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edizabas Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2018
Happy   Birthday!!.
edizabas Featured By Owner Edited Feb 15, 2018
I  Know  you  actually  do  anything   related  to  smurfs, but i  wanted   to  ask   you   two   Questions:

About  The  Smurflings:
There  are  Nat, Slouchy, Snappy  and  Sassette (3  Boys   and  ONE  Girl).

I  had   a  idea   to  have  Balance  on  this:

*SMURF  2  MOVIE  CHARACTER: There  is  a  Smurfette   Created  by  Gargamel   Called   Vexy.

*That   the  Original  Smurfette   had  the   Same  Experience   that  100th  Smurf   had  with  the  Mirror   and  the  Lightning. (But  her  Reflection   is  a  bit  Dark   and  with   Brown  or  Black  Hair).

**  And  both  Smurfette  Reflection  and   Vexy   rejuvenate   as   Nat, Slouchy  and  Snappy  rejuvenated.

What  do  you  think   of  the  idea?  That  Would  make  Three  male  and  Three  Female  Smurflings.

Or  Do  you  think  that  it  would  be  better   that   Vexy   also    had  the   same   experience   that  100th  Smurf  had   with   the  Mirror  and   The  Lightning  before   rejuvenating   her  Reflection  and   Smurfette   Reflection  at  the  same  time?. 


Two Mama Smurfs by acla13

Seeing  Your  Mama Smurf    and    SmurfWillow  in  Birthday Wish Thank Yous , It has reminded me of an idea I had some time ago:

In  the  Smurf  German  Comic
'Die Schlümpfe und die Schlangenpost´ (The  Postman  Smurf),  there  was   another  Smurf  Village (But  these  Smurfs  were  Called  by  different  name.  German history uses the word "Schtrumpf" as a slight alteration of "Schlumpf" (Smurf in German). It is unknown what its equivalent in English would be.).

The Schtrumpfs live in another village not far from the Smurf Village and their leader, the Great Schtrumpf, is a cousin of Papa Smurf, and looks just like him except for his brown beard. The other Schtrumnpfs are equivalent to the Smurfs, but with green suits, except the equivalents of the Labrador Smurf (with blue pants) and Smurfette (her hat and shoes are green but she has a white dress and brown hair). The Postman Smurf  usually brings mail from the Great Schtrumpf to Papa Smurf.

Going  back  to  the  Idea, We  have   TWO  Smurf  Villages  (not  far   from  each   other),  and   I  Think  the  Schtrumpf   could  also  do  the  things   from  the  Movie  "Smurfs; Lost   Village"   with  a  bit  of  change ( i  THINK  THAT  THEIR  SMURFETTE   WAS  ALSO  DONE   BY  GARGAMEL  OR  ANOTHER  WIZARD), and    let   Original  Smurfs   with  YOUR   SMURFETTES.

What  do  you  think  about   that?.

Thank  you  for  Reading   this.
TheSorceressRaven Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
Those are really interesting thoughts.  I'm glad you found some of my work interesting.  there are some of my original Smurfette sketches here on my DA page.


I also have a fanfiction called "The Smurfette Village"…

Also it's sequel "Return to the Smurfette Village"…

Stay Creative.
ADE-doodles Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2014  Professional General Artist
thanks 4 the llama
TheSorceressRaven Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
You're Welcome :D
edizabas Featured By Owner Edited Oct 24, 2014
what  do  you   think  of  the  smurfs   like  vexy, hackus  or  the  "scotch   smurf"(gutsy  smurf)  that   appeared   in  the  movies?.
TheSorceressRaven Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
they are alright...what is your thoughts on them?
edizabas Featured By Owner Edited Oct 27, 2014
hackus  and  gutsy  smurf  are  different  of  the  others, the  last  one  for  two  things: his  beard  and  his  clothing  style; hackus compared  to  the  other  smurfs  is  a  bit  ugly.  and  vexy .... reminds  me  of  the  first  form  of  the  smurfette.
TheSorceressRaven Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
That is true...

However, I'm looking forward to the new Smurfs movie coming out next year (I think)...apparently (from what I read) they are going back to the original Smurfs roots.
edizabas Featured By Owner Edited Jun 29, 2014
i  have  seen  the  "smurfette´s   role  call"  in  youtube   (made  by  yourself)  and  there  were   some  drawings   of  smurfs  and  your  smurfettes   that  i  never  have   seen  before. (jokey  smurf   with  prankette,  taylor  smurf   with   sewette,  floraette  with  Farmer  smurf   and  Cowgirl  smurfette, poet smurf  and  ballette, grumpy  smurf  and  grumpette  and  the  last (i  think) smurfette  with   valvette  and  vanity  smurf). if  you  can,  they  would  look  good  in  "Smurf  arts".
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