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This group is dedicated to Cloud Strife and Tifa Lockhart's childhood promise, so feel free to join our group and share your fanarts in here.



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Gallery Folders

Joyrides ~ by pizet
Swimsuits by pizet
Bonfire ~ Summer Treats by pizet
Final Fantasy VII Remake Characters by kirstenmarquisart
Cloud x Tifa
Cloti by IbushiginART
Cloti gif by IbushiginART
Cloti by the subway by 4wearemanytoo
The lifestream blessing by Gladyus86
Next to you"Next To You" Written by StrifegirlPairing: Cloud/TifaType: One-ShotStatus: CompleteTimeline: The first night he spent in his room at Stargazer. Disclaimer: I don’t own Final Fantasy VII and its characters.Cloud was having trouble to fall back asleep after the incident with his neighbour next door. The shock of seeing Sephiroth in there took him by surprise and couldn’t shake the feel of despair he felt when he tried to grab his sword to kill him. Luckily, Tifa was still awake and was able to stop him before he ended up slicing his neighbour Marco. Unable to sleep, Cloud was still laying on his back looking at the ceiling. “Reunion…” He said to himself. That was what Marco said in the vision he saw when he touched him.Cloud rose up to sit on the edge of his bed.“Was that another illusion, or just my mind playing tricks?”He stood up and head to the hand wash to throw some water on his face. He stared at the mirror for a moment looking at his eyes. “It must be the Mako.” He closed his eyes and then grabbed a towel to dry his face. When he did so, he heard some noises next door. Cloud stood still to try to make out what kind of noise was that. That’s when he heard a slight whimper. Could it be Tifa? He thought.He decided to go outside and investigate. Once there, he tried to call her from the other side. He knocked. “Tifa?” He said gently. The last thing he wanted was to wake her up for nothing.There was no answer. Maybe it was nothing. Cloud was about to head back to his room when he heard it again. A faint whimper, almost like a plea. “Tifa? Is everything okay in there?” No reply from her. “I’m coming in…” He announced before opening the door. When he entered the room, his eyes widened when he saw one of the ghosts that chased him, was tormenting her.“Get away from her!” He said furious as he swings his sword against the spectre.The ghost flee from him and disappeared after that. Tifa on the other hand was still struggling in her sleep. She was mumbling something while she twirled in her bed, whimpering. Cloud quickly put down his sword and went to her side to try and wake her up.“Tifa?” He grabbed her by the shoulders and shook her, slightly. “Wake up! Tifa! Wake up!” She opened her eyes abruptly and saw her surroundings, gasping. She turned her head to gaze a pair of blue orbs staring back at her.“Cloud?” She sat up. “What happened?” She rubbed her temple, confused.“You were having a bad dream.” He said with concern in his eyes. “You sounded distressed, so I came here to see if you were okay.” “I did?” Confused, Tifa lowers her gaze and tries to remember what she dreamt. Then, it hit her. At that moment, tears began to fill her eyes and she grabbed her face in her hands, sobbing. “Tifa?” He said worried. Cloud stares at her for a moment, waiting for a response. “You okay?” As soon as he said that, Tifa embraced him tightly, taking Cloud by surprise. He felt her whole body trembling with the embrace, so he wrapped his arms around her as well to try to comfort her.“Hey… it’s alright.” He whispered softly. “It was just a nightmare.” Then he closed his eyes as he embraced her. Although he was somewhat rough with people, somehow with her he becomes a whole different person. He always had a soft spot for her and whenever he sees her like this, it disarmed him. “I’m sorry.” She pulls away from the embrace to dry her tears. “I guess I’m still nervous about the next mission. I overheard a conversation between Barret and Biggs saying that this might be a tough one and that we have to make a stand if we want to succeed.” She sighed.“You don’t need to worry about that.” He said firmly. Tifa stares back at him with curiosity. “As long as I’m there with you, you don’t need to fear.” Tifa narrowed her eyes tenderly and smiled. “You always know what to say, huh?” She teased."Just trying to keep a promise to a friend." He smirked.Tifa chuckled after that. Both of them stared at each other for a moment and then they broke eye contact when they realized how tense the atmosphere became after the awkward silence. Cloud was the first one to break the silence."Well, I better go back to my room so you can get some rest." Tifa nodded. "Thanks for coming to my rescue." She smiled.Cloud also nodded. "Anytime." He stood up from the edge of her bed to grab his sword and head for the door. Tifa didn’t want him to leave and when she saw him approach the door, she panicked and said the first thing that came into her head.“Wait...”He stopped in front of the door and turned.“What is it?” Tifa was speechless. She wanted to say something but couldn’t manage the words to ask him to stay. She was too shy to even think about the idea of sharing her bed with him, so she quickly dismissed the thought.She shook her head. “Never mind.” She pressed her lips, nervously.Cloud looks at her reaction with a puzzled look on his face. She was clenching the sheets with her hands and he could see a slight blush on her cheeks. Cloud then remembered Tifa’s fear of the dark and his expression softens when he realized what she was trying to ask him.“I could stay for a while…” He said suddenly.Surprised, Tifa lifts her head and looks back at him.“…I mean, if that’s what you want.” He said unsure.Tifa blushed even more after hearing that and nodded in return.“I’d like that.” She finally admitted.Cloud closes the door behind and puts his sword against the wall. Tifa scooches over to give Cloud some space and before she could say something, Cloud went ahead and sat down on the floor next to her bed. Tifa was confused. She thought he was going to share the bed with her.“Are you planning to sleep on the floor?” She asked sarcastically.“Well, where else I can sleep?”“There’s plenty of room here.” She patted the bed.Cloud turned his head away to hide his blush. “A-Are you sure about that?” “Of course, silly.” She chuckled. “I couldn't sleep knowing that you're uncomfortable.”Cloud wasn't sure if that was the right thing to do, but still he complied.He stood up and then sat on the edge of the bed, still unsure of how to approach her without looking like a perv. Tifa laid down on her spot and Cloud followed after. He laid on his back staring at the ceiling, with one hand on his side and the other placed on his stomach. He stayed still for like a rock trying not to get too close for fear of invading her personal space. Meanwhile, Tifa opened her eyes and saw a nervous Cloud looking at all directions. She then grabbed his hand in hers and gently drew circles with the tip of her fingers on the back of his hand. Cloud’s breathing stopped upon feeling her touch and then Tifa entwined her fingers with his.“Good-night.” She said softly.Cloud let out the air he was holding and then relaxed. It was the first time he was this close to her and to know that she was okay with it that, made him feel calm. She had a way of saying things that he just couldn’t resist to comply. He turned his head slightly to look at her sleeping face. “Good-night, Tifa.” He whispered softly with a smile on his face. He then closed his eyes and drifted into sleep beside her.
Asuka X Tifa by Pisces3Ferver
Cloud Strife
Travel by RaidenWGT
CLOUD STRIFE FFVII Advent Children by YukiFantasy
Tifa Lockhart
Tifa by IbushiginART
Tifa Lockheart by Nianzi

