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join the sodor team as they got the job done and helping other engine out.
list of engines
1. Thomas 2. Edward 3. henry 4. Gordon 5. James 6. Percy 7. toby 8. duck 9 & 10. Donald & Douglas 11. Oliver 12. Emily 13. rex 14. reanne 19. molly (no.2) 24. Mirabelle 28. ellie 30. dorie 44. robin 50. Justin 100. Amanda
everyone is welcome.
1. no bad stuff for the sodor team
2. no bad comments
3. no deadly crash photos
4. only make art & photos of the sodor team for your ideas
5. you can only uses what artwork you choose
6. request only
7. if there's any ideas for the genie team send a comment
8. everyone is aloud to use any member of the sodor team that you want to barrow
9. make sure you ask me before you make something
10. no sexual stuff
11. only oc.s characters from the railway series and t.v show are aloud here
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NEW THOMAS AND FRIENDS Sprite Sheet (Season 1) by JamesFan1991
NEW THOMAS AND FRIENDS Titles by JamesFan1991
NEW THOMAS AND FRIENDS (Se1,Ep1),NEW THOMAS AND FRIENDSEpisode 1 – Sodor’s New Engines One sunny morning at Vicarstown station, Thomas arrives with Annie and Clarabel. When they stop, Sir Topham Hatt the first and his wife steps out. Sir Topham Hatt I: Thank you Thomas.Thomas: No problem Sir. Enjoy your holiday. Lady Hatt: He will. His doctor been telling him to retire for years. Sir Topham Hatt I: Alright… I’ll try and relax. But we better go and catch our train. And you better be off, back to your branchline.Thomas: Yes sir. See you soon sir. Thomas then puffs away, back to Knapford. Opening Song – Really Useful Engine As the song play, Thomas travels down the mainline. Passing Gordon with his express. Passing the construction site for Kellsthorpe’s new station. Passing Henry with a goods train on Gordon’s hill. Passing Edward at Wellsworth station, getting ready to make his return passenger trip back to Knapford. Then passing James near Henry’s tunnel. Finally he arrives back at Knapford. In the yard, he saw Percy shunting lots of trucks. Thomas: Morning Percy.Percy: Morning Thomas. Can’t stop. There’s more shunting to be done. Thomas: Wish I could help. But I’ve got to get back to my branchline. I’ll see if Toby can help you.Percy: Thank you Thomas. See you later.As Thomas passes the Controller’s office, a voice is heard inside. Someone reading a note on the desk.Sir Topham Hatt II: Dear Sir Charles Topham Hatt, where were you? Your mother and I couldn’t miss our retirement holiday. Remember son, a controller must be as reliable as his engines. We’ll telephone as soon as we reach Barrow. Signed… Sir Topham Hatt the First. He puts the note down on the desk.Sir Topham Hatt II: Not my fault the car broke down. He then looks around his father’s office. His office now. On the wall near the door was a railway calendar, showing the 23rd of October 1954. On the other wall was the old portrait of “Duke the Lost Engine” and next to that was a portrait of his father. Beneath it on a wooden stand, with his father’s top hat. Charles looked at the plate on the stand, which read “Sir Topham Hatt the First, Founder and First Controller of the North Western Railway.” Charles picks the top hat up and tries it on.Sir Topham Hatt II: What do you think dad? He then looks down at the stand again. The top hat had been hiding another note. This one saying “Don’t touch the hat son.” He then took the hat off and placed it back on the stand.Sir Topham Hatt II: HOW DID HE KNOW? How did he know? Just then, the black Bakelite telephone on the desk began to ring. Sir Topham Hatt II: Hello, North Western Railway. Controller’s office. Sir Topham Hatt I: (On the phone.) I know who I just phoned. This used to be my number.Sir Topham Hatt II: Oh, hello father. Sorry I’m late. My car broke down. I had to walk the last 3 miles to Knapford. Shame car aren’t are reliable as our engine, right?Sir Topham Hatt I: (On the phone.) Now son, you’re the controller of the railway now. Which means everyone will be looking towards you for leadership. Sir Topham Hatt II: Of course father. Sir Topham Hatt I: (On the phone.) You haven’t forgotten the Queen’s visit in December?Sir Topham Hatt II: No, I haven’t.Sir Topham Hatt I: (On the phone.) Or the new engine?Sir Topham Hatt II: Yes