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Super Lincoln



Super Lincoln! Doodled with a ballpoint, colored in Photoshop.
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When trouble is a brewing
And things are getting weird
The bad guys are lurking
And they've got the world a feared
We need a superhero
With a cool hat and beard
It's Abe Lincoln Man

He doesn't shoot bullets
Or fly through the air
Drive a fancy car
Or have a secret lair
But he's really kinda tall
And he's extra super fair
He's Abe Lincoln Man

Abe Lincoln Man [x2]
The presidential hero
Abe Lincoln Man
When he takes a stand
Evildoers cry in fear
Oh no, no, no

Well, the robbers and the crooks
They think they're out of reach
But they're gonna learn a lesson
Honest Abe is gonna teach
He kicks a little butt
Then he makes a little speech

He's Abe Lincoln, Abe Lincoln, Abe Lincoln Man.