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Another potential plz icon from your local hippy.
The face Pewds made in his Goat Simulator video while he was in the gravity research lab or w/e was funny, made even more so by the subtitle, "Poods is Processing". So I just had to make an icon of that.

If you use this to create a plz, please use the username "poodsisprocessingplz", i've counted the letters, there's 20, so it should allow you to use the name for a plz account. And leave a comment with the icon if you do.

I do not own this image, all rights reserved by their respective parties, yada yada yada.
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poodsisprocessingplz by TheStaticStalker wait so the chicken came first?... no wait.. the egg?.. fuck
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Also the desc. :  yada yada yada?? i know how to read small letters too and DEAL WITH IT
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i used it as my avatar picture! FABULOUS!
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PewDiePie - Wat  Pewdiepie Scream  Pewdiepie Dance Twerk xD  #BROFIST brofist 
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I'm a Poods fangirl
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you spelled processing wrong. only one c
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My reaction to a new Linkin Park album. :D
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Dat icon of yours. Genius
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that's not how you plz, bro. you have to type :icon_______: to get an icon. (replace the underscores with the icon name)
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doesnt work
-_- -_-
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oh my god i made it a plz xD

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