she pulled out straight in front of the bus. Our driver slammed his brakes on but we went into her full force. Her car was just completely crushed on the drivers side...
We couldn't see what was going on after the crash, the driver and his mate wouldn't let us near the front of the bus, telling us it was "pretty nasty up there"... But the car was around the side of the bus, well... Half of it anyway... There was no way anyone could have survived that...

Our driver's now in hospital, a couple of the kids on the bus hurt their necks, they're in hospital presumably... The rest of us were just told to go to hospital straight away if we have neckaches and headaches... I'm fine, slight headache but nothing serious.

Anyway... Sorry for the driver and her family... I don't feel guilty or anything but it was just not nice...
Right, life's shit again, I'm prety sure my Girlfriend doesn't like me...  We'll probably break up soon, 'cos we just argue too much lately...  So come on, I've seen it happen in other people's journals, make me feel better again... Please?
For fans of SA Style art.  And I know you're there, or some of you wouldn't be watching me....

:iconsa-stylers:  SA-Stylers!  Go go gooooooo...



Don't stop loving me, bitches.

That is all....
Now, a thing about art trades.  When I do an art trade piece for someone, the level of quality returned is related to how enthusiastic I am about the piece.  
I am an artist, and as such, am entitled to 'off' periods.  Meaning sometimes, I can create a beautiful picture within the space of a day, and other times, I can take up to a month or longer to get a piece done... And it still looks shite.  
So just something to think about.  If you happen to trade with me and hit one of these off times, I'm sorry but it's just bad luck.  
Most of the time, it's ok, but sometimes, B12, uh oh, you sunk my Battleship.

As usual,
Join :iconanimorphs:
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Love me, bitches.

...That is all.
1.  Join Animorphs. :iconanimorphs:

2.  Join Freakafans. :iconfreakafans:

3.  Love me, bitches. :D
I'm off there on Sunday. :D  

In other news, I'll get some decent stuff up here sometime soon, ok?  I promise. :)
Feniiku's trade finally up, yay.  Anyone else like to trade?  Drop me a note, I've got a 'cute Knuckles' picture to do for :iconchaoticdreamer: regarding winning an :iconanimorphs: competition then I'm free... I think... Urm, if anyone's due anything from me, note me please, I've probably forgotten, lol.

Well, time to go find Mickey and kick him in the nuts...

:iconanimorphs: <-- Join bitches.
Well, been away for 3 weeks.  I did say I was gonna get some great pics done to colour when I got back...  Well, I didn't, lol.  I got some great concepts for pics though...  A Sonic one that should be up here before the end of the night...  Then an Amy one, showing her kicking ass, as she does in STC, aided by her crossbow...  That's all I'm saying for now...

I made an Animorphs club!  Go and join if you like Animorphs, there's gotta be some more of you guys out there!
OK, so only like, 1 of my last 20 uploads has actually been a picture that Iv drawn...  I gotta be losing it.  My time has been consume by the Chaos in Metropolis comic.  Damn you Thalia, Iv still got 30 pages to draw out!  Then colour them, but I swear Il get them done...  11 weeks off for summer starting next Thursday... Birthday next Saturday... 17th, yay.
I'm gonna draw something now... Some nice pic then colour it on Photoshop...

Plans for pics:

Super Sonic
Something for Thalia-
- Laterz...
These guys wouldn't fit on my sig: :(

These lovely people watch over my scribblings...

Hmm... I've been drawing a lot this weekend haven't I? lol. Looks like my art streak's still there... Heh... Not finished yet, two more pics to go up today (at least)  i wanna do a really intricate colour job on one of them but I doubt it'll work out, such is me, lol.  I might give it to someone else to colour... Hmm...
Anyway, on top of that, I'm gonna start writing fics again.  The Cybernik fic got a lot of attention, even with only 7 lines written... Heh.  Hmm... Time to get scanning...

These guys wouldn't fit on my sig: :(

- Laterz...
Well, I'm officially out of my art streak.  It seems I've improved a lot lately tho... just look back at the start of my gallery and compare it to now... My art tutor takes responsibility like, lol.
Overall, though, I'm quite proud of myself, since september, I've learned how to shade/tonal qualities, draw people looking reasonably correct (although that was through my own practice), use photoshop quite nicely (again, through my own experimentation) and probably loads of other stuff I cant be arsed to list.

