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:iconsoldierboogerplz::iconsaysplz:Maggot !

Some icon i made :

:iconsoldierisstareyaplz::iconsaysplz:You NEED me!!!!

icons i need:

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“Long ago in a distant top lane

I, Azir, the sand surfer Emperor of Shurima,

unleashed an unspeakable evil!

1 by TheSoldierInVietnam 

But a foolish Samurai warrior

Warlord-Shen by TheSoldierInVietnam

Wielding a magic sword…

2 by TheSoldierInVietnam

That’s also the big magic spirit sword he’s carry

Capture by TheSoldierInVietnam

Stepped forth to solo me.

*Shen do the 3 Strike thing with his Q*

Before the final blow was struck, I tore open a portal in time and pushed him into the future, where my evil is law!

Now the fool seeks to return to the past, and undo the future that is Azir!”
please just end it now (Icon) Hello 1 Speech Bubble - BeemoteHello 2 Speech Bubble - Beemote  

"My name is Bob" - Mr.Bob himself

NOTE 1: There is some event i made up and it take place in Splatoon 2, two year after the event of Splatoon.

NOTE 2: This maybe change a little bit in the future. 

#2: Salt 96

Nickname: Salt 96, Salt (Previous nickname is Salt 52)

Made up American full name: Sonny "Sally" McDouche

Age: 16

Specie: Inkling

Most use weapons type: Shooters and Splatling 

Splatoon FC #3: Salt 52 by TheSoldierInVietnam (May change in the future)


 Salt 96 was a very competitive and a lonely kid in ranking, always try his best to reach to his final goal, but he so focus on Splatting people more than helping his team to reach for the objective. As his nickname suggested many Inkling mostly know him for his salty attitude throughout his online gaming career thanks to the internet and the game that he played previously when he was young. He also knows for how good he is with a lot of Shooter guns.

 Along with the Gal.52 he always carry for most of the battle, some inkling started to give him the nickname: Salt 52 and the nickname is began to spread. Until one day, he against two member of the Battle Shark Warship team: Riptide and InkRay. They was on their way searching for a rookie for their team.

 Saw how skilled but stubborn and salty the kid is, Riptide think that it's a good and interesting idea to bring him to the team since the team is lacking of a final role to be able to play team ranking. After a talk and a free drink, Salt shrugged and accepted the deal to join the team. He still not understand why Riptide is showing any interesting at him and allowed a kid like him to join the team so easily.

 From the day he joined the Battle Shark Warship, he gained more popular and he started to use the new Gal gun: The Gal.96. Thanks to his team is full of chill and nice people that always welcomed a salty kid like him. Now with his trusty new gun, He was lucky to be a member of a team like this and continue to Splat his enemy left and right. Eventually he changed his behaviour after a long time knowing the team. He no longer helping him reach for the final goal but the whole team to reach to another new goal...together.

 " ...what the hell kind of name is Salt?" - Captain Sharp when Sharp and Salt first meet. 


- The nickname Salt 96 is inspired by the name "Soap" from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare 
 - However the McDouche is to point how of a Douchebag he is
  - The name "Sonny" and "Sally" showed how much a child Salt is. 
- Salt's name was originally like a mix between Soldier:76 from OW and Soap from COD

- Salt was supposed to be a generic FPS competetive kid who would play Call of Duty or CS:GO in his past.
- His background story mentioned that he played a game before and he became a pro Shooter as a result of playing that game.
- When the time the Gal.96 showed up, he suddenly changed his nickname by himself, this mean he admit his nickname is Salt

IT'S SPLATOON 222222222 BABY! :bademoticon: 

DO YOU LIKE SPLATOON 2 MY BAE???!?!?! Jerry scream icon

DO YOU LIKE SPLATOO- jerry mouse scream intensifies icon 

Oik! Hello there random lucky Comrade! Ma nama is Bob please just end it now (Icon) Hello 1 Speech Bubble - BeemoteHello 2 Speech Bubble - Beemote   . If you see this, thank you so much for checking this out or at least show some interest on my Splatoon FC that i made.  

