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The New Farm Hand

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This is a collaboration I did with :iconchuckmanx:, based off of an old RP. This is the same bull-man that would show up in :iconelek-tronikz:'s Moo Moo March YCH, I just never got around to cleaning the story up enough to post until now.  Hope you enjoy!


    I felt completely drained, almost lifeless as I drove back home, the long journey made all the more torturous by how little energy I had, just the effort of keeping the car straight sapping what little I had left.  As my eyes drooped, I notice with a jolt of fear that my gas gauge was well into the "E" mark, and I took the first offramp I could find. Unfortunately, it wasn't soon enough, and before I could find a gas station the car coughed and sputtered, and I pulled it to the curb before resigning myself to sleeping in the car. I just had nothing left in me for anything, even dealing with AAA.

    Time passed and the moonless night grew darker. My peaceful rest was eventually interrupted by a gentle tapping at the window, then again, a bit harder, hard enough to stir me from my sleep. I sat up, bleary-eyed, wondering if it was a police officer or something. Maybe they'd have a spare jerry-can of gas or something...
    "Y-yeah?  Hello?"  I say, squinting out the window.   It's hard to see, even though the figure tried to not shine its flashlight in my eyes.
    It waved at me and I could hear a feminine voice call out from outside. "Are you okay in there?"
   "Yeah... Yeah, just... ran outta gas..."  I said, twisting the key in the ignition to turn on the alternator. The interior lights came on and I rolled down the window to get a good lock at the person with the flashlight.
   It was a young lady, tall and a bit stocky. "Corn fed" as some would say. She leaned down to look at me through the window with a smile. "And you didn't want to wander down these roads to look for gas?" she chuckled a bit. "I can help you out. House is just down the road a ways."
   I nodded, rubbing my eyes as I turned the car back off and rolled the window up.  I stepped out of the car, wavering a bit as I re-lock it.  "Lead the way," I said, not even thinking about anything but the thought of getting home to my soft bed.
   She waved the flashlight down the road and started walking. "Just up this way a spell. Hope you don't mind a little walk." I could hear the smile in her voice as the two of us started down the road. "Don't have too many folks come down these parts. We'll get you some gas and get you on your way. And maybe a place to sleep that's a might comfier than that car." she laughed. I mumbled some acknowledgement or other, just kind of shuffling along behind her.

   In minutes that felt far longer on my tired legs and shoeless feet, we arrived at her home, an old farmhouse down a dirt path. If this wasn't the middle of nowhere, I'd bet you could see it from their windows. A large two-story home with lights on in several of the rooms. For the last few yards of the walk, she wrapped her strong arm around my waist and helped me up the front steps and to the door.
   Curiously, I sniffed a few times. "Something cooking?" I mumbled, my nose surprised at an odd but pleasant smell.
   The woman laughed. "Yep. Supper time. You needin' a good meal, too? Much more and we'll have to start chargin' you rent!" she chided, leading me down the hallway to the kitchen. Another woman stood at the stove, stirring something in a large pot while occasionally checking the window in the oven. She was a bit taller than the woman that brought me inside, and now that they were in the light I noticed both women were rather... well, stocky didn't quite cover it. Strong, but with softness in the right places. The woman at the stove had long black hair and wore a simple dress, while the woman helping me was dressed like she just came from the field. Flannel shirt, jeans, and work boots that probably should have been left at the door.
   "Claire, look what I brought home! Can I keep him?" she laughed.
   "Abigail!" the woman at the stove shouted, pointing a spatula in my direction. "How many times do I need to tell you not to bring people into the house?! Especially strange men! Have you seen the news lately?!"
  "C'mon, don't be so paranoid. He ain't hurtin' anyone. He just had some car troubles. Figured he could use a good rest and a bit of gas, is all."

