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Stars wrapped in skin quote
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"Stand in your truth" ~GFL - I choose *LOVE* over fear <3

Indigo-orb Gallery shortcut links:

Rose's Rose - BRIGHT BLUE Beadwork

One and half years larger beading stuff

Web Store:

(beadwork/jewellery & colouring pages)

Feel free to ask if you have interest in my work. :meow:

No NFTs nor AI stuff.

Pixel Sparkle Divider 2

Rose's Rose - BRIGHT BLUE Original work, OCs

Yes you may draw my characters (Stamp)

Absolutely you can draw my OCs!

Though be respectful and show me if you do, I'd love to see~! :)

Writing emoticon My story writings

:skyblue-orb: Main Fan-art:

Princess zeldaLa linkSuper Smash Brothers Ultimate - Link Icon Zelda

Celica smiles more Alm is very happy Marth Smiling Fire Emblem

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Layton Puzzle Animation Professor Layton Professor Layton

{F2U} - Vaporeon IconGlaceonplz Pokémon

... but not limited to. ;)

Luna Ball Princess Luna (i coming) plz Princess Luna  Season 2  Walking By Botchan Some works by me:

The Goddess Hylia
#9 Smile
#79 Apologise
Kuchita Taima no Tsurugi - TotK
The Genius Mastermind
#17 Memory
Where leaves dance and roses whistle
Mezameshi Kokoro
Sometimes angels come with black wings - GIFT
Subete kudaranu, kono yo
Suenagai ai

Money Maneki Neko F2U Sprite Deco: Small Beige Pouch Support Link:

Pixel Wing - Baby Blue - Left

(Feel free to help me with supplies costs to keep up the creative content~!! light pink heart :hug:)


- Traditional media

Ask me about beadworks. :)

Jirachi is very happy Jirachi Vulpix (Snowy) Huh? Syaoran 2 Princess Sakura 3

Blue Star Find me:

Pixel Wing - Baby Blue - Left (beadwork gallery)

Pixel Wing - Baby Blue - Left (new, not sure)

Pixel Wing - Baby Blue - Left (mostly beadwork, also art)

Pixel Wing - Baby Blue - Left (beadwork-based)

Star Potion Large

(JP Bakugan episode subs, and some other stuff) (other art-site, rarely post) (pretty inactive)

"You gotta keep challenging yourself to improve,

Fly the Wings of Inspiration" - personal motto

ID 2023 Take the Stand XD

Blue Rose (Meaning: Unattainable) Glad you visited! :hug:

Finland : Native

United Kingdom : Works

Japan : Randomly works

Fluent in: hiragana, katakana, some kanji

Understand basic verb/sentence structure well.

Need experience in talking, due to self-studies...X'D

bow and archery enthusiast meme

Hi, Emma, here. :)

I “hoard” ref images, for understanding anatomy and helping my visual brain,

draw, paint, practise different art techniques, play games, self-study Japanese (as in also subbing Bakugan anime in my free time... X'D), do beadwork, hand-sew clothes and study their patterns and fabrics… write my own fantasy&sci-fi stories, sing vocals when I feel like, and go wherever the Wings of Inspiration guide me.

For now, I do more fanart - experimenting harder perspective and angles,

compensating the phase I barely did them - and to try out wild ideas that pop in my head every now and then. They barely fit in my head, and need to come out, even if it took time. And… what’s the fun if only I see them in my head? Art is to be shared! X’D


I'm seeking out natural ways and knowledge to empower myself and others, also undergoing my own trauma work, especially to discover and acknowledge the joy that's in each of us, that's our birth right (and yet often been hidden beneath many traumas held within).

The flow of inspiration when it truly flies wild and free. And the outcome of that, of course, it's when even miracles manifest, physical. I am a BIG DREAMER for I've seen it works! light pink heart We create our reality. Mere thought with emotion has immense power. It's just the physical realm that sometimes feels slow...

Not ignoring my ‘cosmic’ side, that sometimes has a message to share, regardless of topic. I’m aware that physical world is not all, and that’s my ‘mission’ to share - hope you’re not offended by it. ^^

Heal yourself, heal the others

-> helping others to discover the spark within themselves to heal:

each one of us is more or less a healer.

Believe in yourself, find the true you~! :heart:

On other sites I go by as: HoshikageHimeTsubasa or TsubasaBeads(Art).

Or YozoranoHime, the latter being also sort of gaming ID.