father. The Duchess of Suddery. The mayor has wanted a service between Suddery and Vicarstown for years. Sir Topham Hatt I: (On the phone.) She’ll be here at two o’clock. Sir Topham Hatt II: Yes father.Sir Topham Hatt I: (On the phone.) And don’t forget the family motto. Sir Topham Hatt II: Yes. We Hatts are responsible… reliable… really useful. I promise you, you won’t hear about any trouble from this railway. He then hears a loud cracking sound outside his office.Sir Topham Hatt II: I’ve got to go father. Enjoy your holiday. Bye. He puts the phone down, picks up his top hat and heads outside towards the shunting yard. Outside in the yard, Percy had stop. His wheel robs on his left side wheels had broken.Percy’s Driver: That’s done it. Percy’s Fireman: They’ve overworked us again. We have been shunting those trucks all week.Percy: What does he mean we?Sir Topham Hatt II: What’s the problem?Percy: Hello sir. It’s my wheel robs sir.Percy’s Driver: Broke in half they did. Sir Topham Hatt: So I see. I’ll get Harvey down here to take you to the Works Percy.Percy: But what about my work? There’s still shunting to be done.Sir Topham Hatt II: I’ll see about getting some help. We need another tank engine on this railway. I’ll head to the engine workshop at Barrow. I can pick up the Duchess of Suddery and look for a tank engine at the same time. He heads back to the station.Percy’s Fireman: What do we do then?Percy’s Driver: Cup of tea? Percy’s Fireman: Good idea. They walk over to the workmen’s canteen.Percy: I guess I’ll wait here then. As he walked back onto the platform, he saw his wife Lady Amanda Hatt. Lady Hatt: Where have you been Charles? Sir Topham Hatt II: Can’t stop love. I’ve got to go to Barrow. Can you phone Crovan’s Gate Works and get Harvey send down please? Percy needs repairs.Lady Hatt: OK, You’ll lose your head one of these days.Sir Topham Hatt II: Good thing I’ve got you. See you later.He then kisses her on the cheek and walks over to Gordon, who was waiting with the express.Gordon: Get in quickly please. The Express is about to leave.Sir Topham Hatt II: Ah Gordon, I need a lift to Barrow please. And don’t spare the horses. Gordon: No problem sir. After Charles got onboard, the guard blow his whistle and waved his green flag. Gordon then spread away. Soon Gordon arrived at Barrow-In-Furness station and Gordon prepared for his return journey. Sir Topham Hatt went to the engine workshop sheds and found the new tender engine outside. A large express engine with streamlined bodywork.Sir Topham Hatt: Hello Lara, ready for your journey to Sodor? Lara: Yes sir. Can’t wait for my first passenger train sir. Sir Topham Hatt: That’s good to hear. I just need to sort out another problem first. Manager: Hello sir. Here for your new engine?Sir Topham Hatt: Yes and I need another one too. One of my tank engines has broken down. Manager: I think I can help. Soon they went into the sheds and looked at all the engines there. Lots of tender engines and large tank engines. But at the back, there was a small Southern Railway tank engine with 6 wheels. Sir Topham Hatt: Is this one available?Manager: Yes sir. Sir Topham Hatt: Would you like to join the North Western Railway?Sandy: Oh yes sir. I’ll work very hard sir.Sir Topham Hatt: That’s a good engine. What’s your name?Sandy: I just called 26 sir.Sir Topham Hatt: How about… Sandy? Sandy: Oh I love it sir. Thank you sir. While the Sir Topham Hatt and Manager went to the office to deal with the paperwork, Lara back into the shed and coupled up to Sandy. Soon they set off to Crovan’s Gate. When they arrived, Lara packed Sandy on a siding near where Percy was. Sir Topham Hatt spoke to the work’s head engineer. Sir Topham Hatt: I like her to be painted in NWR Blue right away.Sandy: If it’s alright sir… My favourite colour is red sir. Can I be painted red please?Sir Topham Hatt: I don’t see why not. Make that NWR Red please?Engineer: Yes sir. James is just going to love this.Sir Topham Hatt: Lara, head to Knapford station. Your first passenger train will be waiting for you.Lara: Yes sir. I can’t wait to meet Gordon. So Lara puffed away.Sir Topham Hatt: After your tests and repaint Sandy, you can come to Knapford and start work as station pilot engine.Sandy: Yes sir. And the New Fat Controller walked away. Leaving his new tank engine excited for her new life on Sodor. The End