   "Uh... really, you don't have to..." I said as the woman pulled down on my arm, setting me into a chair. "I'm really just kinda tired..."  I continued, but the smell persisted. And it smelled good, much better than nine-dollar convention hot dogs.  "Well, I mean, maybe just a bit... If you don't mind..."
   Claire noticed me sniffing the air. "See? He's hungry and tired. We can't just turn him away."
   Abigail took a step toward the two of us and put her hands on her ample hips, "Sis, this isn't some stray cat." She looked me up and down with a sigh. "Okay. With Bobby not feelin' well, we'll have more than enough anyway... And I can't just throw a good meal out to the hogs. But!" she poked the spatula in my face, and as much as she was trying to be intimidating, the scent of a good meal just filled my nostrils all the more. "You cause any bit o' trouble and I'll deal with you myself, ya hear?"
   I snorted, weakly. "I could be taken down by a third grader in the state I'm in. No trouble."
   Abigail tried to muster a 'hmph', but I saw the hint of a smile cross her face before she could hide it. She turned to head back to the stove. "Go ahead and take a seat at the table. Supper'll be ready in a few more minutes."

   Claire smiled and leaned down to put her arm back around my waist, lifting me up. "C'mon, now. Let's get you to the dining room."
   "Should I call the tow truck...?"  I asked, looking for a phone but not seeing one.
   "After diner. We ain't gonna kick you out or nothin'." The next room over, the smells just seemed to be getting stronger even though we were farther away from the kitchen. She set me at a chair close to the kitchen and pulled up another chair close by. The table was huge, big enough to seat ten people, easy. She looked up at me with a grin. "Sorry about that. Abby always worries about us since pa died. Big sister has to watch out for me and Bobby."
    "'M sorry to hear that," I said, scooting my chair vaguely facing the table, resting my elbows on the table and my head in my hands, heels of my palms wedged under my cheekbones like I'd done a thousand times before.  I wanted to lay my head down, but I had the capacity for at least that much politeness.
    "S'not your fault. We all have our time." She chuckled, waving it off as her sister came into the room with a large plate and bowl in her hands.
    "Food's on." she grinned, putting them in front of everyone. She reached into her pocket and pulled out three sets of silverware, setting one by my bowl and handing the others to Claire. "Be a dear?"
    "Wrapped again?" Claire laughed.
   "Hush. Just an old habit, is all." Abigail took long strides back to the kitchen.

   The plate was absolutely covered with food. A fair-sized pile of corn and green beans, next to a mound of mashed potatoes and a thick slab of ham. A deep brown gravy covered the meat and potatoes, and I could practically taste it all just from the aroma. The bowl held a thick soup, almost like a stew, meat and carrots and vegetables bobbing along the surface.
   After the starchy, rubbery hot dogs, the warmth of the real, home-cooked meal felt like a massage on my face.  With a muttered "Thank you" I slowly started to dig into the potatoes, the buttery smoothness feeling like it was massaging my throat all the way down to my guts.  It wasn't just filling, it was comforting, the warmth suffusing me as I ate.

   Abigail returned with another plate and bowl for Claire, and she almost said something, but Claire waved her off. Abigail smiled and headed back to the kitchen, returning shortly with a plate and bowl for herself. Claire started in on her ham, cutting it and eating it slowly, savoring it. Abigail bowed her head for a second before looking at me, chuckling a bit. "Claire wasn't kidding. Been a while since you've had a good meal?"

    "All week," I said after swallowing, starting on on the ham myself. "When I could eat. Was running a booth at a trade show, and had three volunteers just not show up. Could barely leave the booth and when I did it was crappy convention food. Nine dollars for a hot dog.  Nine!"

    "Highway robbery!"

   "I'd lynch anyone that tried to sell me a hot dog for nine damn dollars!" the girls laughed.

