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Flyer .Best Of Both Worlds

Dowload for Psd
Cleaning out my hard drive and found this old flyer I did months ago, thought i might as well share it since i lost contact with the client

Meh :/
it happens

Learning Rights
can use parts of it with 60% difference in entire design

~Control Many of Your Kind
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como lo descargo?
How to download the template?
não consegui baixar ;(

love the flyer
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OMG!! Beautiful!
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Totally, WOW!! :)
Had a questions for you and other flyer designers. Where do you find the images of the models. Trying my hand in it, but hard to find quality model images. Can you point me in the directions?
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thnaks for putting something like this up, it really helps to see other techniques
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no problem, i stink at writing tutorials, so this might help people more
i tried writing a tutorial for clothing design, it didnt turn out well either
Awesome flyer. :D
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WOW, 350 downloads and 1 comment....
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He visto muchos flyers en mi vida, pero este es el que mas me ha gustado, es fino y elegante. Un 10.
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