You may also call me Tsubasa (not just because of the manga, believe me! :XD:). ^^

Though here I’ve kept this user, because I see no point to change it. The name connects me with my artist side (Princess), but I usually sign my works with new user for easier posting elsewhere. Besides “Tsubasa” is my Wings of Inspiration, I soar by. :3

We should be Lifting Others Up quote
Screenshot 2023-08-12 at 00-47-02 Michael Meade -
What We Think, What We Are
Screenshot 2023-08-12 at 00-47-39 Modern Witchcraf

I'm not the type to join in debates anymore, but what years 2019-2022 and onward have had me through you may find below, if you want... Those years have changed me so I can no longer entirely stay silent or ignore what's "hidden in plain sight", though I'm not so active on that stuff anymore. And much of my reacting has changed too.

I rather focus on empowering and improving, finding solutions than digging for mistakes and wrongs or complaining. I try to minimise complaining, to focus on abundance and manifest abundance and joyful things instead. Focus more what uplifts the energy, still not hiding from the truth nor ignoring it. As again, we amplifyingly create what we think, speak, focus on...

And this is my truth like I'll be saying over and over, you take only what is your heart truth for you. And even my truth changes. We can still understand each other or cooperate even if we didn't agree on everything. Hope you understand. :)

(If you ever spot a facebook account by my username, name or claiming to be me, that's fake or I've gone truly mad, either way, better stay out, for I stay out of facebook, there are other sites already. Have my word. :nod:)


Are we a free country? Is the constitution respected? Are we, without corruption?

"Be the change you want to see" ~ Mahatma Gandhi

"My body, my choice."

Just a truth seeker. A big dreamer. :meow: (Yes, I hug trees. ^^) Tini Lavender Rose Chinese Zodiac: Ram emote Let's restore this whole planet to lush and green and abundant for all the people and life on Earth! Including even the beings we're unaware of, or rarely take as "living", like stones, rocks, crystals, soil, microbiome systems... the harmony and unity for everyone and everywhere! Because the solutions are there, let's come together and be of greater service, each! And help with our individual skills and effort, we can do this! Let's be the change we want to see, and let's be that change together~! :tighthug:

For this, understanding permaculture seems like a good solution:

To change the current situation we must first understand the cause of the problem in order to improve it. :)

Flag of Finland : Animated Blue Fire


'World situation' places:

When hell freezes over Reiner Fuellmich and others: (on "crimes against humanity" this is)


Animated Blue FireRESEARCH FOR YA

Animated Blue FireGreat Barrington Declaration

Tini Pill The "spike", is it worth it? What we can find out about the promoters by mere googling...

Karry Mullis, the inventor of...

Watch before you take or even consider!

Animated Blue Firetps://

Animated Blue Fire (site created by doctors and laywers)

Animated Blue Fire (English videos with Finnish subs)

( )doctors speaking out the truth! :la:

Flag of Finland Finns:

Animated Blue Fire

Animated Blue Fire

koronarokotteet Alfa TV

Animated Blue Fire

"People can accept the truth only when they have first denied it from the bottom of their heart." ~ Paolo Coelho, Manual of the Warrior of Light

Chinese Zodiac - Rabbit
Mars stamp
Love the planet 1
Reach for the Stars -stamp-
space stamp | f2u
Space is cool F2U
Starships stamp
Cosmic Child .:F2U:.
WE STOP 5G - The Sick Technology
Great Faces of Science - Nikola Tesla
Earth love

With my work I hope to bring you new insights and message of hope, and expanding awareness to perception of things, realms beyond even physicality. Though all I can really do is give you hints. For I too, am just on a journey here. It is you who judges every information given, and it is even you who decides whether or not you want to change and grow as a soul, from the point you are now. That and the mass disclosure, meanwhile in wait for that:

Finnish Police's dark side : journal1, Journal2 (2021)


#1 Time of truth: Time of Truth, Ease for negative news...?

EDIT 2022: (Personally, I NO LONGER TRUST Gosia's channel and most information given by her, I see there's huge possibility for the info to be from an unknown source and it doesn't even have to be 'alien', mainly the method raises questions, so yes, my opinion about her as trustful source has changed. Just wanted to let you know that. :)

#2 Time of Truth:ToT2: UFOs-Mars-Moon-Taygeteans-Our Space History

#3 Time of Truth: ToT:5G-SSP Submarines-Elites-Science Flaws-Portals

4# Time of Truth: ToT4: UFOs-Disclosure Pyramids not tombs, far more

5# Time of Truth: ToT5: Masks-hygiene-holiday-protests:The World Sings

Related: Did we know of this back in 2017...? What is WITS? (edited link)

Related (another deleted one)-> Crimes against humanity

6# Time of Truth: ToT6: Bamboo-Ecohygiene-Trump-Currency Reset N/G!