   The food was filling. Warming. Energizing, even, like it was filling my soul as much as filling my belly. But it seemed like no matter how much I ate, each bit just filled me with a hunger for a bit more.
   The girls shared a glance after they looked at me, quietly giggling at the city boy. Before I realized it, the plate was empty, and I didn't even like green beans. Undeterred, I slid the plate aside and started in on the stew, my eyelids no longer feeling as heavy. "Thank you, by the way," I said. "I really needed this."
   "I'll say..." Abigail smiled, sliding her plate over. She stood and took the first empty plate to the kitchen. "Here. Don't worry, now, I've got plenty more."
   Claire giggled. "See? Sis may be a bit hard on new folks, but she'll sweeten up to you right quick. Especially since you like her cookin'. Then again, who doesn't?"
   "No one with taste," I smiled, feeling the food settling in my stomach between spoonfuls.  Gosh, I thought,
I must've been hungrier than I realized, all that food and I didn't even feel half full...</i>
   Abigail returned with two more plates of food. She set one besides her former plate and one at her spot across the table. "You're looking a might healthier now, too," she smiled. She looked around the table, her face falling "Oh, where is my head...?' she exclaimed as she stood. "Drinks!"
   She laughed as she dashed to the kitchen. A few minutes and some clinking glasses later, she came back with three tall glasses. "Umm, hope you don't mind. This is all we have." She said as she set a glass of milk in front of my plate.
   "Any port in a storm," I say, draining half the glass in a go. "Wow, that's... That's the best milk I've ever had. Like the milk I got on vacation in Scotland," I say, wiping my mustache with a napkin. "Local?"
   Claire piped up, "Yep! Right here from on the farm!" the two of them laughed, a hint of some kind of inside joke at the phrasing behind it.

   As I worked through the soup, I started to notice myself feeling fuller. Not just in the well-fed sense, but inasmuch as my clothes were starting to fit a bit tighter. I tugged on my collar, wondering if I wasn't sitting on the hem or something, but continued eating.  "Well, it's just fantastic. I haven't felt this good all month," I said, swapping out my bowl for the next plate and continuing with the same gusto.
   The girls giggled, and Claire slid her untouched soup next to my empty bowl. "Here. You need this more than me, looks like." She took the empty bowl and tapped the rim against my near-empty glass. "Top ya off?"
   "If it's not a bother," I said, scooting in my seat, trying to find some slack in my pants.
   "Not at all." she grinned, taking it to the kitchen. I heard happy whistling while she was out of sight, and then she came back with another full glass and a smaller bowl of the soup.
   "Think we may be runnin' out soon, sis."
   "S'allright. Don't want to fill up our guest too much before dessert."
   Claire nodded and set the glass down. "This one's from a different jug, so may have a little different flavor to it."
   I accepted the milk with a thankful nod, mouth too full of food to speak politely, and washed it down with a third of the mug. It was a little tangy, almost like fruit yogurt but without any actual fruit.  "Ahh. Thanks, I really mean it.  So... how long have you girls lived here?"  I asked, taking their response time to shovel as much food as I could down my throat without being unseemly. It was just all so good...
   "All our lives..." Abigail started.
   "And you don't ask a girl her age." Claire added, chuckling.
   "Ma and Pa ran this farm ever since Pa's pa gave it to him. Been in the family for... Gosh..."
   "A long time." Claire laughed. "Now it's just the three of us. Us'n' Bobby. Sure wish she were feelin' better. I think she'd like you."
   The two ate politely, clearing their plates, but not with near the speed or gusto that I'd had so far.
   "Glad to see ya like the food. You're lookin' a bit more hale n' hearty yourself." Claire gave my side a poke, her finger going in a little farther than it should.

   "Eheh..." I chuckled, noticing how tight my clothes were feeling.  Gosh, did I really eat that much?  But I don't even really feel full...</i> "Oh, Bobby's your sister?  I'm sorry, I thought... well, I've got roots in the south, and I usually hear Bobby as a boy's name..." I smiled, reaching one hand under my... too-large feeling belly... to undo the strained button on my fly, giving me some breathing room. "What happened, if you don't mind me asking?"
   "Roberta." Abigail chuckled. "She gets that a lot. We call her Bobby to make it nice and easy for folks. A, B, C, ya know?"
   Claire rolled her eyes and slipped what was left of her food beside me. "What happened? To Bobby? Ehh..." She looked at her sister.
   "Ehh... Just... comin' down with somethin'. She's up in her room right now. Should be right as rain in a couple days."
   "Oh, okay,"  I said, rolling my shoulders and feeling one of the buttons pop out of its hole in my polo shirt. "It's just my first thought whenever I hear about someone laid up.  Figure if I know what's wrong I can offer advice. I always like to help."
   They laughed. "Oh, no, no. She's a full-grown woman. Nothing like that." Abigail stood up and started heading to the kitchen, taking in empty plates and glasses. The girls' plates were either empty... or just gone, buried under the stack in front  of me. Did I really eat all that?

