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Star's Vigil Ch. 33
*Brought to you by a semi-quasi-pseudo-reputable, third-party source*
       The room was bright when Wolf awoke. Sunlight streamed in through an open porthole to his left, carrying with it a gentle breeze. He could feel the soft weight of his bed sheets on his bare chest and he realized that he was back in his room on the Achilles. As his eyes adjusted to the bright light of the room, he became aware of someone sitting in a chair beside the bed, their hand covering his.
       “Hey there, Wolf,” came a soft voice. Kiara leaned forward in the chair as if to hug him, but seemed to think better of it and grasped his hand instead.
       Wolf felt the warmth of her fingers intertwining with his and he smiled. “Hey, Kiara.” With his left hand, he gingerly ran his fingers over his wounded chest, but was surprised to feel little more than a dull, though deep, ache.
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Star's Vigil Ch. 32
*No refunds*
       Osrik pointed forwards down the main road through Starlend as the group entered the city limits. The road was dusted with newly-fallen snow, and small, dripping icicles hung from the edges of rooftops, shining in the afternoon sunlight. "The market should be along this road. As far as the museum, Zan, do you remember where it is?"
       Zan shook his head. "No, but I'm betting he might." He pointed to a patrolling city guard with the Starlend insignia on his dark blue tabard: a silver crescent moon surrounded by four small stars. Zan then walked over to the guard. "Guardsman? Could you give us some directions?"
       The guard looked at Zan and nodded. "Aye. No problem. What might you be looking for?"
       "The Starlend Museum," Zan replied, "and somewhere in the market that we can buy good traveling supplies."
       The Starlend guard pointed along the street. " The museum is past the castle and to the west; it's a big stone building with dec
:iconthestarsarewatching:TheStarsAreWatching 1 11
Witch? Where? by TheStarsAreWatching Witch? Where? :iconthestarsarewatching:TheStarsAreWatching 28 6 Map of Equis WIP by TheStarsAreWatching Map of Equis WIP :iconthestarsarewatching:TheStarsAreWatching 3 21
Star's Vigil Ch. 31
*On advice I once got from a fellow
Who drove dogsleds, was really quite mellow:
Don't eat the snow where the huskies go,
'Cause more often than not, it be yellow
        Wolf slid the swords he was carrying back into the practice weapon barrel and then stepped back, rubbing a bruise on one forearm that hadn't yet healed entirely. It had been over a week since Wallace's message, and Kratos had insisted on daily weapons practice. Wolf and Zan had agreed eagerly, since it gave them something to do.
        Behind him, Kratos and Osrik entered the hold, carrying their own practice weapons and talking quietly. Wolf quickly ducked behind a row of shelves and watched in silence through a small space between two crates.
        Osrik leaned his practice saber against one wall. "I must admit, though, you never struck me as much of a cook."
        Kratos harrumphed, peering into a crate. "I've been around for over four thousand years. I'm sure I could show you a thing
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Star's Vigil Logo by TheStarsAreWatching Star's Vigil Logo :iconthestarsarewatching:TheStarsAreWatching 3 10
Star's Vigil Ch. 30
*This completely unoriginal bit of text is brought to you by we're tired, good night*
        Zan wandered in darkness, relying only on the echo of his pounding boots on what felt like solid stone. It seemed that no matter what direction he traveled, the floor was the only thing keeping him from falling into the abyss forever. Every now and then, he thought he could make out misty shapes in the distance, temporarily burned into his vision as if there had once been light in what was now a void. As if there had once been sounds where there were now only echos. As if there had once been living souls in the world of ghosts now before him. He felt oddly weightless despite being firmly on the ground, but he knew it was only a matter of time before the feeling passed.
        The world around him faded into existence, bathed in familiar flickering lantern light that seemed to have no source. He reali
:iconthestarsarewatching:TheStarsAreWatching 3 11
Star's Vigil Ch. 29
*In association with Literates Anonymous*
        The Achilles lurched as Osrik released the steering lock. Mounting crosswinds blew over the starboard gunwale, whipping the sails as the familiar sight of the Alestorm loomed in the distance. Wolf could see Captain MacAllister at the helm, waving the Achilles over.
