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There are so many stamps here saying stuff like "I don't need to be popular"...
Hey, there's nothing wrong about it. Being popular means people like your art. Everybody loves to be loved.

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WoodenFoxx's avatar
not true.
you can be popular by just drawing whats IN.
UnholyKira's avatar
Being popular doesn't mean your art is great, sorry to say. I've seen people who only do simple-flat sketches that look really bad, and they take forever to draw them and they have 1-mil plus pageviews. On the other hand I've seen people with hyper-realism art that is amazing and you can stare at for hours on end with less than 5K pageviews.

TL;DR - Popularity does NOT = Great art.
RaspberryQuartzs's avatar
yeah a lot of people get loads of watchers by simply watching back and such
WoodenFoxx's avatar
absolutely same with you
peacefulinvasion's avatar
Honestly popularity does not mean the art is great. There is stuff in this world I say should not be popular.

Then again popularity would be great because THEN you can take your art and sell commissions and make a buck. You can take advantage of popularity.
Flashlight237's avatar
"Being popular means your art is great."

I disagree with this. I doubled the pageview count of an artist who's better than I am.
Yes, a lot of great artists still aren't popular, but it's very rare to be popular when your art isn't good :)
UnholyKira's avatar
Actually no... most 'good' artists have like around 500k tops. The REAL popular artists are the suck-up ones or the ones who whore themselves out for pageviews. For the most part on dA Popularity doesn't have anything to do with good art. That's just how this site is unfortunately.
PennyWereSkunk's avatar
True, there isn't any harm done by wishing for popularity.
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