   "About time for dessert! Do you think you have room for it?"
   "Uhh...  What're you having?"  I asked, feeling rather bloated, but still almost cavernously hungry.

   "Cheesecake. Special family recipe." Abby smiled. "You have to have some! You'll love it!"

   "Uhh... okay, just a bit,"  I said, tugging on my shirt and pants. I knew they were old, but why were they so tight?  Something felt weird...

   Abigail returned, carrying three smaller plates- well, smaller than the dinner plates, but still fairly large for most people. Each one had a large slab of cheesecake on it, nearly the entire cake covered in cherries. "Something told me you were hungry for more than just a bit," she winked as she set it down.

   "Heh...  Well..."  I looked at the cheesecake, and the cherries, and the whipped cream...  "Okay,"  I said.  "Just a bit,"  And sliced the tip of the triangle off with my fork.

   "And this, we're not sharing." Claire chuckled, taking a corner of her cheesecake and sliding it into her mouth. "Mmm... Did Bobby help you make this?"

   "Mmm-hmm..." Abby nodded, taking a bite herself. "You can tell?"

   "She always adds her own flavor to things, yeah. Wait... when did you and she make this...?"

   "Hopefully before she got sick," I laughed, taking another bite. "Man, I don't normally like cheesecake, but this is fantastic..."

   "Umm... Yeah, we worked on it yesterday and she came down with- well, whatever it is, it was this morning. We should be okay."

   "I hope so..."

   The girls looked at each other a bit nervously, but kept eating their cheesecake. Abby started shifting uncomfortably in her chair, and as soon as she noticed Claire following suit, she grimaced. "Uh oh... Shouldn't have jinxed it..."
   "Something the matter?"  I asked as I finished off my cheesecake, feeling like I'd eaten the best meal of my entire life.

   Abigail tried to wave it off, though I could tell something was wrong. She was a bit hunched over in her chair, her breasts spreading a bit against the table. "Ohh, it's probably nothing. You should-" Abby stopped short as something bounced off the side of my head and clattered against the table. A button. I looked over and... Claire was stocky yet curvy before, but now she was practically spilling out of her shirt, one button already having given up and it another looking like it was about to go. "Damn it, Abby! You know not to serve stuff we made that close to... Ugh...!"
   I said nothing, eyes wide as I looked between the two of them.  Though it was certainly strange, the mesmerizingly large bodies and breasts held my tongue and my attention, and I felt myself getting an erection in my already-overstuffed underwear, a tingling sensation running through me.
   Abigail sat up, her own breasts spilling out of the top of her dress. "Oh, hush! I swore we would be fine! I've cooked while sick before, and you two hardly ever got it!" the sound of threads popping could be heard across the table as Abby stood, pink skin from her thighs peeking out from the split seams in her dress. "And I just let this out!"
   Claire looked to me, then to her sister. "Well, what about him? I mean, I know what it does to US, but on a guy? Did pa ever get this?"
   "I don't know! Mom always shoo'd us away when he started coming down with anything..."

   The panic was momentarily halted by a quiet voice coming from the doorway. "Hey, what's all the commotion...?"
   I turned to see what could only be Bobby, a shorter woman in sweats and as much of a robe as could cover her. Her hips were nearly as wide as the doorway, and her breasts almost overshadowed them, round and full with enough sag that they hung below her waistline. Once I pulled my eyes away from them long enough to look at her face, I could see little horns peeking through her dark hair.