But I am proud of myself, I think I have improved drastically over the last 7 months or so. :D

Drop me a note with your thoughts :)

- Laterz...
Well, It's not like  I haven't got anything to draw, I've got Well, I'm still in this drawing mood I entered a few weeks back... I'm drawing decent hands lately!! Jesus, man. Lol
Trade with Jappoawg to be coloured and uploaded tomorrow, his character, Chad.  He actually drew Stiv Hedgehog for me last week or so but I didnt realise he'd done it... So that's why I'm late, if you're wonering... Aaaand let's face it, your probably not...
Taken a screnshot from Sonic X episode 1 and drawn it... That's to be coloured and uploaded tomorrow too... Then it's off to me Dad's in York with Kayleigh for the weekend, at least... :D
Well, It's not like  I haven't got anything to draw, I've got loads of stuff I can draw, and I'd like to draw it all now... I just lack the certain 'be arsed'ness. lol. Concept sketch for Gary's porcupine character, Apex, is up.  My Chao team from my big fanfic: 'The Prophecy'
Thinking of doing a final drawing of Apex, I might manage it...
Well boys and girls... it seems my recently increasing talents have been halted... Due to some wanker who will remain unnamed *cough*blandrew*cough* my right index finger is broken.  My dominant hand, my DRAWING hand!
...I can still draw, but only really sketching, my index and middle fingers are strapped together.  I can sketch quite lightly, but putting pressure on the pencil and pens it quite painful... Nontheless, I shall try my best to keep you lovely lovely people entertained with lots of sonic/anthro art. :)  Sorry for any inconvenience caused to any fans I might have. Blame Mr Andrea Blandie...

Sympathy is appreciated. :) lol. comment for meeeeeee.....
Been out and got it today, extra's r all class, but I just cant be arsed to complete all the games againb, and all the opening games to unlock everything... gonna take weeeeks before i can be bothered.
Dixons had all GC games at £25 but mega collection wasnt it.  Oh yeah, and Sonic Advance 2 at £30. Well cool.
GBA SP's out now, I'm not gonna get it though, iv got a normal GBA anyway, and i just dont like the look of it anyway, it looks really uncomfortable to hold...- Stiv.
Just worked on drawing books with ink and a fountain pen for 2 hours straight... Now escaped to computer with thoughts of becoming an art teacher. If only to be able to tell people what to do (eg. Whale Girl, Kayleighs best friend and my arch-nemesis)
Been goin into retromode lately and been playing lots of sonic megadrive games... Which reminds me, sonic mega collectionis out and i havent go it. Hmm....- Stiv.
got me printed shirt last night, im currentrly sitting in college, awaiting some hot lovin tonight. lol, maybe.
emailing people across the desk, inbox has about 60 msgs in it now. lol. dont ask about my latest upload btw, im veeeeery bored.- Stiv.
I've been made a big brother again! Little Miss. Stiv's new sister was born this morning weighing just over 8 lbs i think.  Here's me, born the size of an action man and 5lbs... Grumble...

Hmm, I warmed up a chicken chow mein i got last night from the local chinese (they're gorgeous... that's the chowmein, not the chinese themselves) I put it in for five minutes, which is obviously too long as the chicken has gone hard.  Ah well, I'll have the rest tomorrow heated up for... say 3 minutes.  Maybe 3 1/2...  And does anybody really care how long I'm gonna warm my leftovers up for? No, I think not.

Last nights south park double was good, the ones with the meteor shower: "OK, i watched Gerald masturbate in the hot tub!!" Lol, go Randy.

Hmm, I draw soooooo much now, I don't write much anymore.  I need to get working on my story: Cybernik... Before it becomes lost in the midsts of C:/Stiv/Word... Like soooo many other things...

Hmm, my girlfriend told me I'm a great boyfriend twice tonight.  So I'm all 'awwww'  Ah well, I'm sure I'll get over it.  

Need to talk to SA about SVT... (There's some people out there that WILL understand that, lol)- Stiv.
Did have a nice valentines night alone planned with my girlfriend. Meal n candles n the lot, but she's decded it would be more fun with our friends (also a couple) there too... I wasnt keen on this idea, until she said we could all have a meal together (which is OK for her, i'm cooking... grumble), then her n i could go upstairs n play with chocoltae body spread... so valentines mught just be ok ;)  So that's why I'm horny...

Off topic from horniness, i hate DBZ hair... That is the gayest thing to draw ever (Well, unless ur drawing gardcore gay porn of course...)... I think I did a fairly decent job though, check it out in my gallery...

Off to shower then bed now... N maybe then I wont be so horny...
- Stiv.