Sandy the Red Tank Engine by JamesFan1991
thomas the tank engine
Thomas on his branchline edit by MooseStudio
Thomas and the mail train edit by MooseStudio
Rizo2612's Live Streams Episode 5 by Rizo2612Studios
Rizo2612 on Discord! by Rizo2612Studios
edward the blue engine
Edward by MooseStudio
Edward's Theme Song by Rizo2612Studios
Wrong Road by MeganekkoPlymouth241
'Now You're a Single...' by TaionaFan369
henry the green engine
Henry's Theme Song by Rizo2612Studios
Happy Birthday HeartCloud Productions! by Rizo2612Studios
Henry the Green Engine by VioletsInAlaska
Tomix Henry by TaionaFan369
gordon the big engine
Starry Night by VioletsInAlaska
Gordon by VioletsInAlaska
Sci Twilight Sparkle teaches Gordon Science by Rizo2612Studios
WB Water Tower - Gordon by CCB-18
james the red engine
Bachmann RWS James WIP by GBHtrain
Human James by VioletsInAlaska
WB Water Tower - James by CCB-18
James the Red Engine - Humanised by evilsmilingcat29
percy the small engine
Happy Birthday LizProductions5784! by Rizo2612Studios
Percy's Ghostly Trick by MeganekkoPlymouth241
Percy The Small Engine by Princess-Muffins
Percy the Small Engine - Humanised by evilsmilingcat29
toby the tram engine
Toby the Tram Engine and Henrietta Humanised by evilsmilingcat29
Rizo2612 Studios' Stamps: Toby by Rizo2612Studios
Toby's pokemon data (kanto style) by grantgman
Magical DoReMi train adventures ep.7 by grantgman
Duck the gwr engine
Rizo2612 Studios' Duck the GWR Engine Drawing by Rizo2612Studios
Rizo2612 Studios' Stamps: Duck by Rizo2612Studios
A Close Shave by SteamAttack
Duck Drawing by Thenewmikefan21
Donald and douglas
Rizo2612 Studios' Stamps: Donald and Douglas by Rizo2612Studios
Donald Drawing by Thenewmikefan21
Douglas Drawing by Thenewmikefan21
Trainers Donald and Douglas by Battledroidunit047
oliver the gwr engine
I have no idea what to title this by MooseStudio
emily the beautiful engine
At Knapford by Rizo2612Studios
amanda the dark blue engine
Amanda's coaches by grantgman
molly the yellow tank engine
Sebastian the brake van by grantgman
rex and robin
robin's coaches by grantgman
reanne the orange engine
reanne the orange engine number 14 by grantgman
ellie the purple engine
Roro and linda (update) by grantgman
justin the green engine
Justin The Green Engine No.50 by grantgman
other engine
Goliath The Mighty Brave Engine by grantgman
Poy's faces by grantgman
Benson nameboard by grantgman
Commission from Grantgman: Amanda The Dark Blue E2 by KingWonkyBunny
from friends
Scarlet the Double Fairlie by GBHtrain
model train
Thomas Cake close-up by TaionaFan369
custom trains
Scuttle the coach by grantgman
Valesbridge Station by Galaxy-Afro
EP.19 wildfire by grantgman
t.v series
PercyTakesthePlungeBTS by GBHtrain
Steve Review's uses one of MY memes!?I've never really been interested in Steve Reviews, but when I saw his review on TUGS (the sister show to Thomas the Tank Engine) I thought, 'why not' and decided to check out the video. As he talks about how popular Thomas is, I noticed that one of the pictures he uses is EXACTLY IDENTICAL to MY old Thomas movie ranking meme! And after thoroughly looking at both images, I'm 100% convinced that it IS the exact same picture!,

Pause the video at 0:41 and take a good long look at the picture on the screen.Here's my original image.,How do I know it's my meme he used? It's hard to tell since he crops out the outer edges of the picture but look closely and you'll find that the images look exactly the same. The order of the specials ranked is exactly the same, the cover art for all the movies is exactly the same. Hell, even some of my sloppy edits I made here are EXACTLY the same in HIS video! For example: see the VERY tiny, thin black line directly under Blue Mountain Mystery? It's in the video too!Before any of you say anything, No! I am not angry by this! I honestly find it VERY hilarious! It's not often one of your old pictures is used in a popular YouTube review. This was very clearly unintentional, though Steve should be more careful in the future. While this is just a meme with movie posters, I'd hate to see him accidently use a stolen fanart piece and upset the original artist.On a side note: I really did enjoy the review, it's honestly made me curious about some of his other videos.