   "Uhh..."  I started, sliding away from the table and standing- with some surprising difficulty- to take in everything at once.  "Uhm..."  Mind racing, I defaulted to my instincts. "I-is there something I can do to help...?"

   The arguing immediately resumed, only now with three participants instead of two. Whose dumb idea was it to cook while sick? Whose dumb idea was it to bring a stranger into their home? The shouting was like a whirlwind around the room as the two 'healthy' sisters kept swelling, breasts and hips splitting through and spilling out of their clothes.

   Then I felt something strange. An itching across my body, starting in the belly and working its way out to my extremities and finally my head. There was pressure along my temples for a few seconds, like boils forming just under the skin before two bony protrusions formed. Horns of my own, apparently.

   "Oh crap!"  I exclaimed, spinning around to look for a mirror. I knew I felt weird!  I knew I was eating too much!  What the hell was happening?!

    "Oh great! Just great!" Claire exclaimed before the arguing broke out again, louder than before. Suddenly there was a softness against me, a glance revealing it to be Bobby's breasts rubbing up beside my arm.
    "I'm... sorry this happened... Guess you'll just have to let it flow..." She laughed sheepishly. It was somehow reassuring amongst the chaos as I felt the sensation going to my arms and legs, muscle building up bit by bit... My pants felt tight, though not just in the waist anymore. My erection was growing, and not just because I had a huge set of breasts pressed against me.
    "I think it's the farm," Bobby started, "Every so often we get this... Heh... Cow pox, I guess." she giggled.
    I swallowed hard, trying not to think of ways I could grope those enormous, dream-fulfilling breasts without getting in trouble. "I, uh, is, um, is it dangerous?"  I asked, feeling the teeth of my unbuttoned fly slowly coming apart as my body pressed against my pants, my boxers feeling like a second skin as tightly as they were wrapped around me.
    "Nah. It comes and goes. We have it for a few days and then it goes away. I kinda like it. Abby hates it. Claire just doesn't like that it makes work harder for her. But it sure makes the dairy side of our farm a lot more productive. Did they show you that part yet?" she giggled.

   The sisters' arguing suddenly died down as they noticed a rhythmic pat, pat, pat of liquid dripping on wood. They looked down and saw their engorged breasts starting to leak.  Abigail's eyes went wide. "Mom's table!" she screamed, frantically trying to wipe up the milk with her apron. "This is all your fault!"
   "My fault?!" Claire exclaimed, and the two started arguing again, trying to dab up the milk with any scrap of cloth still on their full and filling bodies.
   "Huh," Bobby cocked her head to one side, "Usually all that home cooking makes them blow up faster than this..."
   I swallowed heavily, my mouth suddenly dry again.  "I, uh...  I kinda ate it,"  I said, shifting my weight and turning my hips to try and find some relief for my throbbing erection but not willing to leave my position, Bobby's enormous breasts mashed up against me as they were.
   "All of it?!" She laughed, "Well, you haven't grown boobs yet, so that's good... But all that had to go somewhere..." She grinned, stepping in closer and wrapping me completely between her breasts.

   Abigail shouted a few choice profanities and stormed out of the room, returning with a couple kitchen towels and throwing them on the table. "We'll deal with this l- mmm... later..." she turned to the middle sister. "Bobby! You finished pumping for the night?"
   "Well, not *finished*, but looks like you two could use it..."
   "Uhm... uh..." I stammered, feeling every heartbeat in my shaft, glad I was wearing the boxers that had rubbed a hole between the legs for the flesh to escape through. "I-is, uh, anything I c-can help with?" I asked, too shocked and aroused to think of anything more as I felt the enormous breasts pressed around me.
   Abigail stormed off, her stomping just making her hips and breasts wobble with every step. Her breasts got stuck in the double-wide doorway, and sounds of liquid hitting tile could be heard as she forced her way through, muttering curses all the while.
   Claire just harrumphed, looking at Bobby and I. "Okay, Bobby. Don't get too frisky. Now, umm," Claire looked away, a bit embarrassed, "See, we're not used to all of us getting it at the exact same time and all, and I really don't wanna be sitting next to Abby in the milking room when she's in a stink like this... I hate to impose on you, stranger, but could you maybe be a farm hand for the evenin'?"
   I just nodded. "S-sure..." I said, mesmerized. "But, uh, can I use your bathroom first...?"
   Claire nodded, blushing. "Here, we'll show you." Bobby let me out from between her breasts and each girl took one of my hands. They led me to the hallway, having to go through the doorway one tit at a time and across to the bathroom. It was a bit small, Claire leading me in there while Bobby followed behind.
   "Er, uh, I can handle myself..."  I said, embarrassed.

