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Spazy Ref Complete 2 by thespazykitty12 Spazy Ref Complete 2 :iconthespazykitty12:thespazykitty12 3 0
Nora's Quest #7
In a small swatch of land, near the edge of the moors in the land of Erkyna, a little school for chimeras is nestled in the rolling green plains. Many chimeras attend this little school, its one of five in the Finama district, it also happens to be the most popular school. The school of Fina is a specialized school, to help teach chimeras how to interact properly with the world around them. Erkyna has a very delicately balanced ecosystem, so there is much to learn about how to keep it safe, and healthy.
Our story begins following Sinopa, a speckled, pink, husky marked Chi Kami. Chi Kami are a common chimera found in the lands, they resemble small wolves with six fluffy tails, and two horns atop their heads. It was little Sinopa's first day at Fina school, she was nervous and much more timid than the other school goers. After milling around for a bit, the teacher came into the classroom, signaling the start of lessons. Sinopa sat towards the front of the classroom so she could listen to
:iconthespazykitty12:thespazykitty12 1 1
Spooky night to be out by thespazykitty12 Spooky night to be out :iconthespazykitty12:thespazykitty12 2 2
Nora's Quest #1 ~ If only....
One of the few things Layl was never good at was expressing her feelings. She could just never figure out how to form the words to get them out! It makes it extremely hard to tell someone you like them, no matter how simple of a thing it might seem to be. You're probably curious about who is being spoken of, this mystery guy this Arctic Gryphon has a crush on is the Brujah Dragon, Chriss. It is very weird that Layl likes someone outside of her species but she cant help who she likes! The heart wants what the heart wants, and hers wants Chriss. She ponders over and over about how to approach the situation, but she's deathly afraid he'll turn her down for being a Gryphon. Layl worries over the smallest things as well, anything and everything makes her nervous and she starts to doubt her decision all over again, even if she thought she made up her mind. But no longer! Today is going to be the day that this shy Arctic Gryphon faces her fears and tells Chriss how she feels! The only thing l
:iconthespazykitty12:thespazykitty12 1 1
Verax Quest #5 by thespazykitty12 Verax Quest #5 :iconthespazykitty12:thespazykitty12 1 2
But it was so shiny!
It was a dark and stormy day at the Land Ranch. Violet and her sisters were watching the rain slide down the window making small ripples. "I'm bored!" Violet cried before she flopped over onto her side dramatically next to Sinopa. Who was quietly playing with a ball. "There's plenty of toys to play with Violet, why dont you go get one?" Sinopa suggested quietly with the ball in her mouth. "I always play with those toys Sinopa! I want something new to do..." With a huff Violet rolled onto her stomach, sprawling out over the floor. There was a huge crack of lightening right outside the house, nearly catching the tree out front on fire. Violet and Sinopa nearly jumped out of their pelts. "That was so close!" Violet gasped her little legs trembling. Sinopa could only manage a nod she was so scared. There was a soft giggling that came from behind the couch. Sinopa whipped her head around and Violet did the same. "What was that?!" Sinopa whispered frantically, she was an easily frightened Ch
:iconthespazykitty12:thespazykitty12 1 0
Possible new adopt species? by thespazykitty12 Possible new adopt species? :iconthespazykitty12:thespazykitty12 1 2 Verax's Quest #2 by thespazykitty12 Verax's Quest #2 :iconthespazykitty12:thespazykitty12 1 1 Happy Valentines Day!!! by thespazykitty12 Happy Valentines Day!!! :iconthespazykitty12:thespazykitty12 1 0
Nora's Quest #3 - The fwee fwee!
It was a chilly winter evening, and Quila the lisser cat cub was bored out of her mind! She had nothing to do and it was driving her crazy. Her best friend Galaxy padded up next to Quila who was just rolling around in the grass. "What in the world are you doing Quila?" She questioned her friend, watching her like she was crazy. "I'm so unbelievably bored Galaxy!! I don't know what to do." She sighed and she stopped rolling to look at her friend. "Any ideas?" Galaxy paused and thought for a few moments she was fresh out of ideas sadly. "Well I don't know what to do for you either, sorry Quila." Quila huffed and sat up shaking loose grass from her pink and white fur. "Maybe we could ask someone else?" Galaxy suggested. "I saw Toklo heading out towards the herb garden, why dont you try asking him?" Quila nodded at her friends suggestion. "Alright! That sounds like a great idea, lets go find him!" Quila bounded off in the direction of the herb garden, hoping to find their quiet yellow frie
:iconthespazykitty12:thespazykitty12 1 1
Eye by thespazykitty12 Eye :iconthespazykitty12:thespazykitty12 0 0
Nora's Quest #2 - In love with the cocoa *shot*
    There once was a little cabin in the woods, it was a quaint little log cabin with lots of acreage and a huge stable towards the back of the property. A teenage girl inhabited this cabin but she wasn't alone, not in the slightest! This mysterious girl had a hodgepodge of strange creatures! Ranging from the size of a rodent to as big as a horse, she could surely ride that thing if she wanted. That's enough about the girl though, our real story starts with two of her small creatures. An Hase Shisu named Oka and his new found friend, and crush Nina. Nina is a quiet and shy little girl, often keeping to herself unless it's with her Chi Kami friend Violet. Oka noticed that she liked going outside to the butterfly garden, her yellow coat made her stand out against the greenery so she was easy to find. After a few weeks, on a rather chilly night Oka decided to follow her out into the garden. At first he couldn't find her but he saw her ears sticking out of a marigold patch. "What
:iconthespazykitty12:thespazykitty12 1 2
Christmas Tree by thespazykitty12 Christmas Tree :iconthespazykitty12:thespazykitty12 1 0 Double meme with Rushi~! by thespazykitty12 Double meme with Rushi~! :iconthespazykitty12:thespazykitty12 1 7 Puff Fanart by thespazykitty12 Puff Fanart :iconthespazykitty12:thespazykitty12 3 0 Noki Fanart by thespazykitty12 Noki Fanart :iconthespazykitty12:thespazykitty12 3 0