7# Time of Truth: ToT7:Info Battle-reloading-subbing-vids-censorship-Antifa-California Fires- [<-Link deleted for "policy violation" aka meaningless censorship, broken into parts here due to size:]

Arrow Bullet (Rainbow) - F2U! 7# Part one, 7# Part two: DOWNLOADING and SUBTITLING A VIDEO

8# Time of Truth: health-satisfaction hormones-natural superfood

Red Rose (Meaning: Love and Romance) +|F2U|+ Rose-gold Full Moon +|F2U|+ Blue Rose Bullet Orbit Mars U.F.O. - F2U UFO Spring - F2U


And therefore;

I am a sovereign being of white light; the source. My soul is free and it has all the right to its freedom of choice that determines the further actions of this, especially physical body, in this experience, we call life. I did not come to this world, this Earth to accept everything, look at the wrong doings through the fingers and be told what to do by the person(s) considering themselves superior to the most ultimate freedom by universal law a human; soul; consciousness, I, can have. I do not give my free agreement or will to the things listed below:

EDIT: DA deleted the following as "Policy Violation", but I get it the only mean is to try to censor, so find it:


:phew:I am not calling myself "exposer of truth", because that's in the elite's use. I am just truth seeker, leaving final decision to you. :)

I am not feeding or "forcing" my worldviews or soul truths - I know these things may change, and I'm not seeking debates. I'm just here hoping you could expand, figure new ways, grow.. well at least I like that myself. It's the worst being stuck and think you know everything. :3

To me there is no absolute truth.

What is possible? Everything is possible?

Well, I'm open to worldviews... I'm open to possibilities...I'm open to reaching new heights! :la:

Blue Rose (Meaning: Unattainable)

This is the New Age, Age of Aquarius, in a dualistic sense:

The truth is here, for those who are willing to "open their eyes".

The truth shall manifest.

The frequencies get higher and higher.

The sun gets brighter and brighter.

We are ascending.

It cannot be stopped.

Nor slowed down.

As those plans quickly crumble down.

Mind control and restrictions of freedom is over.

(Reincarnating) Control by mere karma is over.

The 'Elites' corrupted power is over.

Over, when you let go, and say:

"I am no longer playing your game"

Responsibility that stands behind those words,

The Mission,

You are here for,

Everybody's unique,

Citizen disobedience over protests.

Love over violence.

The choice is yours though.

You choose,

This experience,

You matter,

Because you are real,

You are the Source,

Its fragment in this ride,

Of Life,

In this space whose boundaries we can't see,

but our minds play tricks, make us believe we knew,

In the end,

You choose your path

Are you "sheep": blindly following the stream,

Or are you sovereign? Ready, to go upstream when you feel it is right?

Which one will you choose?

Ego or Heart?

Ignorance or Awakening?

Slavery or Freedom?

Greed or Generosity?

Famine or Abundance?

Do you live and want to live and act out of:



Out of Love?


Book :book Older 'research' work of mine:

There's no such thing as bad art - Stamp -
I love phoenixes - Stamp -
I Believe
Stamp - I Heart Dragons
Magical Stamp
DA Stamp - Not Good VS Evil 01
Pentagram meaning - Stamp -
Stargazer Stamp

And sky gazer...

The Moon and The Stars stamp
Universe Stamp
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Optimist and Pessimist
Stamp: A Single Pencil (Challenge: Object)
Stamp - I love Green Tea
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I Love Anti-Villains Stamp
The Bartimaeus Trilogy Stamp
Artemis Fowl Stamp - Artemis
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DA Stamp - Video Games 01
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Crow Stamp
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Fire Emblem Heroes: Takumi (New Year) Stamp
Fire Emblem Heroes: Corrin (Female) Stamp
Fire Emblem 7 Stamp
FE Echoes: Shadows Of Valentia | Fan Stamp
Felicia Stamp [Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest]
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Snowy/Shiron Fan Stamp
Heart piece - Stamp
Onmyoji Game Stamp
I'm Learning Japanese - Stamp
I want to learn Japanese...
Nani Stamp
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TLoZ: Breath of the wild
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Stamp Ichihara Yuuko
Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle 3
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:Syaoran Li-Cardcaptor Sakura Stamp:
Kurogane Stamp
Syaoran fan 2
Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle 5
TRC - First scene - stamp
Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle Syaoran Stamp
TRC - Sakura no Hane stamp

Disclaimer! Pixel icons, stamps, images, belong to their rightful creator, most images on this page aren't mine, but just a few are.

