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Robert Pattinson Digi Painting

Digital painting of Mr Robert Pattinson, because he's yum.

This was a fun deviation from my college work, this is NOT the kinda thing my course/prospective universities want so I don't get so much time for digital painting these days. When I saw the original pic of this I couldn't resist though.

Created in photoshop with a genius pen tablet.

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ahh beauty,seriously,such realism..i would love to achieve such standard in my work..keep up the good work :)
Great , liked hair.. simply wow...
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That is truely amazing! :)
Glorynezz's avatar
that is so amazing! :la: well done!
zelifpattinson's avatar
I might die... ♥
xRosesInTheNight's avatar
It's freaking amazing :meow:
Fra888's avatar

I would like to be able to do hair like you do :((
This is wonderful and he always looks so sexy
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Im working on a digi painting of him without a pen tablet.. and lets just say its about to become Edward Cullen so I dont have to deal w/ stubble LOL.. Im going crazy :(
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give me this cigarette o-O
DrawMeDotComDotAu's avatar
great work and attention to detail with the hairs!

Cheryl Cole speed painting: [link]
Avril Lavigne speed painting: [link]
My website: [link]
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This is amazing! :)
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and the stubble is a highlight, very much worth the effort. =D
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I have never felt the urge to slap the subject more than in this painting but i have to say the painting is very well executed.

You are very talented.
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This is amazing! :) His face is so gorgeous, aaw! I fav this! :]
isoal's avatar
amazing. it's brilliant.
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I'm not a really big Robert Pattinson/Twilight fan , but this one is amazing.
Good job!
hot ;) and great painting, the hair is very detailed :) (to me the ear seems a bit weird, but it's possible that it's the light)
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I hate the guy, but the painting of him is just amazing!
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Amaaaaaaaaaazing sarah, :clap: :)
the hair quality is not to be described but freakintastic :wow: :laughing: :D
keep doing it !! ok
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