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The light rises from the North! Valo nousee Pohjolasta!

Spotlight: there is evidence, too much evidence to deny it..

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BE the FREE soul you are<3

Screenshot 2023-11-26 at 19-10-34 MANIFEST ANYTHIN
Kuchita Taima no Tsurugi - TotK
#9 Smile
Shaoran bead doll - ID
ID 2023 Take the Stand XD
Stars wrapped in skin quote
Screenshot 2023-12-13 at 01-16-26 Emma (@hoshikage

Here to spread the traditional media love~! :la:

(Hopefully, getting more folks to fall in love with watercolour. :giggle:)

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2024 Commissions Info

Hi, Emma here. I create a lot or not, depending on mood.

Here to inspire & get inspired~ :hug:




Do beading,

Play games,

Self-study Japanese

(Sub Bakugan anime XD),

Hand-sew (clothes),

Learn brain stuff,

Learn positive mindset,

Embrace flow,

Sing vocals when I feel like...

Watch the stars...

To name a few. :)

Also learning techniques and ways to get out of and prevent anxiety. I want to help others in that too! :hug: I've seen it so often that the true creativity talent of an individual can be blocked by the limiting beliefs and anxiety. Even in myself. But I'm learning, also through brain health and energy stuff!

Screenshot 2024-02-13 at 23-25-32 Albert Einstein'
Screenshot 2024-04-01 at 01-29-52 Emma (@hoshikage

"I believe there's a person of you that's patiently waiting" ~ Jim Kwik

The Goddess Hylia
F2U -Donation Box stamps- DONATE Stamp
Ko-fi stamp

Money n Coins Donations welcome! (Am grateful for every bit that helps me create and further inspire! <3)

Also, thanks for those having donated a Core membership, appreciate that! :hug:

Tini Gameboy Advance (Mostly Japanese gamer, forgive me my loss in English terms. X'D

Played Zelda etc. Nintendo games when I sucked at English, but by reading books and playing video games I learnt a lot over the years, better than in school; it was both interesting and fun!

Now, I understand English enough, there's no longer the challenge. Strange, but it now feels "boring" to play my favourite games in English that's not the original language but which I understand fluently, so... Japanese it is. (Yeah, I'm a language geek.) :'D

Finland : Native

United Kingdom :Works

Japan :Randomly works (Know kana, katakana, some kanji; can read more than write, learning more! :la:)

Ore no Paashibaru ni katetara...

My English Bakugan subs:


(it's one free project testing and keeping up my language level~ ^^)


I “hoard” ref images to understand anatomy, helping my visual brain. Practising complex perspective, foreshortening and angles. Going colourful, I love to "study" fabrics!

My draw/creation process may seem slow, but that's 'cause you can't see the cogs in motion in my head, before I bring it out. XD

Comfort zone: coloured pencils,

but I seek the challenge different medias.

I'm more on traditional medias.

"Practise makes progress".

Not perfect: progress. I may be slightly workaholic, but you don't have to be, to get results! ;)

And everyone can do that with consistency. You'll improve, I believe in you~! :3

Small. Simple. Steps. :heart:

(I love seeing the growth/improvement in others too! You have wings too! They grow with use! And through trial and error. Allow yourself to fail and rise again. And even a laugh at your "mistakes". Unlock the inner child and its joy! We need not be so serious. :))

artists for artists

My current quest includes more fanart but I also cherish my OCs and their stories that grow with time. Especially learning inking/markers and watercolour now. :meow:


:gallery: rvmp Gallery Shortcut:

OC art

Related fantasy&Sci-fi writings (in English)

(->If interested in beta test reading my works: test-reading)

Traditional art (folders)

Beadwork dolls, creatures & jewellery


Dynamic, foreshortening, my favourite practise :3


MAIN FANART, but not limited to:


TRC & Card Captor Sakura

Fire Emblem

新・光神話 パルテナの鏡/ Kid Icarus

Professor Layton




One and half years larger beading stuff

Web Store (or note me on DA, IG):

Pixel Wing - Turquoise - Left (beadwork, hopefully more stuff, currently on hiatus, finding my suitable place...)

Other sites:

Pixel Wing - Turquoise - Left (All links)

Finland 2 | FLAGS

(Finnish blog, in Finnish :))

Pixel Wing - Turquoise - Left (Bakugan subs and gaming stuff etc.)

[F2U] - Anti AI Stamp 2~

(I do not allow my work being used for ai content or making of such, unless you ask - and thus far it's been mere fractals, from request. Hope you understand.)

I sign my works now as HoshikageHimeTsubasa or TsubasaBeads(Art), as I go by other sites. But here I've not seen point to change user. You may also call me 'Tsubasa'.

