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The light rises from the North! / Valo nousee Pohjolasta!

Power of the Blue Phoenix by TheStarlightPrincess, visual art


Create.... forgive them anyway by TheStarlightPrincess, visual art

For Children's Rights

Img 20210320 162348 by TheStarlightPrincess, visual art

Deviation Spotlight

Close Call by TheStarlightPrincess, visual art

Spotlight: there is evidence, too much evidence to deny it..

Alien Mother Ship Or Something Else... by TheStarlightPrincess, visual art

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"Stand in your truth" ~GFL

- I choose *LOVE* over fear <3

Finns! Suomalaiset!: En äänestä ketään, joka äänestää EU-elpymispaketin puolesta- adressi! Flag of Finland Ei myydä maatamme ja vapauttamme pois, lopetetaan tämä velka ja liittovaltiokehitys tähän! Me nuoret sukupolvet emme suostu tähän velkaorjuuteen!

Blue Star Find me:

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:skyblue-orb: (other art-site)


Are we a free country? Is the constitution respected? Are we, without corruption?

Forest Stamp 4

"Be the change you want to see" ~ Mahatma Gandhi

"My body, my choice."

Forest Stamp 1

Just a truth seeker. A big dreamer. :meow: (Yes, I hug trees. ^^) Tini Lavender Rose Chinese Zodiac: Ram emote Let's restore this whole planet to lush and green and abundant for all the people and life on Earth! Including even the beings we're unaware of, or rarely take as "living", like stones, rocks, crystals, soil, microbiome systems... the harmony and unity for everyone and everywhere! Because the solutions are there, let's come together and be of greater service, each! And help with our individual skills and effort, we can do this! Let's be the change we want to see, and let's be that change together! :tighthug:

For this, understanding permaculture seems like a good solution:

To change the current situation we must first understand the cause of the problem in order to improve it. :)

Flag of Finland : Animated Blue Fire


'World situation' places:

When hell freezes over Reiner Fuellmich and others: (on "crimes against humanity" this is)


Animated Blue FireRESEARCH FOR YA

Animated Blue FireGreat Barrington Declaration

Tini Pill The "spike", is it worth it? What we can find out about the promoters by mere googling...

Karry Mullis, the inventor of...

Watch before you take or even consider!

Animated Blue Firetps://

Animated Blue Fire (site created by doctors and laywers)

Animated Blue Fire (English videos with Finnish subs)

Animated Blue Fire (Finnish created new, uncensored "Youtube")

( )doctors speaking out the truth! :la:

Flag of Finland Finns:

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koronarokotteet Alfa TV

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"People can accept the truth only when they have first denied it from the bottom of their heart." ~ Paolo Coelho, Manual of the Warrior of Light

Chinese Zodiac - Rabbit
Mars stamp
WE STOP 5G - The Sick Technology
Great Faces of Science - Nikola Tesla
Earth love
195043499 247493437146451 563219903931761419 N

I want to help liberate this planet of the tremendous amount of stress (fear) we are all suffering from, to a point that some people are even getting sick or die, without speaking of suicide, as result. With my work I wish to bring you message of hope and expanded awareness and perception of things. Though all I can really do is to give you hints. It is you who judges every information given, and it is even you who decides whether or not you want to change and grow as a soul, from the point you are now. That and the mass disclosure, meanwhile in wait for that:

Finnish Police: journal1



#1 Time of truth: Time of Truth, Ease for negative news...?

#2 Time of Truth:ToT2: UFOs-Mars-Moon-Taygeteans-Our Space History

#3 Time of Truth: ToT:5G-SSP Submarines-Elites-Science Flaws-Portals

4# Time of Truth: ToT4: UFOs-Disclosure Pyramids not tombs, far more

5# Time of Truth: ToT5: Masks-hygiene-holiday-protests:The World Sings

Related: Did we know of this back in 2017...? What is WITS? (edited link)

Related (another deleted one)-> Crimes against humanity

6# Time of Truth: ToT6: Bamboo-Ecohygiene-Trump-Currency Reset N/G!

7# Time of Truth: ToT7:Info Battle-reloading-subbing-vids-censorship-Antifa-California Fires- [<-Link deleted for "policy violation" aka meaningless censorship, broken into parts here due to size:]

Arrow Bullet (Rainbow) - F2U! 7# Part one, 7# Part two: DOWNLOADING and SUBTITLING A VIDEO

8# Time of Truth: health-satisfaction hormones-natural superfood

Red Rose (Meaning: Love and Romance) +|F2U|+ Rose-gold Full Moon +|F2U|+ Blue Rose Bullet Orbit Mars U.F.O. - F2U UFO Spring - F2U

And therefore;

I am a sovereign being of white light; the source. My soul is free and it has all the right to its freedom of choice that determines the further actions of this, especially physical body, in this experience, we call life. I did not come to this world to accept everything, look at the wrong doings through the fingers and be told what to do by the person(s) considering themselves superior to the most ultimate freedom by universal law a human; soul; consciousness, I, can have. I do not give my free agreement or will to the things listed below:

EDIT: DA deleted the following as "Policy Violation" (Excuse me!?), but I get it the only mean is to try to censor, so find it right below the deleted one:

Fire Stamp Template

:phew:I am not calling myself "exposer of truth", because that's in the elite's use. I rather am just truth seeker, leaving final decision of belief and own research to you. :)

I am not feeding or forcing my opinions and and worldviews and what is now truth to me, on anyone, because I know these things may change, and by forcing, you forget to listen the other side, and that's not fair discussion.