the doremi engine
Dorie the pink engine by grantgman
the m gang engine
trackmaster rose by grantgman
the mean diesel clan
Diesel by TheMrtraintrack
thomas's branch line
edward's branch line
Edward's Branch Line by grantgman
TCA 11 - Detective James, Page 04 by JasperPie
Useful Railway by sirjosh9
Happy 12th Anniversary, MilkTankerMedia! by miipack603
Sunset Shimmer mad at Old Stuck Up by Rizo2612Studios
thomas in magical doremi train adventures
Magical DoReMi train adventures ep.23 by grantgman


Kujenga's Banished From Sodor Livery by LionGuardKujenga Kujenga's Banished From Sodor Livery :iconlionguardkujenga:LionGuardKujenga 11 0 Lady as a tender engine by Thenewmikefan21 Lady as a tender engine :iconthenewmikefan21:Thenewmikefan21 12 0 Happy Birthday to Yvonne Grundy by DaveMan1000 Happy Birthday to Yvonne Grundy :icondaveman1000:DaveMan1000 27 2 Lady, Annie, Clarabel and Thomas Spending Time. by PixarFan2015 Lady, Annie, Clarabel and Thomas Spending Time. :iconpixarfan2015:PixarFan2015 26 0 Tribute to Yvonne Grundy by AntonioAlexisHuerta Tribute to Yvonne Grundy :iconantonioalexishuerta:AntonioAlexisHuerta 9 0 Duck the great western engine by skrallhunter Duck the great western engine :iconskrallhunter:skrallhunter 22 4 [SFM/Gmod DL] Edward the Blue Engine by YanPictures [SFM/Gmod DL] Edward the Blue Engine :iconyanpictures:YanPictures 133 19 Miles (my trainsona) by Fr8ener Miles (my trainsona) :iconfr8ener:Fr8ener 8 21 The Big A$$ Sprite List by Cj-The-Creator The Big A$$ Sprite List :iconcj-the-creator:Cj-The-Creator 379 328 Annie, Clarabel, and Henrietta by Thomasfan96 Annie, Clarabel, and Henrietta :iconthomasfan96:Thomasfan96 6 14 Little Barford the Narrow Gauge Engine by Galaxy-Afro Little Barford the Narrow Gauge Engine :icongalaxy-afro:Galaxy-Afro 20 2 Nice Going Thomas! by Galaxy-Afro Nice Going Thomas! :icongalaxy-afro:Galaxy-Afro 29 11 A Hero's Farewell by Galaxy-Afro A Hero's Farewell :icongalaxy-afro:Galaxy-Afro 32 4 Modern Day Tidmouth Station by Galaxy-Afro Modern Day Tidmouth Station :icongalaxy-afro:Galaxy-Afro 20 3 Albert's Demise by Galaxy-Afro Albert's Demise :icongalaxy-afro:Galaxy-Afro 13 0 I'm Coming For You Thomas the Tank Engine! (Redux) by Galaxy-Afro I'm Coming For You Thomas the Tank Engine! (Redux) :icongalaxy-afro:Galaxy-Afro 25 5


Kujenga's Banished From Sodor Livery by LionGuardKujenga
Lady as a tender engine by Thenewmikefan21
Happy Birthday to Yvonne Grundy by DaveMan1000
Lady, Annie, Clarabel and Thomas Spending Time. by PixarFan2015

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