How To Get Nocturne working.

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Okay I''ve seen alot of people asking about how to get this game running on today's computers So I'm going to list as many ways I found on line how to do it.

First solution

Ehow|How to Play Old PC Games on Vista



1. Right-click on the shortcut icon for your old PC game. This icon will either be on your desktop or in your "Start" menu, depending on where the game's installation utility placed it when you initially set up the game.

2.  Click "Properties."

3. Click "Compatibility."

4. Click the "Operating System" drop-down box. Select the name of the operating system that your old PC game was designed to run in. The box the game came in or the jewel case the CD or DVD was in will have this information.

5.Click "Apply." Your game will now run in Windows Vista despite being designed for an older operating system.

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Second Solution

This is from a forum from asking Windows 7 and Nocturne

Post by Namur

It took me less than 10 minutes to install the game, the patch and start playing on XP. (As soon as i started playing i immediately remembered why i loved it so much the fist time i played it. The stranger is definitely badass. Rayne is still hotter than Svetlana though)

Applied win98 compatibility mode. Minor lag during the calibration process.

After it booted up to the menu, the only problem i had was having no sound. Easily fixed, the game had just chosen my onboard audio instead of my audio card. Changed it and that's it. It's running fine. Slightly annoying lag when going in and out of the menus, but other than that, no problems.

Like i said, i remember playing Nocturne on XP without any major issues...



PIV 3.4 HT


Radeon x1950GT (AGP)

On win7, also with win98 compatibility mode , i got it running (YAY), but,

The calibration process is a PITA. The lag between a keyboard input and the calibration moving on to the next stage is literally unbearable. Unlike XP, Alt tabbing isn't an option to speed things up. When Alt tabbing back in, the screen goes all black and i have to kill the process on the task manager.

The lag going in and out of menus it just as bad or even worst. It can take 1 minute or even more between pressing ESC and the options menu actually coming up. Same thing for getting back into the game from the options menu.

Like i mentioned, this lag is also noticeable on XP but to a much lesser degree.

No problems, so far, when actually playing


Win7 64 bit RC7100

I7 920

6GB Ram

GTX 295.

To tell you the truth, unless anyone is really, really, really in the mood for Nocturne on Win7, the obscene lag in the menus it's too much of a PITA.

On the other hand, a couple of other people trying Nocturne on Win7 would be great even if it was just to confirm this menu lag issue.

But you should be able to play it (with a minimum ammount of tweaking) without any major issues on XP.

Edit: On a positive note, the damn calibration process only needs to be done the first time the game boots. After that the game skips it and goes directly to the main menu.

Third Solution

Post By HampsterStyle

Actually Nocturne runs great even on Win7 x64 with max detail. Here's how:

- When installing on 64 bit, do not install in "Program Files (x86)" directory. Use "C:\Games" for example. Also note to not apply any compatibility options on setup executable. Make sure to do a full install of all acts. Also install "Nocturne Patch 2" (version 1.00.52). Note that this patch will find the game directory instantly if you copy it to game folder and launch it from there.

- Some of the cutscenes use the old indeo codec that isn't included in windows anymore and the current version is no longer freeware. An older freeware version of the codec can be found….

- Apply these compatibility options to nocturne.exe before running:

1) "Windows 98/ Windows ME" mode

2) Disable desktop composition

3) Disable themes

- Once the game is launched, go to video options and set these options:

1) 3D hardware on

2) Select Directx 7 for the graphics API

3) Now set the game resolution since more options will be available after 3d hardware is

turned on and the the graphics API version is selected. Up to 1280X1024 should be

selectable for most.

4) 32 bits per pixel

5) Flashlight Halo to complex

The no CD crack…
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