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Scarlett Digital Painting

Scarlett Johansson, created in photoshop using a genius pen tablet and more hours than I care to remember.

I seriously struggle to think of people to paint at the moment, so if you guys have any ideas please put them my way. :]
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I would paint Natalie Portman
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Oh. My. Goodness. I am so ashamed of my life when I look at your work.

But seriously.  These are GORGEOUS.

I, personally, would LOVE to see you do a portrait of the ever hunky Viggo Mortenson.

Oh, and I'm totally following your work now.  :happybounce: 

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Very impressive work, nicely done!
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wow!!! you are the BEST !!!
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Absolutely amazing
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wow O.O its so realistic
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Jonathan Rhys Meyers
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What's the original resolution you work?..
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This is awesome! I wish I could paint this well! Your paintings look like photographs. Hey I'm from the states, what's a genius pen tablet? Is it better than WACOM?
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I REALLY like this. :] Very well done. You could paint Hayley Williams or Keira Knightly next. . . Haha.
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This is incredible! WOW!
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its hard to believe u done that without a ref :wow:.. its soo hard to remember ppls proportions !! :(
but i like da portrait so much., da lips make me astounded whn i look at thm :) :crazy: :crazy: :crazy: :crazy: :crazy:
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really amazing beautiful work, can't think of words...:heart:
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Holy Crap what detail!
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wow. I mean. The eyes seem tken out from a pic and the rest done by digital work, are those eyes by you? GENIUS!
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This is sickeningly amazing. AAAArrrrrrGGgggHHHHhhh!!!
Fantastic Work.........
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OH WOW! This just blew me away! Absolutely astonishing! Great job! :cuddle:
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