        Osrik guided the Achilles towards the larger airship, bellowing orders to the others as he did. "Zan, Wolf, ready the docking clamps and prepare to receive the gangplank! Kratos and Wallace, trim those sails a bit!  Kiara, you and Alger  spot our approach as we get closer!"  Each of the crew quickly went about their tasks while the two airships drew closer together. As the smaller airship drew alongside the Alestorm, Zan and Wolf leaned forward with the docking clamps, attaching the sturdy bars to notches i
:iconthestarsarewatching:TheStarsAreWatching 3 6
Star's Vigil Ch. 28
*Flowery words mean nothing without good content. It's like being hungry, walking into a restaurant, and being brought a still life*
        Wolf tugged at the lace of his right bracer, loosening it and letting it fall on top of the rest of his armor where it lay in a pile in a corner of the room. He would tend to it later, but for now, he wanted little to do with the armor and the fresh bloodstains it bore. He crossed the room to a wooden basin on his desk and picked up the jug of water that sat next to it below a polished steel mirror on the wall. He filled the basin halfway before stoppering the jug and slipping his hands into the basin. Wolf winced as his scraped hands came into contact with the cold water.
        Silas' voice echoed in his mind. The wings of a Chosen? You know nothing about it... Those wings mark her only as an abomination and a foul witch before the true angels
:iconthestarsarewatching:TheStarsAreWatching 3 2
Thinking of by TheStarsAreWatching Thinking of :iconthestarsarewatching:TheStarsAreWatching 8 17 Nothing Lasts Forever by TheStarsAreWatching Nothing Lasts Forever :iconthestarsarewatching:TheStarsAreWatching 8 26
Star's Vigil Ch. 27
*Now including the United Kingdom Unnecessary Vowels Patche*
        Wolf looked over the gunwale of the Achilles at the shoreline far below them, and the mountains beyond it that shrouded the land in soft shadows as they blocked the rays of the rising sun. He turned around and called back towards the helm. "Osrik, we've almost reached land! Far as I can tell, we're still on course."
        Kiara stepped up beside him, gazing ahead at the dark shapes looming through the early-morning haze. "We are. Those mountains ahead are the ones we're looking for."
        "Good," Osrik said from the helm. "It shouldn't be long now; the Temple of Darkness is just past those mountains there."
        Alger looked up from the capstan table, where he was looking over a heavy book, comparing it to a map. "The entrance
:iconthestarsarewatching:TheStarsAreWatching 5 2
Aselia, the United World by TheStarsAreWatching Aselia, the United World :iconthestarsarewatching:TheStarsAreWatching 13 12
Star's Vigil Ch. 26
*Roses are red, Marigolds are orange, aw shi—*
        Alger eyed Kiara and her companions as he stood awash in the soft light from her wings. "The very same, young woman," he replied.
        Osrik's face grew stern. "What are you doing here, Caleb?"
        The other doctor glanced at the helm, setting down the pack that dangled from his left hand. "It's a long story, perhaps one we could discuss over dinner—or at the very least over the ground."
        Osrik harrumphed. "I suppose that will have to do, then."  He turned to the others. "You know what to do, so get to it!" The younger three saluted with varying degrees of sarcasm, and then went to their places: Kiara to the bow, Wolf to the landing strut chain, and Zan to the sail ropes. Alger then followed as Osrik strode to the helm and
:iconthestarsarewatching:TheStarsAreWatching 2 10
Aurora Aurion's Wings by TheStarsAreWatching Aurora Aurion's Wings :iconthestarsarewatching:TheStarsAreWatching 29 4 Zelos Wilder's Wings: OVA Version by TheStarsAreWatching Zelos Wilder's Wings: OVA Version :iconthestarsarewatching:TheStarsAreWatching 53 26





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Co-author Tim and Co-author Matt
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TheStarsAreWatching is the joint writing account of Matt Hughes and Tim McCarville. Our current story, titled Star's Vigil, begins one hundred and sixty-two years after the events of the game/animation Tales of Symphonia. You begin, following Balek Shybá and Kiara Russo as they race across the rooftops of Equis, a large port city, on the day of the summer solstice festival. However, what seems like another boring festival, riddled with a distasteful arsenal of lackluster speeches and poor re-enactments, is about to spark an adventure, rivaled only to the great Journey of Regeneration of legend.

We began this project with the intent of providing fans of Tales of Symphonia with the chance to fully immerse themselves in the world of Aselia, not only through vivid imagery, but through the actions and ideals of a truly deep and distinctive cast.

Some good advice: "A step forward isn't always progress. When standing on the edge of a cliff, for instance."


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