He is...quite "fresh" really.

 *wink winky wank fack face* 

NOTE 1: There is some event i made up and it take place in Splatoon 2, two year after the event of Splatoon.

NOTE 2: This maybe change a little bit in the future. 

Alright Bois! Let's us begin. 




Ah...ahh..i mean...


Wow! What a (Stupid) name!

#1: Hydrashi (The Main FC that i am using)

Nickname: Hydra 

Made up Japanese full name: Hydrashi Onosi

Age: 25

Specie: Octoling

Most use weapons type: Splatling and Brush


 Hydrashi appears in a bulky, black and red traditional Japanese Samurai set of gears (Helmet, jacket and shoes). Basically look like this

Capture 175 by TheSoldierInVietnam

 (Art found randomly on Google, you can ask me for the full picture that have the artist signature on it, i can't find the artist though)

This is way too close to what i want Hydrashi to look like (But not with the hairstyle though, and he would have the samurai helmet from the game for more fancy look, also he have thick eyebrows and ruby red eyes)


 Hydrashi is the first son of the (Onosi) family from Octo Valley, he is the wacky and weirdest person in the family, who always have a grumpy face while telling some bad joke to other people, he's quite of an open person and this make him look annoying sometimes when you get to know him well enough, he really respect and nice to other people but sometimes can be a real Octojerk. Hydrashi always exciting to see new peoples, interest on the Inkling and comfortable of saying how great he and his army is.

 He doesn't want to become a samurai or like to fight either as he think he is the weakest samurai than the other samurai at the same age. He always focus on agility, move and strike like a snake in battle, he will try to use all the available tactics that he have while standing far away and command his elite soldiers. This make him became "The Orochi of the Samurai". 

 However he love to draw and thanks to his father who passed him The Great Brushtana as he became a wise (and a wild) samurai under his farther's strict training, he is now became the artist on the battlefield. Throughout the training, he became more of a silent and serious person, always focus to complete the main goal first and less complain than before, but still a weird commander in the army.

 The positive thought while having a grumpy face all the time make him different from most of other samurai, showing some problem isn't a big deal as it seem like to many people. He always care for his soldiers, comrades, friends and especially his sister. Trying to keep as many survive as possible in the war to "Take back" the Great Zapfish and takeover Inkopolis Square. 

" waga teki wo kurau!" - Hydrashi

Behold! The Sea-mu-rice of the Rising Sea (Levels)


- His name Hydrashi is a combination between "Hydra" and "Shi", which also make it sound like "Hiroshi"

 - Hydra also named after the Lernaean Hydra, a many-headed serpent in Greek mythology

- "The Orochi of The Samurai" mean that Hydra's fighting style is inspired from the upcoming game called "For Honor" that have The Samurai separate into four different type of Samurai, one of them called "Orochi" which look more like a Samurai and the only who use the Katana.

 - The name Orochi is from "Yamata no Orochi" which is a 8-branched giant snake in Japanese Mythology. This explain the fighting style of focus more about "agility" that the Orochi have, allow them to move quickly in the battle like a snake. So does Hydra with his Brush as a weapon instead of a Roller.
  - With his name is "Hydra" and his role as a Samurai called "Orochi" therefore, maybe his spirit animal is a Mythology sea dragon/snake.

- The Great Brushtana is just an Octo Brush with some golden marks on it, slightly look more fancy than the other Brush weapon.
Tag people i want to share: :iconwojak1991: :iconturphy: :iconmarshmellowmedic: :iconlukesaurusflavius: :iconphuocthiencreation: 

Caution! There is probably some error grammar here or there that can lead to some misunderstand meaning or unclear descriptions. Tell me if there is some word that you don't understand and sorry for the bad grammar. The journal may have some future update to it.

