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I forgot to post this and it's already at 2,999 so I'm hoping someone gets it and it doesn't get lost forever
So yea, sometimes I like drawing stuff for others, so if you get a screenshot of you being the 3,000th visitor on my page I'll draw you something! 
So yeah, hit me up with a screenshot of you being the 2,000th visitor and I'll draw you a 'lil somethin'. It won't be anything too fancy, but it'll be digital, since I've got my computer all ready for drawing now. Good Luck!

Edit: It's at 2,005 pageviews now, and no one showed up with a screenshot... so let's do it again! Now, at 2,010 pageviews, aka the number of the year both Despicable Me and Shrek Forever After came out! I really wanna do this, guys! So, again, hit me up with a screenshot!
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Confirm that I'm on a sorta hiatus?
My pc won't let me login (it won't even,, load the login screen) and I haven't been able to draw digitally for like,, 3 weeks... 
And I'd post old drawings but all my stuff is in there... 
Idk if I'll buy other pc (I've had this one since... forever) or if I'll just fix it but,, it ain't working and I don't know when I'll be able to draw digitally again ;; v ;;

Also, would it be ok if I,, posted traditional doodles? Idk if you guys would like it... 

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