thespazykitty12: Arabella by Ragaki-Runeland thespazykitty12: Arabella :iconragaki-runeland:Ragaki-Runeland 1 5 All-6-fur by phation All-6-fur :iconphation:phation 700 22 thespazykitty12: Dietrich by SpringsofIyore thespazykitty12: Dietrich :iconspringsofiyore:SpringsofIyore 9 34 Vespimites Auction - Closed by Kawiku Vespimites Auction - Closed :iconkawiku:Kawiku 1,214 48 Shading tutorial by Grypwolf Shading tutorial :icongrypwolf:Grypwolf 9,645 501 Bagheera by Valixy Bagheera :iconvalixy:Valixy 297 18 Beasties Sale May 29th by DragonsAndBeasties Beasties Sale May 29th :icondragonsandbeasties:DragonsAndBeasties 1,941 141 Art vs Artist by DragonsAndBeasties Art vs Artist :icondragonsandbeasties:DragonsAndBeasties 1,448 77 Nommin on Mom by DragonsAndBeasties Nommin on Mom :icondragonsandbeasties:DragonsAndBeasties 1,488 72 Nekoi Auction (Closed) by Kawiku Nekoi Auction (Closed) :iconkawiku:Kawiku 3,684 156 MageClan by SweetHowlz MageClan :iconsweethowlz:SweetHowlz 6 0



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  1. How long have you been on DeviantArt?  ~ 4 awesome years ~

  2. What does your username mean? ~ It doesnt mean anything really, Spazy is one of my OC's and she's actually a dog XD So it's a bit ironic I suppose. ~

  3. Describe yourself in three words. ~ Joyful, Loving, Protective ~

  4. Are you left or right handed? ~ Right handed

  5. What was your first deviation? ~ Flames by thespazykitty12 ~

  6. What is your favourite type of art to create? ~ Anything digital really cx I try to do a range of cute and more serious art though c: ~

  7. If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be? ~ Hmm....I would absolutely love to master a cuter, more chibi style x3 I adore cute things ~

  8. What was your first favourite? ~ Vamppi Reference by MiracleHybrid ~

  9. What type of art do you tend to favourite the most? ~ I favorite a lot of animal related art or anime art c: most of which is in a cute style. ~

  10. Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist? ~ That is a hard one...I'm not sure. Sweating a little... ~

  11. If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be? ~ phation His art is so adorable cx and he's super nice to his peps.