Favourite Movies
君の名は, サカサマのパテマ, Onmyouji <3, Big Fish and Begonia, The Fellowship of the Ring, The Hobbit 2, Professor Layton, The Sorcerer's Apprentice, Spaceballs (seriously XD)
Favourite TV Shows
Harukanaru toki no naka de hachiyou shou <3 それでも世界は美しい! ツバサ・クロニクル!<3
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Yuki Kajiura <3, 和楽器バンド, Karafina, Celtic Woman, Peter Gundry, Globus, Brunuh Ville, Antti Martikainen, Derek Fiechter, Adrian von Ziegler, Two Steps From Hell...
Favourite Books
The Magic Thief series, The Quantum Thief series, Artemis Fowl, Storm Sisters, Enchanted Glass, Septimus Heap, Animorphs, The Alchemist, At Laz Meridian...
Favourite Writers
Hannu Rajaniemi, Eoin Colfer
Favourite Games
The Legend Of Zelda-, Fire Emblem (/Heroes), Onmyouji, 二ノ国, Professor Layton, Chess, The Seven Wonders and Puzzles with 1000 pieces minimum
Favourite Gaming Platform
Nintendo Switch, New 3DS JPN/New 3DS XL, Gameboy family... X'D

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  • Not yet, but I want to! :la:
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Traditional Art Commissions Open!!! INFO by TheStarlightPrincess, journal

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Simple Vagus nerve exercise and sleeping help by TheStarlightPrincess, journal

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Practise to relaxing your eyes! Sleep better, too! by TheStarlightPrincess, journal

Hi, you may know from my past work I’m also passionate (fiction) writer. (Yeah, I became an archer because of writing, too. ^^) Writing's helped me gain confidence, too. Like reading and editing even those cringes of 2015-2019 (especially) over and over… I tell you, it’s not easy, but eventually you grow. And so does your writing in the process, too. I've also helped review others' texts. I'm a "language geek", yes. :3 Well, my aim is to get read. (Dreaming of "physical book" publishing… :pray: ) Though I cannot do that without audience and it feels pointless to write just to myself. Like with art, it’s to be shared. And the projects proceed much faster with a meaning, writing just to myself may feel nice, but on the long run it doesn’t please my soul, especially when those drafts advance... There has to be the passion to keep going. Like the fire that loves burning and bringing out its light. A constant dance. Besides, if the lazy side of me activates on my own… it'd be
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Not having practised archery in 3 years, and though I did not even shoot a bow, but only the beginner "bow" (really a rubber band attached to a stick) in this archery sort, once again underground in a bunker... yeah not used to standing against hard concrete so long. The back draw is there, thanks to my European archery background of 6 years, but not having practised it in 3 years and when you do just couple of releases... And returning home I was so tired, I just curled at the plain tatami, grabbed the nearest pillow and just lay there for hours, drooling. X'D It's like having woken those back muscles from years of slumber. Yes, feels wonderfully familiar at first. But after the training, it's like you're beginner once again. As when your back is tired, you feel tired all over. Basic lesson from early archery times, when I learnt to feel my back muscles after like 2 years, properly to execute the back release - how it's really done, when you shoot properly. Nice to know it
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Very quick practises to both strengthen and relax your eyes, these have helped me a lot to also fall asleep much faster! :la: : I personally love the "fairy pinches", they help even the tiny eyelid muscles relax so much! Once I even felt it affecting the temples relaxing, not just eyelids. And when you do them very light and caring manner, they feel wonderful! I've done these practises awake too, but especially before going to sleep, ah, I just so love the feel to the fairy pinches! :love: The index finger tapping is also very good before going to sleep, highly recommend you try these! :) What else? Night modes. Blue-light filters, (day and) night glasses... Also, I've talked about the night glasses before, if you can afford them, I highly recommend those too, especially in a big city with increased brightness to harmful frequency LED lights everywhere, and they've just got brighter over the years. I'll be using mine more as the days get darker here, sometimes good
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Thank you so much for faving !

Thank you for the favorite 😉

Welcome, thanks also~! :) You have wonderful cosmic messages conveyed through your artwork and poems, keep it up, it speaks more than words can say! :hug:Even if it seemed "simple" the effect can be powerful, besides I love the dreamy style, too! :heart:

Thanks for the fav ❤️

Thanks for the favorites! :D

Thank you so much for the fav. :hug: