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Good news everyone

Traditional Art Week: Intro and Feature Contest!
Traditional Art Week
Welcome to Traditional Art Week! :party:
This week you'll be introduced to a variety of traditional art topics, including a Mixed Media tutorial, a how-to on working with acrylics, an interview with an experienced traditional artist, and much more!
We also have a fun contest for everyone to participate in during this week! More details on that directly below. :eager:
Feature Contest!
From today, January 21st until Thursday, January 24th, we invite you to post your own traditional art feature in your journal!  To make this more exciting, we're offering prizes for the most creative and beautifully curated features posted during the week.
Your feature must contain a theme (ex. cats, paintings, drawings, blue, etc.) and you must state this theme in your description.
Your feature must contain no more than 15 th
:iconbrennennn:brennennn 36 43
Less is More
Sometimes keeping only the essential things or simple things is enough to make a decent photo.
Please enjoy this feature at CRPhotography



h a l f by KizukiTamura
closed window by augenweide
oh oh by EintoeRnFast Lane by Season-5
Dry bougainvillea petal by isischneider
Tiny world by Zelma1Lucky Strike by SchwarzWieEbenholZ
Unterkuehlt by feigenfrucht
A moment by JustACapharnaum 24.1 yellow by cloe-may
:iconwilltc:WillTC 28 42
Photography 101: Chapter 10: Darkroom Photography
Hello and welcome to a new Photography 101 chapter! My name is Yuukon and I'm pleased to see you made it here! 
If you are new to Photography 101, make sure to also check out the other chapters in this series:
Photography 101: Chapter 01: Basics - Looking
Photography 101: Chapter 02: Composition-Location
Photography 101: Chapter 03: Lighting
Photography 101: Chapter 04: Light sources and WB
Photography 101: Chapter 05: RAW and Basic Editing
:iconyuukon:Yuukon 22 9


Playgirl I by Pencil4artists
Inside Green Gables 4 by Mac-Wiz
dreams never end by chriseastmids Family Portrait by burningmonk
Metal and Stone 2 by DouglasHumphries
Solid Heart by WillTC
Tripolar Profile by rev3rsed-singularity friend in me by xthumbtakx
Postcard from Munich 12 by JACAC
The World is a Lonely Place by JonnyGoodboy
invasive by EintoeRn Around The Corner by miharashi
:iconcanankk:Canankk 31 58
Die Ghul Show (190) with NOCTUALIS!
:icondasghul:: Welcome to my humble show, :iconnoctualis:!
How do you like it so far? :)
:iconnoctualis:: Thanks! Great start and I'm excited to hear the questions you have for me :)
:icondasghul:: How does it feel to be the first person ever, who WON their appearance here as a prize (for this ), how does it feel to be a WINNER, and how do you like games like that? :)
:iconnoctualis:: Wow I didn't know that I was the first! I feel honored :)
I was really surprised to be the winner of the scavenger hunt actually. I have participated in previous years and was really impressed with how fast some of the other competitors were. So I am very happy that I was able to win this year!
I looooove scavenger hunts and games of that sort. They are especially fun when they involve looking at art and solving challenging questions like the Halloween scavenger hunt hosted by :iconUszatyArbuz:!
:icondasghul:: Well, let me just tell you some of my personal scavenger hunter experiences this
:icondasghul:DasGhul 3 5
Meet Your CV: Queen-Kitty (Fashion Photography)

Welcome to this month's edition of Meet Your CV! Party
To ring in the new year, I had the honor of interviewing DeviantArt's resident Fashion Photography queen herself, Queen-Kitty! There is a lot to learn about our feline monarch, so let us begin! :la:
:iconbrennennn: Please take this space to introduce yourself, and to discuss what you do around DA and your role as a CV.
:iconqueen-kitty: Hello! My name is Ashley Holloway!  I'm a CV for the fashion portrait and commercial fashion photography galleries, so I try my best to choose awesome DDs from those categories, as well as promote fashion photography in any way I can on DA! As an artist, I'm mostly a photographer who photographs fashion and artistic portraits, but I like try my hand at a variety of different things!  I'm also the head of the groups DA-Fashion and Fashion-Romanticism which I use to showcase a variety of DA fashion ph
:iconbrennennn:brennennn 26 6
The Street Journal: Best of 2018


God Save America by makepictures
Three Cats by niklin1 Sand by pigarot
warm street ) by pivan Untitled by pavboq
Juwenalia Krakow 2018 by nicoella Tired by Vermontster
nest by nicoella death for life by jrockar
Villeurbanne, France, May 2018 by djailledie window cleaners by jrockar
Tower, airplane, hand by mariomencacci The punch line by mjochumsen
:iconxbastex:xbastex 11 18
Artists of APN: Pearwood
This month I got to hang out with pearwood, a photographer unique in his ways within the APN community. Why, you ask? Keep reading, and you'll learn!

Hello pearwood! Thanks so much for joining me today! Could you introduce yourself?
Hi, Monique! I'm Steve. I signed up with dA back in January 2005 so I could follow my artist friends who were leaving Elfwood in droves. I uploaded some of my canoeing photos to show folks what I was doing and found to my surprise that I could hold my own. Since then, dA has been my photography class. It's all about commenting and community.
When I was browsing your gallery, I noticed that the majority- it not all- of your work are film shots. Can you share a little about why you still use film?
I have been a computer and network geek forever -- and both my parents were into
:iconyuukon:Yuukon 13 20
Feature-Fest Vol. 173: Fireworks

Shower me with gold by ameme-17
Steel Wool and Snow 12 by WillLeavey
:iconyuukon:Yuukon 12 20
Mature content
Showcase: January Week 1 :iconbrankaarts:BrankaArts 13 81
ProjectPorkchop Vol601
ProjectPorkchop is all about bringing more exposure to the many talented yet under appreciated artists going unseen on DeviantArt daily. The artists chosen truly deserve more attention based on low counts of favorites, comments, and watchers, added to their incredible artistic talent.
see more..
see more..
Yasa -Illustration by KingNeonHappy 
:iconastralseed:Astralseed 37 28
roygbv 38

:iconrichardleach:RichardLeach 6 10
k_game: autour de la luna
Bullet; White I've been playing again with my dear friend :iconkizukitamura:
Bullet; White (k)game: a creative way of featuring works: 
each player creates a kaleidoscope inspired by the previous one, 
until 9 kaleidoscopes are created.

straight up by looseartistA Tear in the Sky 459 by dekdav
straight up by looseartist128 Pervasion by jarvuffinstraight up by looseartist
A Tear in the Sky 459 by dekdavstraight up by looseartistA Tear in the Sky 459 by dekdav
Fellin Blue by hearthy210817d - BLUE STONE by JFBAYLEFellin Blue by hearthy
210817d - BLUE STONE by JFBAYLE125 Light of Other Days by jarvuffin210817d - BLUE STONE by JFBAYLE
Fellin Blue by hearthy210817d - BLUE STONE by JFBAYLEFellin Blue by hearthy
bewitched white wall by bluePartoutOverhead, Underfoot by Markus43bewitched white wall by bluePartout
Overhead, Underfoot by Markus43From wounds of other days by InextremissOverhead, Underfoot by Markus43
bewitched white wall by bluePartoutOverhead, Underfoot by Markus43bewitched white wall by bluePartout
Unravel by endprocess83Aspiration by PixelmenteurUnravel by endprocess83
Aspiration by PixelmenteurEdges Of A Square - Pt III by SIUCARAspiration by Pixelmenteur
:iconizaaaaa:Izaaaaa 25 24
Photography: Infrared

Nini1965 - mIkeschwaRz
jaco353 - TheChosenPesssimist
Suggest a Daily Deviations!
:iconpulbern:pulbern 3 4
Thoughts On DA ... Part II
(Please view maximized)
The past few months have had us at JennyStokes-Favs a little concerned about our artistic haven we embraced on DA.  Firstly it was the feeling that there is a decline in member participation and contribution to the community. That we addressed in our previous journal and then the looming upgrade to “eclipse” which has received rather mixed reviews by the few that have had the opportunity to test drive the forthcoming upgrade to the DA platform, had us in two minds about continuing.
After a much contemplation and reflection, we  have to say, that firstly we were greatly encouraged by all the positive response to our previous journal that the DA community is very much alive and well albeit in a slight state of dormancy and secondly a platform is to an online community as a town hall building is to real community.  It is of lesser significance than the members, participants and population. 
We love all our friends, artists and membe
:iconjennystokes-favs:JennyStokes-Favs 46 96
Photography ABC's - D is for...

I've been seeing the ABC's all over, and I decided to start my own I am a dummy! 
I want to try and make this an educational series, so something new to learn with each letter! I am planning on discussing history, techniques and a variety of terms used in photography. If you have a suggestion for a letter, please let me know! I haven't filled the entire alphabet yet!
I hope you'll enjoy! La la la la 
Photography ABC's - D is for...
Double Exposure
Today we'll be having a look at a very unique photographic technique: double exposure, also known as multiple exposure. A double exposure is the superimposition1 of two or more exposures to create a single image. The camera settings used may or may not be identical to each other. The technique is often used as an artistic visual effect to create spooky or dream-like images or to add people and/
:iconyuukon:Yuukon 8 2




I take photos and put them on the internet.

Currently most of the images come from an old papermill undergoing redevelopment - expect a mix of straight documentary photography, trash/debris fascination, and the more evocative kinda stuff I'd stick to if I was treating dA like a portfolio.

apologies ahead of time for being a scatterbrain.



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Llamas, yay!


Hey! Thanks for visiting, but no need to thank me for the llama. Say hello, give one back, start a conversation, whatever :peace:


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