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Pokemon - Feraligatr

Pokemon #160

My starter in Silver/Gold.

I really appreciate your enthusiasm, comments and +fav's! BUT, please guys keep language content PG please.

sorry guys. i can't upload this for print because i just realized the original 300dpi jpeg AND photoshop file were on my old hard drive that annihilated itself in December last year.
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New monster of the black lagoon amazing

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look so scary if I see it in underwater
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jaws isn't as good as jawsmon
xXSkeleDragonXx's avatar
I'm just going to move to mars now XD
SapphireSonicmaster's avatar
I wish Pokémon were real
HMB-BellyBomb's avatar
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I think I saw one of those in a Swamp in Louisiana...
Another awesome depiction of how a pokemon would look IRL. Actually looks pretty  scary.  Love it.  :)
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So damn great! well draw'ed ;) Thumbs Up 
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Now that's intimidating...
the-wolf-of-time's avatar
wow :o awesome! I'm a little bit afraid x3
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Awesome piece!! :D
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An amazing piece of art. I genuinely like it. The gloom, the pose and even the pale beams of weak light that pierce the mire-like depths. Well done :D
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Nice. Looks like it could be a new "Creature from the Black Lagoon".
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This was my first water pokemon on my first gameboy pokemon game
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