Mature Content

Tifa Lockhart (FFVII) by Wikusa-DA
! Dissidia NT - Tifa ! by Sreliata
7th Heaven Family
Innocent and unreasonable. by IbushiginART
Invincible team by RaidenWGT
Tifa-Me and Marlene wallpaper by Scott13-2
Give me something hard by Strifegirl
Other FF7 Characters
Aerith FF VII REMAKE  by YukiFantasy
Yuffie Kisaragi (FFVII Remake) by Rokumaru
Zack Fair by DaJiF
FF7 Cosplays
Tifa Lockhart Cosplay by sarifromwonderland
Tifa Cosplay by sarifromwonderland
Fight! by sarifromwonderland
Advent Children Tifa by sarifromwonderland
FF7 Randomness
Shit Happens by xKamillox
FF7 Remake : Chibi Tifa x Cloud x Aerith by dagga19
Super Smash Bros. X Final Fantasy 7 by Mario9919
no worries, we're still friends by TemeroHimitaki
FF7 Dolls and Figures
Cloud: Braver by silverlife
Tifa Lockhart by kamuiatmyrealm
Tifa Lockhart - Fighters by kamuiatmyrealm
My Tifa Figure by FlyingPrincess
FF7 Comics and Doujinshis
FF7 Remake Sketch by lionheartslayerX
Contest Entries
CloTi Highschool Contest: Gimme some taiyaki. by kuraikitsune13
CloTi Tumblr
Banner for CXT Forum by tinystrawberry
Other, Misc.
Blades, Shield and Hammer by WOLFBLADE111


AerithHouse FinalShot 1 by Moutrave
greatest view . by megatruh
Final Fantasy VII - Kalm by flaviobolla
Dear to the Heart by Robaato
Cloud Strife
Final Fantasy VII - Cloud by kleinmeli
AC Cloud by Hikaru135
Forgiven by Hikaru135
Cloud Strife 2 by Lynn-Strife
Tifa Lockhart
Tifa Lineart by dufyholy
Tifa drawing 4 by B-AGT
Tifa painting by jackroono
Seventh Heaven
Cloud + Tifa - Garden Stories by winterlotus
Cloti- Seventh Heaven by Nardhwen
cloti- My eyes tell by Nardhwen
Shy moments-Cloud x Tifa by Kiatha
Final Fantasy - Part2 by kleinmeli
fanfic illustraition-1 by Roncheg
Genesis by Dahlieka
FF7 - GENESIS Rhapsodos - Pen2 by Washu-M
Head to the Sky by Dahlieka
Cid Highwind by NorthernLightsFox
Barret Wallace by captdiablo
The Turks
+Reno+ by Chinchikurin
FF - be my Valentine by Cataclysm-X
Tseng FF7 by yume-utsutsu
FF7 Elena by yume-utsutsu
Sephiroth: I'll never be a memory by IriniKiss
FF7 - LOZ - Pen Drawing by Washu-M
FF7 - YAZOO - Pen Drawing by Washu-M
Jenova by AlNiCo-ism
Bahamut-1 by ElwenRussell
Bahamut by ChiObsidian
FFX Bahamut by nv8
Bahamut by VerinVerdandi
Final Fantasy VII by EJW1601
The things I want to protect by Vertigen68
Final fantasy VII by Nadou
Manly Men by roxasandnaminelove
Other FFVII Characters
Nero The Saber by PrimulaD
Shin-Ra Building Updated Windows + Lighting by Killerx20


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