Warning! This not a fully introduction, just some idea that i want to share with you of what i been working on for the long time, although there is a small description that sound very boring, but there will be a lot of thing more to add in the future. 

Core Sparkortes (My OC) by TheSoldierInVietnam(Art by :iconwojak1991: and this is how she imagine how she look, which is way better than my version)

Full Name: Techly "High Core Tech" Sparkortes

Also known as: Core, Corely, Techly, Techlia, Coretana

Race: Earth Pony

Age: 28

Gender: Female

Assets / Property / Bits:

Her house is next to her big sister's house, her house is small but very tall and have blue and white colours, have a lot of radars and antennas around her house. Which is also work as an electric station

Long term goal(s): Make Equestria better with her ideas and technologies, and "revolutionize" the future technology.

Occupation: Create and sell high technology stuffs, Electrician,  Ect...

Hometown: Manehattan but her and her big sister moved to somewhere near Rockville to create their factory.

Notable Talent / Skills:

Can survive electricity, lightning, thunder. Knowledge of using high technology

Small Description:

A very intelligent young mare and Overheat Heart's little sister, she is a scientist and also an engineer, but mostly an expert about science, she is quick at almost everything when it come to science and high technology. A quick learner, she is a think fast and quick talk person, she just like a zap of knowledge and she is always looking forward to the future technology, looking for the perfect and looking for new knowledge. Not like her sister, sometimes she is a very impatient person and easily get upset about everything if thing don't go well with what she planned. It's all seem like she is one of the few pony who want to "revolutionize" the future technology, with her intelligent she was able to go further than any pony else in school at the same age, living in a small house that's very tall that it reach to the sky in order to reach to the electric from the rain easily, she named her technology style is Hex-KoreTech. She want to serve and help the world with her creations and she is always looking for the brighter future.


- Her previous name was Core and Twist Sparkortes and before that was Twi-Light Sparkortes but the creator changed the name because he just don't want to have another Twilight rip-off and to make her name sound more unique (Probably will change her name but the creator is kinda happy with her name right now)

- The "Sparkortes" of her name tell a lot of thing about her:

Sparkortes ---> Spark Kor Tes ---> Spark Core Tech ---> Sparking - Core - Technology

- The Techly and Core name is to parody of the Tesla Coil name.

- Before that she didn't have a big sister, until the creator watched Overwatch and created Overheat Heart

- Before the art of her design made by :iconwojak1991: she had a yellow light skin, black and white hair and tail, short round hair. As to represent intelligent Vietnamese people. 

- Although the artist draw her cutie mark as a nuclear scientist, she is actually an electric scientist and her cutie mark is different.

- Inspired by Twilight obviously....Duh.

(No art of her yet my friend ;3; ) 
Full Name: Overheat Heart

Also known as:  Heart

Race: Earth Pony

Age: 31

Gender: Female

Assets / Property / Bits: 

Her house is next to her small sister's house, big but shorter than her little sister's house, have a red - orange lights inside of her house and the black, gray of the rusted, dusty metal colours around the house. Her house working like a power plant.

Long term goal(s): Take care of her sister. Ect...

Occupation: Create and sell old technology stuffs, recycle old technology, melt and sell metals, ect...

Hometown: Manehattan, but same with her sister that they moved to somewhere near Rockville

Notable Talent / Skills:

Can survive the very hot heat and fire, but still can be harm by lava and hot liquid.

Small Description:

Overheat Heart is literally "the heart" of her house that is a melting metal factory, she is the big sister of Techly, a friendly and lovely person, who hardly can get angry at anything, she is a forgiving person and she very "love" her little sister, so much that she take care her just like a mother. She love everybody who she care, and a friendly person. Heart's body is very special, her body need to keep warm - hot at all time in order to keep she working normally, if her body getting cold, she will lie down and shaking and then maybe passed out and fainting, if her body get too cold, her heart will stop beating and she will die. So she spend most of her time in her "Earth's Core Factory". It's the factory that melting metal into a hot liquid and vice versa. That factory is connect from the surface of the Earth to deep down underground, the temperature is from warm to very hot depend on how deep you go into the factory. The more deeper you go, the more hot it is, so most normal pony can't handle the hot inside the factory even if they wear a special suit to survive the hot, her body is also from warm to hot depend on the environment around her. Heart is an expert as engineer and mostly focus on old technology. She always beside her sister to take care of her and supporting her every time she can.