   "Of course..." Claire blushed hard, having to wrap me in her cleavage as she stepped around the room. Milk was flowing, and flowed more with every bump on her engorged breasts. The room was filled with a smell like the fruity milk from before. Eventually, Claire worked her way around and managed to get out of the room. "Umm... Could ya hurry though? The girls are a might full..."
   "Believe me, I'll be as fast as I can..."  I said as I shut the door.  Dammit, with them waiting right outside...  But it was no use, if I didn't I felt like I was going to die or rupture something.  I reached down to my pants, gulping a bit as I ran into far more of my belly than I should have, and slid my pants and underwear down over my thighs, a much harder and slower task with the increased flab and my throbbing junk in the way.  Deciding the hell with it, I slid my shirt off too, noticing my usually coarse body hair had receded into my skin.  I turned and looked into the mirror, seeing my full changes for the first time.

   I looked bigger than before, in more ways than one. My belly was big and round, full of food and a bit soft from it all. My arms and legs were thicker, but with more muscle than fat behind them. I looked as strong as an ox, and had the horns to match. More than a fair amount has also gone to my manhood, balls full and hanging low, and my cock was so long it could have easily hung past my knees if I were soft.
   "Whoa..."  I breathed, looking down and shaking my head.  Nevermind, I thought,
first things first.</i>  Turning the faucet on as loud as it could go, I wet my hand, then stroked my dick with it, getting it nice and wet.  Then I grabbed the bar of soap by the sink and twisted it in my hands several times under the water, building up a nice lather.  I stepped away from the sink, leaving the faucet running, and stood in front of the toilet.  It was a bit more difficult with so much belly in the way, and the extra length necessitated using both hands, but remembering the feeling of those breasts pressed against me, the sight of them outgrowing their clothes, the smell of their milk... the *taste*...

   With a twitch, I bent over, pressing my cock between my thighs and pointing it into the toilet bowl as I grunted in orgasm, sounding like someone dropping a bowl of fruits into the toilet bowl with how heavy and frequent the impacts were.  Panting, I reached for my underwear, wiping the soap and semen off my hands and dong before throwing the old boxers in the wastebin. I then attempted to put my pants back on, at least enough to cover my package.  And even with the two buttons completely undone, it was impossible to get the polo back over my head without catching it on my horns, tearing the collar and leaving me with a shirt a size too small- at least for my current frame.  Wiping my hands one last time on my pants, I flushed the toilet and turned off the faucet before opening the door.

