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Taken with my uncle's SD14.

When the old man who lived next door to my grandparents died, a developer bought the property and demolished the house, planning to build a multilevel shop/office building.

One half of the property faces the shopping street, and the other half (that used to have the old man's home on it) faces the residential street. They wanted to use up the whole footprint :/

Long story short, the locals protested (most vocal my uncle), and for two years now nothing much has happened on that site apart from the grass growing. Part of the auto shop that was out the front has survived and is now in a state of urban decay.

When I saw that on the wall, the photo took itself.

here's a Google Street View of the building/property
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KevenaarStudent Photographer
ironically 'Rust' means Rest in dutch :P

great pciture!
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thespook Photographer
...thus adding yet another layer of interpretation, cool.

Thanks for the comment :)
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KevenaarStudent Photographer
exactly ;)
no problem!
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SimZalaMirzaStudent General Artist
I like it:)
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Have you ever seen any work by ~fahrmboy ? This picture reminded me of something he would do.
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Sad about that man, though...
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jack22Professional General Artist
Looks great, incredibly sketchy.
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thespook Photographer
Sketchy indeed. I left soon after because the smell of urine was a bit too strong ;p
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jack22Professional General Artist
Charming :)
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Times like this it's very good to know more English - an untransletable text which has the best effect in original.
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thespook Photographer
Would you like me to simplify it, or was that more an observation?
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Oh, no thanks, it was simply an observation.
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ah great picture!!
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I love photos with backstories like this, simple, sad.
Super stuff.
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How sad..personally I think developers should be fined for leaving places to wither away and become a trap for all and sundry.
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SaCliliadProfessional General Artist
I really like this shot, it's grungy and just really awesome. Rust in Peace. :D What a champ.

*grins* Keep up the good stuff!

Sarah jennifer
SaCliliad :heart:
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Nice pic. :o
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DVeditorProfessional General Artist
I really like the shot - though it's the story that really makes the deviation here. Well told. :salute:
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I'm a sucker for urban decay pictures.....and while it's sad that this image
was made possible because of developers greed it is still a fine photo. It
is probable that the urban decay is still much of an improvement over any
development that might have shown up. And, of course the writing on
the wall says it all. :hug:s to you and Nadia ! :heart:
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Megadeth! :horns:
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thats sad
= (
what do ya recon there gonna do with the place??
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