  12. How has a fellow deviant impacted your life? ~ They inspired me to keep trying no matter what and to keep improving on my art. c: ~

  13. What are your preferred tools to create art? ~ My pen and tablet, or a pencil and sketchbook :3 i love both.

  14. What is the most inspirational place for you to create art? ~ Sitting in my living room in my chair, listening to music. ~

  15. What is your favourite DeviantArt memory? ~ My favorite memory has to be the first time I adopted an adoptable XD


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United States
Heller my peoples who care to read this I'm hollie i loove to draw even though i suck but i'm starting to get a lot better ^3^ i absopositivly love animals and I love love love love the bojizle out of anime XD i can't get enough of it! So i end up reading 50 at one time v.v"" I love reading fanfics they are so adorable and awesome x3 and like writing my own stories even though they suck XP none are on here though :iconcryplz: I am also a huge PokeFAN Stamp by Wakki 833 teehee OH! another thing if i don't comment a lot on stuff or do a lot it's because i feel like i bother people .____. i am a big worry ward about that stuff so i stay quiet a lot .3. but it don't mean i don't like ya stuffs X3 I am also a big yaoi fan as you can tell by my stamps :P and I read a ton of yaoi webcomics, I'm trying to find stamps for the majority of the ones I read but my favorites have to be Teahouse, Starfighter (I am a certified StarGAYzer) and Prince of Cats! Spectre is good to (just cant find any stamps *cries*) so just check them out! and definatly check through their links thats how I find most of my comics :3 Tata for now

Stamp time!

OC's Are My Babies by Foxxie-Chan I imagine with music Stamp by tastelessfate

Umbreon stamp by Dametora Flareon stamp by Dametora

Stamp - Tablet User by firstfear Stamp - Pencil+Paper User by firstfear Paint Tool SAI Stamp by Energyzed

Art theft is a crime by signmeupscotty Art Theft by Girl-just-let-go-200

I'm in Loki's army by MariaPereira This Bitch Kneels by LadyShanana Tom Hiddleston stamp by CodeClaire

Wolpy Stamp :3 by Skailla OMFA stamp by IgniteTheBlaize

:thumb295622436: The Fox and the Hound by Kagit Kovu - stamp by V1KA Nala - stamp by V1KA Sarabi Fan stamp by Konyhyuga-sama
Vitani fan stamp by Konyhyuga-sama Kiara Fan stamp by Konyhyuga-sama

Raven Fan Stamp by PaintedSerenity

- Warriors Stamp - by toonartt

Divergent Stamp by HachiLock Divergent: Dauntless (The Brave) by xxtayce Divergent: Amity (The Peaceful) by xxtayce

Wolf's Rain stamp by Tollerka Wolfs Rain Stamp First Kill by googlememan :thumb107303079: Toboe Fan Club Stamp by Toboe-Fan-Club Wolf's Rain Stamp: Blue by SilversArtages Wolf's Rain Stamp: Orange by SilversArtages Wolf's Rain Stamp 2 by Schmidte17 toboe run wolfs rain by Xiahism Wolf's Rain Stamp by Colhan3000

World Stops - Starfighter by rawien starstampfighter by not-so-glorious Praxis vs. Cain stamp by dazza1008
Cain stamp 3 by SweetAmberkins Abel stamp 1 by SweetAmberkins HM Deimos stamp by indolight

World Stops - Teahouse Comic by rawien Axis stamp by SweetAmberkins First Kiss by coloradogirl86

:thumb177942261: Team Twili Stamp by IrisHime -Midna Love Stamp- by ccucco Legend of Zelda wolf by N-B-R-artwork twilight princess stamp. by Super-Seme-Riku Team Sheikah Stamp by IrisHime Team Hylian Stamp by IrisHime

Code Lyoko Evolution Symbol Stamp by BelievingIsSeeing



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