- Both the two sisters have a job that related to the job of creating energy. But in a two different way. 

- Her hair is oddly like Spitfire or Fleelfoot, the flame looking style of hair but slightly different 

- For some funny weird unknown reason, people find her name is somehow related to sexual things. Dunno why.

Download by TheSoldierInVietnam

Download (1) by TheSoldierInVietnam
Hello everyone


Oh wait wrong one

My name is BigBobPie

I know nobody will have time to read my shiet so i'll make it quick for ya.

So i go to school now and and at the same time i have to help my mom open the shop. So i'm kinda busy but not busy than when i go to grade 10 lesson school, this time i go to grade 10 job school.

Also a lot of thing in some journal will get delay, two main story here is:

My MLP OC's overall informations 


Ape Vs Maggot: The S-crew

I think i will probably remake the AvM one, cause i wasn't sure what is a job of a General and other higher rank is, my goal is to make it look drama (Like in the call of duty)

Here is just some name for the series

General. Garriguy Goodman (From American military join The Maggot Force)

General. Nguyen Chi Mang (Vietnam)

Brigadier "Bob" Keneral Bob (Vietnam)

Colonel "Kim" Khan (Japan)

Lieutenant Colonel "Sheko" (British)

Major "Ace" Celina Wilkowski (Polish) :iconwojak1991:

Sergeant "Salt" 

Privite 1st class "Scott"

And more thing to say in the future.

The MLP overall information just have more memeber (I mean more OC) to add on some more importain role for some of the story of the main OCs that i have, to have more interesting powers that balance and more drama shiet. I must dig out more cool idea before i forget. Got no time to loose. Gotta go fest!

"I'm Fest as Fuck Boi!~"

The reason i just have more idea for more new OC is because recently i am at the Role play site for MLP, why? Because i'm fucking bored that's why! Bitttttchess!~

My active roleplay account is Babbling.Bob in Pony Square

And i'm doing a fine job, got some interesting OC to see, and new people to talk to kill time.

Alright that is all from now, K bai!~

General Bob Over'n Down!~


TheSoldierInVietnam's Profile Picture
Khanh Bob
Artist | Student | Digital Art
Profile Picture made by :iconturphy: but the art is in :iconpotatos10:

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The "Real" Soldier in Vietnam info:

MAGGOTS! TEEEEEEN HUT! :iconmaggotsoldierplz:

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I WANT YOU! :iconsoldierwhatplz:

TO JOIN MY MAGGOT ARMY! :iconsoldierhuhplz:

Brain maggot told me to! :iconsoldierboogerplz:

Some people of The Maggot Minion:

and more.

Against the Gear Monkey Army lead by :icondaguden:

If your ass get kicked by Jane Doe (The Soldier) or some other good players, then you can come to me. I train shitty maggots like you and turn them into a even better shitty maggots so they can fight for themself or at least not get their ass get kick out by their grandma again!

I have personally killed over 1 ant...ah i mean 1 FREAKING ARMY using my terrible grammar for cursing and my trigger happy fingers to tickle the hell out of them for information. Talking with 2 real merican comrades and stuffed over five thousand words of English into my tiny bitty little mini brain of solid Bridesmaid. :iconsoldierwatplz:

If you don't understand what i'm talking about then guess what? You are an idiot and you hate my country and ME! :iconweirdsoldierplz:

— The Soldier on real fear about his Grammar and the fact that he suck. —

General Bob's secret greatest biggest plan:

First: Make sum friends

Hello Maggot!:iconsays2plz::iconbummiesplz::iconsaysplz: What sup Faggot?

