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Dexter, Blossom vs. Ash, Misty

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For BeeWinter55 Birthday a gift of 2 Ship you like and no this the REAL Power Puff Girl where talking about.

This is a battle of Strength, Smarts, and Strategy!

Blossom - The Leader of the Power Puff Girl!

Dexter - Boy Genius and builder a Secret Laboratory!

Ash Ketchum - The Pokémon Trainer with the Quest to become the Pokémon Master!
Note: His Japanese name Satoshi Ketchum

Misty - The Former Pokémon Water Trainer and currently the Gym Leader of Cerulean Gym aka the Water Gym!
Note: Her Japanese name Kasumi

Both WANTED to win to be the BEST that can be! 

Enjoy :) So who you think will win?

I made this in Photoshop.

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VrokortaCStudent General Artist
Blossom & Dexter easily. They've faced planetary threats, are much smarter, & more unpredictable. Ash & Misty won't know what hit them until they're dead.
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Ash and Misty will win!
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DanibomStudent Artist
Sorry but they gets blitzed by Blossom's 1.2c speed and she destroyed a meteor shower which could've destroyed the Earth but if this was Reboot Blossom then I agree Team Ash and Misty wins but even if you use Reboot Blossom, Dexter can still save her because he has Robo-Dexo capable of destroying meteors and other threats which were going to destroy Earth. He caused the Earth to explode when fighting Mandark. He should be comparable to Monkey who can hurt the Justice Friends and Quackor. Monkey managed to briefly overpower Rasslor, who could casually destroy planets. Is implied to be comparable to Simian, who was going to destroy Earth.

Dexter still has some hax to beat Team Ash and Misty like 
Animal Atomizer to transmutate them into weak animals, he can erase any desired memories from their minds with Memory Eraser. He can hypnotize them whose name he writes with Hypnosis Pen. He has Dreamwish-O-Tron 5000 which allows him to make his wildest dream a reality like getting rid of Ash and Misty's Pokémon. He has Time Expansion Helmet to blitz Ash and Misty. And he has Shrink Ray to shrink them into bug size and stomps on them.