I'm throwing out the window, what no longer serves, on this journey to discovering who I am deep inside, peeling the old programmes like an onion, while reprogramming the beliefs, understandings of reality and what is truly possible... For I've been told lies and lived in the lie my whole life until now. To me there is no absolute truth.

What is possible? Everything is possible?

Well, I'm open to worldviews...

Blue Rose (Meaning: Unattainable)

This is the New Age, Age of Aquarius, humanity's forced into dualism:

The truth is here, for those who are willing to open their eyes.

The truth shall manifest.

The frequencies get higher and higher.

The sun gets brighter and brighter.

We are ascending.

It cannot be stopped.

Only slowed down.

However those plans will quickly crumble down.

Mind control and restrictions of freedom is over.

(Reincarnating) Control by karma is over.

Elites' corrupted power is over.

Over, when you let go, and say:

"I am no longer playing your game"

Citizen disobedience over protests.

Love over violence.

The choice is yours though.

You choose,

This experience,

You matter,

Because you are real,

You are source,

In the end,

You choose your path

Are you sheep,

Or are you sovereign?

Which one will you choose?

Ignorance or Awakening?

Slavery or Freedom?

Greed or Generosity?

Famine or Abundance?

Do you live and want to live and act out of:


or out of Love?


Older 'research' work of mine:

Science 49
bow and archery enthusiast meme
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Favourite Movies
君の名は, サカサマのパテマ, Onmyouji <3, Big Fish and Begonia, The Fellowship of the Ring, The Hobbit 2, Professor Layton, The Sorcerer's Apprentice, Spaceballs (seriously XD)
Favourite TV Shows
Harukanaru toki no naka de hachiyou shou <3 それでも世界は美しい! ツバサ・クロニクル!<3
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Celtic Woman, 和楽器バンド, Karafina, Peter Gundry, Globus, Brunuh Ville, Antti Martikainen, Derek Fiechter, Adrian von Ziegler, Two Steps From Hell...
Favourite Books
The Magic Thief, Artemis Fowl, Storm Sisters, Enchanted Glass, Septimus Heap, Animorphs, In 1984, The Quantum Thief, The Alchemist, At Laz Meridian...
Favourite Games
The Legend Of Zelda-, Fire Emblem (/Heroes), Onmyouji, 二ノ国, Professor Layton, Chess, The Seven Wonders and Puzzles with 1000 pieces minimum
Favourite Gaming Platform
Wii U and New 3DS, Gameboy family... X'D
Hi, more about "sähkölaskuista ja niiden riitautuksesta": The same and full video also found here: Like I already wrote a journal, but the video covers more issues, indeed, but the method is fairly simple and apparently works, so do give it a try and instead of being just too obedient and paying though it makes you cry. It's time for us Finns to rise into our own power. Awaken what's pushed deep down to almost oblivion, but, the spark is there. The spark is in every one of you, I know it is. Let's ignite it, each by our own way. Come together. I truly wish this winter to bring us closer together as equal people, remembering what is the most important, as humans, as humanity, as wandering souls upon the Planet Earth. :heart: In an anime (Mushikaburihime) I've recently been watching they said this beautiful phrase that covers so much: 大切なものは目に見えない。= The most important things cannot be seen; the
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They say, "watch the water", though have you looked at your toothbrushes? At least, I truly hope yours won't look like ours. Because look! Here for comparison are our three recent toothbrushes, the two are my mother's and one is mine. All have a bamboo base, in the two brown-haireds' case, the hairs are also bamboo! But what's this black stuff!? Y'know, bamboo is known to be anti-bacterial, but this evidence draws my concern to the tap water. Has this happened to you? I've never before experienced that black "grime" surfacing at the brush's bottom, have you? And it's quite recent phenomenon, as in my mother's older brush you can see none of it, and all the time we've had same conditions, same tap water, only the hairs in the newest brush are plastic now in her case, which changes nothing as this is occurring to me as well. Mother's older brush: And my brush now, in comparison: Downright gross, if you ask me. And it's started just some months ago this year! So my question
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Yasss, at long last again:w00t: I can play my favourite Zelda on TV again, and first time with this controller: Yeah, bought the controller way before I had any Switch to connect to TV. My only Switch used to be the Turquoise Lite I got afterwards due to price. Though fell in love with that procontroller instantly and to my liking it's even wired! :love: (I've done similar before: bought Skyward Sword Wii, before had Wii to play it with, yup sometimes it takes time to get both items you want^^; so you have to get them one-by-one, but in the end you get them and what to do with a console without any games? :? ) So the controller went to cupboard and later on display in a vitrine and finally I can use it, too! :XD: As ever since I'd constantly checked the market of second hand consoles but either they were not there or couldn't afford the price as I wanted this particular SSBU edition... And they tended to be ~270-350€, but I saw some sold their's even 160€, do I didn't lose
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Thank you for the fav! Hope you have a nice day! :)

Merci beaucoup pour le favori, très apprécié.:)

Happy Birthday! Have a good one! :)

Thank you, I do! ❤️