Second: Find a Rainbow Sheep (to make Scout cry)

:iconscoutreactionplz::iconsaysplz: ARGHHH STAP!!! :iconrainbowsheep2::iconsaysplz:Baaaaa...

And Final: Bring them to the (suicidal mission) battlefield and i will lead the charge.

:iconbummy1::iconbummy2::iconbummy3::iconfeelingfreeplz::iconsaysplz:This way Comrades!

List of other nonsense-useless-stupid objectives:

(This list exist because Bob always forget his shit and never finish the bullshit that he made) :icondoommaggotplz:

1. Keep making bad stories out of imagination, yes i know it's bad but i must show the world how bad it is.
2. Train Vietnamese Soldiers in..... MvM mode... (But the gamemode is dead and i'm now no longer have a job :iconwhofucksoldierplz: i'm so broke right now :iconyoumadeheavysadplz:
3. Building a Maggot Meme Machine.
4. Betray (It's a part of the plan maggot!)
5. Get fuck then make a suprise comeback for combat.
6. Distract the enemy with this list. Brilliant plan!
7. Do the Project "W.A.R" for the Metal Masher
8. Do the Project "W.O.R.M" for the "Ape Vs Maggot"
9. Unknown
10. Profits? Credits? Benefits?


Blu are for da loser! Valve said that! :iconrpsoldierplz:
BUTTON: RED Team by FrozenStrike

:thumb525949205::iconvietnamstamp1::iconvietnamstamp2: Chibi Vietnam by UsagiGami Vietnam is not Violent by ChokorettoMilku Proud to be Vietnamese V.2 by Crystal-Artist Viet Nam - STAMP by yumehime-chan Stamp- Viet Nam by Xenelle Flag of Vietnam Stamp by xxstamps Flag: Vietnam by TheStampKing Sun Tzu Stamp by francoslavic-banter TF2 - Protect the briefcase by Stamps-By-Mephie Stamp- TF2: Meet the Sandvich by anime-dragon-tamer TF2 Stamp: SPY CHECK by anime-dragon-tamer What The Pho by gangeul Screamin' Eagles Stamp by jiggly Stamp Request: The Bucket by TheDekuLegacy STAMP - Sniper TF2 by Emme-Gray TF2 Engineer Stamp by HyaKkiDouR4n TF2 Heavy Stamp by HyaKkiDouR4n Stamp- TF2: Meet the Red Team by anime-dragon-tamer Toasty Engie Stamp by DigitalDuckie I Main the Soldier by Loniface

Proud to be Vietnamese by Crystal-Artist
Vietnam War by Tivari
Vietnam and other Country:
Stamp: VietnamxChina by Janbearpig APH: Taiwan and Vietnam by bubblymilktea ThaiViet Stamp by Miss--Liberty ThaiViet OTP Stamp by World-Wide-Shipping

To ALL the Pyro main out there!
TF2 Soldier Stamp by HyaKkiDouR4n

And why you ask?

TF2 - BLU Pyro by Stamps-By-Mephie KILLING PEOPLE IS SO EASY!!!!

TF2 - Meet The Pyro 3 by Stamps-By-Mephie ARGHHHHH HAHHAHAHAHA!!!!!

TF2 - Meet The Pyro 2 by Stamps-By-Mephie BURN!!!!!!

TF2 - Meet The Pyro 6 by Stamps-By-Mephie PREPARE TO DIE!

TF2 - Meet The Pyro 1 by Stamps-By-Mephie BITCH!

I maybe insane, but Pyro is the worst by TheSoldierInVietnam

Just kidding all of you will always welcome in my Page! :iconsoldierboogerplz:
:iconheavyisokwiththisplz::iconsaysplz:Make Friend with me!

I Main the Pyro Stamp by Loniface


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