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(MMD) YYB Miku Futura 1.1 (DOWNLOAD)

By TheSodaWave
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Based on the art made by COSPA & Tim Lochner. Desing that you can see on the merchandising from Miku Expo 2020 Europe (for example here: hatsune-miku.backstreetmerch.c…)

See her in action here:

(This model is not perfect. It can have some problems. Try to edit it to your own taste and follow the Readme files included in the .rar file)

- - - - RULES - - - -

+ Redistribution of this model or editions are not allowed without permission
+ No nsfw (extreme gore, fetish or pornographic) use
+ If unsure, please refer to TDA's readme's
+ Credit YYB, Iblise, TheSodaWave, kanekoranou, Aia-Aria, COSPA & Tim Lochner

- - - - - - - - - - -

Thank you so much for downloading my YYB Hatsune Miku Futura model!
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this thing is so frickin beautiful but when i download it on it says error 404 link not found :((((

hafis36's avatar

not found file

reinasakura's avatar

what base did u use-

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TheSodaWave's avatar

updated, try again!

Aristoria's avatar

I can't download it

It's always say that the file doesnt exist

Can you help me?

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updated, try again!

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TheSodaWave i have a issue with if i press on "Download RAR" in the middle and the right side it gives my a 404 ERROR

would you mind sending the model via DA private messages (please through mediafire or

Thanks dude (btw love the SOO much)

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Try to dl again, sometimes stash has server problems

IvoGoesGaming's avatar

I have downloaded today via my PC

last lime i did it on my phone... -_-

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Cute model and cute song! Very peppy. I need to find that motion too :D

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I would like to borrow this.

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this model is so cute

siriuspuppet's avatar

dl'ed, looks awesome!

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Great work. Unfortunately the file corrupts when i download it.

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Forget it... it seems that is a problem with 7zip, using winrar worked. Again Great work

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downloaded and the file's working on my end. there's no corruption apparently. keep up the good work.

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Can't open the rar file or bad corrupt file

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updated, try again!

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Que linda Uwu:heart: buen trabajo.

La descargue!

Por cierto, que problemas tiene?, yo no le encuentro ninguno.

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This model is super nice, but the DL doesn't work :(, it says the file is damaged.

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