   The hallway was empty, but I could hear the girls calling from the dining room. At least, I could hear heavy breathing. As I rounded the corner, I saw Claire leaning across the table, breasts spilling all the way from one side to the other. Bobby was on the opposite side, working one of Claire's breasts with her hands as she sucked on the nipple, obviously drinking down whatever Claire was producing.
   "Ah-Ah.... S-sorry, friend. I couldn't hold off any longer. I know we just met, but I'd be much obliged if you could follow sis' lead on this one?"
   I figured if it felt anything like I had just now she needed it quite badly, so I nodded and went to her other breast, wrapping a hand around the fat nipple and squeezing like I'd seen on farm shows and the like before.
   She winced a bit as a huge gout of milk sprayed out. "Mmm... Friend, you're going to have to be a might faster than that..."
   "S-sorry,"  I said, tugging harder and faster, almost like I was masturbating her nipple.  It felt good, soft but warm, and I felt myself stiffening in my pants as I watched her moan and her sister drink. The gouts came out quickly, spilling onto the floor.
   "Sh- Ugh..." Claire grabbed the wet towels from the table and slid them underneath, down below my feet as I kept pumping her fat tit. "D-don't wanna damage the floors... Eh-heh..." She laughed to herself and blushed deep as her sister kept drinking down mouthfulls while I milked her free tit.
   "Uhm... well..."  I stammered, looking down at the fat teat.  My mouth was so dry, and my dick so hard...  "Do-do you want... You know, ah, to... um.. keep it off the floors..."  I said, looking askance at her, not willing to voice my desire for something so intimate on someone I barely knew.
    She bit her bottom lip a bit. "Umm... I don't want you to get wrong idea about me, but... Eh, we're already this far down the road, what's a couple more steps?" She laughed, obviously uncomfortable as all hell.

   I licked my lips, absentmindedly concocting the story of what happened for when I inevitably went to the doctor's office to see about fixing my freakish changes, but the instant her milk touched my tongue- sweet, full, creamy, like the best milkshake I'd ever had- any thoughts not related to the milking were banished from my mind. I moaned into her nipple, my brow furrowing at the heights of flavor I was reaching, and I sucked harder, gulping as fast as I could.
   Claire let out a low moan and I heard Bobby chuckling beside me. Claire's milk was filling, warm like the food from dinner, but even as fast as I could suck it down, it felt like there was a flood barely being held back in her breast. I continued to suck, the milk flowing into me, feeling like it was finding that same empty place the food did, the sensation of filling without any feeling of fullness, any sense of my body saying "Stop, enough". And just like the food from before, I could feel the milk filling me in every way, my belly, my arms, my legs, my body...
   Claire was panting behind the wall of flesh of her tits. The milk kept flowing, but I could feel it... not slowing, but the flesh against my face gradually felt less and less taut. "Mmm... Good... So good..." she muttered.
   I drank and drank and drank, feeling my too-small clothes become even more constricting. I worried about becoming too fat to work, too fat to move, but weighed against the delicious milk, all I could muster was a mental shrug. If this was to be my last normal night on earth, I would die a happy man, for I had reached bliss.

   Claire called out from behind her breasts, "H-hoo... O-okay, I think that's enough... I mean, I think I can at least save the floors like this." She grinned.
   I continued sucking as long as I thought I could plausibly get away with, only stopping when I heard a seam pop in my pants. "S-sorry," I said, wiping my mouth with the back of my wrists. "You're... really tasty."

   Bobby poked my ribs with a chuckle, "I keep telling her that. That's why she's our best seller around here." As she turned to me, her breasts were spread to the sides, her milk-filled belly pushing against them.

   Claire coughed, "That's enough, Bobby. Umm... I don't even know your name, but... Well, now that you know our secret... What are we going to do with you?"

   "Oh... Oh, right!  Uhm, my name's Eric," I said. "And, uh, I dunno about anything else," I continued, looking down at my changes, "But I don't gotta be anywhere for a the rest of the week. End."

   "Well... That WOULD probably give you enough time to get over the 'cow-pox'." Claire muttered to herself. "Guess that's settled. You're our farm hand until we're better."

   "You can't be serious..." Abigail called from the doorway, a bit smaller up top, but still huge most everywhere. "...Guess it can't be helped. Don't go getting too many ideas now." she trailed off a bit as she looked me over again.

   "Look who's talking!" Bobby laughed.

   I blushed, feeling my cock throbbing in my stressed pants.  I'd be spending a lot of time in the bathroom that weekend...
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Hehehe, very fun story. I was wondering when it started if it was going to be a happy accident tale or something more devious but was pleased to see it was the former. I enjoyed the change of Eric to big ol cow boy, and all the girls getting horny and milky was super good too.