Besides “Tsubasa” is my Wings of Inspiration, I soar by. :3


I keep dreaming BIG and unlocking the underlying self-blockages to achieve wealth on all aspects. The picture above is for motivation and inspiration, for you too, everything is possible. :3)

Some quotes etc. that inspire:

We should be Lifting Others Up quote
Art is to console those who are broken by life
Rumi quote I am changing myself
What We Think, What We Are
Each person comes to life at a time when...
Creative people need time to sit around and...
Remember that you are water, fire, air, earth
Screenshot 2023-09-17 at 23-45-55 Michael Meade -
Own little firm, vera quote
You Can't Be Upset For The Work You Didn't Do
Screenshot 2023-11-01 at 01-01-13 Michael Meade -
Screenshot 2023-11-01 at 01-05-40 Emma (@hoshikage
bow and archery enthusiast meme

Ye "official" stamp wall. X'D

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Favourite Visual Artist
Current watercoour inspiration: Kristy Rice, Tammy Kaye, Louise de Masi, Matthew White, Jenna Rainey, Niaz Hannan, Mako... so many. <3
Favourite Movies
君の名は, サカサマのパテマ, Onmyouji <3, Big Fish and Begonia, The Fellowship of the Ring, The Hobbit 2, Professor Layton, The Sorcerer's Apprentice, Spaceballs (seriously XD)
Favourite TV Shows
H2O, Harukanaru toki no naka de hachiyou shou <3 それでも世界は美しい! ツバサ・クロニクル!<3
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Yuki Kajiura <3, 和楽器バンド, Karafina, Celtic Woman, Peter Gundry, Globus, Brunuh Ville, Antti Martikainen, Derek Fiechter, Adrian von Ziegler, Two Steps From Hell...
Favourite Books
The Magic Thief series, The Quantum Thief series, Artemis Fowl, Storm Sisters, Enchanted Glass, Septimus Heap, Animorphs, The Alchemist, At Laz Meridian...
Favourite Writers
Hannu Rajaniemi, Eoin Colfer
Favourite Games
The Legend Of Zelda-, Fire Emblem (/Heroes), Onmyouji, 二ノ国, Professor Layton, Chess, The Seven Wonders and Puzzles with 1000 pieces minimum
Favourite Gaming Platform
Nintendo Switch, New 3DS JPN/New 3DS XL, Gameboy family... X'D
Tools of the Trade
pencil, coloured pencils, watercolours&brushes, kneaded eraser... tears, seriously, sometimes art makes you emotional, sometimes you need to cry to reawaken the inspiration and "clean the table".

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Which art form are you most excited from me? ^^ (Ignore...

  |  4 votes
  • Yasashii Manazashi no Tabibito
  • Yori Tsuyoku Nareru Tsurugi
  • Yaranakerebanaranai Koto ga Aru
    Coloured pencils
  • Noodle Soup
    Ink pen (sketches)
  • Matte Kudasai!
  • 2 Shaoran dolls
  • All! :la:
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(3DS) Gamers, who else's heart broke when Nintendo shut their official servers during eclipse 8th April?

5 votes
Me!😭 Gimme a hug...
Eh, what...? :o
Yeah, but there's the Pretendo thing... at least it's something🤔
I'm fine.
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Tone variety of shou is incredible~!! Finally hear it played alone, this instrument is amazing, and cherry on the cake, it even resembles phoenix~! :la: Usually, heard it as part of traditional gagaku performance, like: Now, I appreciate and love 笙 /shou, even more! :la: :love:
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Okay, I did it! My response to server shutdown was to finally mod my JPN New 3DS XL, here's how I did it + links to the official guide etc. how to set up pretendo network... (apparently you can also mod your Wii U for that). Without eshop and online play discontinuity officially, I probably never would've bothered. Actually, got so excited from my first success (along with passing the errors), modded my New 3DS as well, the next day...? It went a lot smoother, once I understood to fix the time to Summer time, heh. :D So, guess I could thank Nintendo, in the end. Learnt bunch of new stuff that's been keeping me away from pretty much anything else (including art) for two weeks. Though it still isn't the same playing mostly against the bots(KIU/Shin Hikari Shinwa), but the whole alternative thing outside Nintendo (Pretendo) is in development and gaining attention. So maybe something good comes out of this, and 3DS will continue to live its legacy... :pray: At least, I see in the
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Thank you so much for faving my Fantasy Artwork :squee:

It's highly appreciated and I am very happy that you like it :happybounce:

Have a wonderful day and stay awesome :la:

Green Watercolor Dragon - The Plant Spirit

Maybe you also like the other watercolor dragons :aww:

Blue Watercolor Dragon - The Airborne
Golden Watercolor Dragon - Desert Snake
Blue Watercolor Dragon - Lava Ball
Red Watercolor Dragon - Complementary
Feathered Mountain Dragon.
Egg Adopts - Egg #116

Thank you so much for the fav and the llama>v<

Thank you so much for the llama badge, I really appreciate it! :heart: :rose:

Hey I just wanted to thanks you for helping me developing my still growing comics book universe by added Lady Death By Elementalemily to your fave

Happy Birthday! :)

Thanks~! Have a pleasant day as well~! :hug: