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hellooooo, as you maybe saw at some point in the past few weeks i was thinking of making a patreon page, and i finally got around to making it, so you should go check it out! and support me if you like my stuff c:…
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im not dead, i havent been active here mainly bcus i dont want to submit "just" unfinished sketches wich is what i have been pretty much doing over tumblr non stop ( )

but i think i will let my stupid "oooh i only wanna post the best stuff here" because i havent, at all been doing anything complete in the last 2 years bcus of school, work and such, so expect a loooooooooooooooooooooot of backlog been uploaded to here
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So i finally started my comic
sorta going around my schedule of what to draw in what period of time BUT
you can all read it here in DA
REVOLUTION ch1 page 1 by TheSnowZombie

or in mangamagazine (1 page further than here in DA)…

you will se sooo many differences in the first 3 pages, i think its for the better
i mean im like "finding" my style of making comics more like effort so they look just how i want it to

feel free to tell me what you think, in the 2 pages ive here in DA of course, im allways open to suggestions on how to improve
and or critiques

ill try to make journals of what im doing more often, i think if any of my watchers are actually interested in knowing wich one of the 3 full moons ill be posting something, im currently playing guild wars 2 maybe maaaybe will do some comic strips of the weird thing tha has happened in that game, maybe.

Anyways i hope you have a nice week/weekend
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I FUCKING HATE THIS, its like cronical now, every 3 weeks without doubt my "good" computer gives me some sort of problem
internet, programs, and the problem of today GAMES! OH FUCKING JOY, CANDY AND GUMMY BEARS

i was all exited since yesterday when i could finally get to play Diablo 3 i come to my computer to intall it


so i was like OKAY maybe if i download the client and i did and it installed yay!
BUT GUESS WHAT when i tried to open it to play it IT FUCKING DIDNT WORKED AGAAAAAIN :D (HAPPINESS!!!!)
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yup, i have a tumblr.

i opened it about 4-5 months ago but it was so lonely i had to do something about it
so i started a challenge for myself, every day, EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. i HAVE to draw something
you know, to train my style and give the tumblr an actual purpose to be there.

and i post it, im currently in day 6, today it should be day 7

SO if you are interested in seeing more stuff from me, my tumblr: is the place to go! :D

also, anyone is joining the beta weekend event of guild wars 2 by any chance?
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Sat Oct 15, 2011, 8:38 AM
im thinking, on doing comissions, maybe... maybe not
let me know what you think, i might start with 2 or 3 slots, dunno

ALSO as you might already noticed i upgraded to premium membership... so i might be going around templates for my journals in the next few days

or if i find some tutorial i might do one myself
eh estado pensando en hacer comisiones, pero no se... tal vez
que les parece? podria nada mas empezar con 2 o 3 espacios, no se

tambien! como tal vez ya se dieron cuenta me hize premium, asi que lo mas seguro es que voy a andar cambiando de skins en los proximos dias

o hacer una yo si encuentro tutoriales de como

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so, here it is for any of my watchers that care

i've been unactive a loot recently mainly because of school and a recent "job" i guess you could call it and also playing videogames, this vacations i think i played more than the whole past  year most of them where awesome some of them where meh...

next week on to school yaaay i acctually want to go, i just hope this period has at least some intresting classes not like the past one D:

about the "job" is basically draw stuff for 4 hours 5 days a week for a game on facebook that is coming out soon, wich isnt pretty bad and i get paid for it whohoooo that is going to pay the next videogames because oh my god i need a lot of money: gears of war 3 limited edition and retro lancer, there goes like 1 month of payment xD, i might get the new batman, and by november assassins creed revelations and saints row the third are in my priority list, and i dont know when its coming out but freaking bioshok infinite i want that so bad

so shopping cart list (in priority on getting the money order)
- gears of war 3
- assassins creed revelations
- saints row 3
- bioshock infinite
- a bigger tv, with a HD option since mine now is garbage
- (maybe) mw3
- (maybe)
- (maybe) a ps3
- (maybe) the new batman
- a better computer (where i can play some games at full capacity other than minecraft >__>)

as for the games i`ve played this vacations alone (not necesarelly "new" games)

Bioshock2: its awesome, but not as good as the first one, the story is kinda flat compared to its predecesor, but the combat system is a lot better and fluid, i surelly recomend it its a 15 hour or so nice experience, the thing about it i think is that you are no longer in a "strange" place, taking a lot of the feeling of the first one knowing the rapture city and the "people" that live in it, i liked the part where you play as a little sister. i would give it a 7.5/10, the first bioshok a 9/10

Force unleashed 2: as a fan of star wars myself i must say that im dissapointed (and that is telling a lot) with this game the same shit as the first one with 2 swords "big" change repetitive and frustrating, bad combination, but is allways fun to make stormtroppers jump out of windows, throw them in the air and see them screaming (im a fan of the screaming sounds in this game, hillarious) or make them jump with your jedi mind tricks, i would recomend it to supermegahardcore fans, but not to gamers - i give it a 6/10

michael jackson the experience and just dance 2: my sister made me play these and i have to say that they are fun, even some of my frends ended up playing it too, inmediatly hooked, and you just have fun, either you are "dancing" or not, if you are dancing, and in the screen you see the "perfect" pop op you feel like a freaking pro dancer, on the other way the people that are seeing you are making fun of you having a great time, if you have these games or want to try them our i suggest you do, but bring some friends, playing them alone is not that good, and the graphics are just plain videos so theres not so much to say about that i would give it a 7.5/10 or even an 8/10

Saints Row 2: since i saw the trailer of "the third" i got the curiosity and wanted to know what the hell is it about, so i rented saints row 2 (since i just couldnt finde the first game anywhere) and was really surprised, and obviously everybody compares it to GTA series, yes they have the same base, but they are different, GTA looks a lot better in graphics on the characters, and they look similar but GTA is still winning in enviroment i have to say, but dude the level of costumization in saints row its almost endless unlike a lot of GTA's wich is a good thing for some people and a bad thing for others for me its awesome, the story is all extreme, fun and really intresting, its not a realistic game thats for sure but its a lot of fun, weird thing in this game, but also a good thing is that the side missions are awesome, wich in 90% of the games side missions are boring and frustrating, in this game is the total opposite even sometimes you will end up doing some side missions to give the main storyline a break, i would give it a 8.5/10

From Dust: its cool, the graphics look really amazing i have to say to a game that costs 1200 microsoft points the playmode on the otherhand is not that polished but its still good, i havent finished it but as far as ive got its really cool i thought that it would be a relaxing experience but nooo its an endless battle between you and the power of the nature, really reallly challenging, what i liked the most is that even if you replay some levels the things you will have to do will be different than the last time since the enviroment not allways do the same as the last time, i recomend it highly and i would give it a 8/10

Catherine: anime platform puzzle game, that is that game, i used to like a lot the anime, now not so much but i still like it, this game seemed intresting in some machinima videos i saw, so i rented it, i played it on normal and had a really hard time with it, its hard sometimes the story, i liked it, and it is the main atraction of this game since it has like 20 cutscenes between each time you get to play the actual challenge, at the end i didnt liked it that much it gets long, repetitive and frustrating, but kinda addicting, finished it just because i wanted to se one of the 8 endings it has not because i liked it that much the main character is kind of an idiot making huuuge problems and preocupations from something that could have a simple solution, but meh... i would give it a 6.5/10

Shadows of the Damned: really really cool, but a bit too short i started to play at 1pm on saturday and finished 11pm on saturday aswell so its almost 12 hours of game, expect a loooot of dick jokes, inuendos and even some explicit content, especially at the "big boner" levels, anyway i do recomend it good gameplay, kinda difficult to aim with a controller but not a really huge issue its plain weird since you are technically in hell which looks a lot like a normal city, just with a lot of demons eating each other, all the monsters look simply amazing (except for the guy that steals your girlfiend to hell im not a big fan of him), really funny i would give it a 8/10

Batman: Arkham Asylum: i cant say a lot of this game since ive just played it like just half an hour or maybe 1 hour, but it looks good, i like the graphics, im not loving it so far but its intresting and i like it, maybe i will change my opinion later i have more tools and stuff and fighted some bossess, dunno.

and for the final "update" im working on a comic yaay, even tough ive been saying it for a while i still have to do a lot of stuff

the comic i try to work on, things to do list:
-stablish a name (x)
-design characters feelings, personalities and all that stuff (o)
-name the city and kingdom that are going to take place (x) (any ideas? )
-write and polish the main story (o)
-practice with some extra non-main story related comics (x)
-design characters visually (half done)
-start with the comic (x)

im thinking how would the comic be, i think it wil be colored, cel-shaded maybe, if not a some sort of simple smooth shading, maybe black and wite, high contrast with a few spreads of primary and secondary collors, dunno yet, i will have to do some tests

the style, hmm i think my normal style wich is cartoonish-animeish with exagerated body parts such as hips, necks and arms i think, are the most exagerated things i do, i will try to make not so big breasts as for women, and reduce necks, that is a priority.

also im thinking on maybe opening comissions soon but im not thaat sure about it, maybe when i finish with the job of the game. i dont know
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omg omg omg i´ve just been featured in the assassins creed facebook page on the fan appreciation friday…

ok so 2 weeks ago or so i got a note here in DA from ubigabe the comunity developer from Assassins Creed (the ones that know me a little should know that AC series is my fav videogame of alltime) asking me if i would like to be featured in the assassins creed fanpage (my thoughts there where like "omg omg omg omg omg omg this is a joke right?")

of course i said yes right away xD

I feel so honored thnks for the feature UbiGabe!
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Stolen from some journal.

(first pet & street you grew up on)

poket mateos

(fave ice cream flavor, favorite cookie)

lemon macadamia ( lol?)

3.YOUR "FLY Guy/Girl" NAME:
(first initial of first name, first three letters of your last name)


(favorite color, favorite animal)

blue polar bear (wow xD)

(middle name, city where you were born)

None Orizaba (i dont have a middle name ;O; )

(the first 3 letters of your last name, first 2 letters of your first)


("The" + 2nd favorite color, favorite drink)

The red apple juice (huh?)

(the first names of your grandfathersmothers)

Francisco Marilu

(the name of your favorite perfume/cologne/scent, favorite candy)

Ego gum

(father's & mother's middle names)

None Claudia (my dad doesnt have a middle name ;O; )

(Your 5th grade teacher's last name, a major city that starts with the same letter)

Leonardo Londres (XD i acctually liked that one)

(your favorite season/holiday, flower)

Winter None (dont like flowers D= )

(favorite fruit, article of clothing you're wearing right now + "ie" or "y")

Orange shirtie

(What you ate for breakfast, your favorite tree)

Omelette roble

("The" + Your fave hobby/craft, fave weather element + "Tour")

The playing foggy Tour (whaaaaaa??)
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whooooo eh experimentado lo que es ser atropellado hace como 2 dias xD
no fue nada bonito xD pero a la vez fue algo interesante sentir eso
aunque no me gustaria repetirlo xDDD
y la neta me paso por wey
para los que leen y entienden esto D= fijense al cruzar la calle
a mi me toco leve por que estaba el rojo y el carro se andaba deteniendo y fue un relativamente leve golpe, pero pudo ser peor
repito... no es bonito xD evitenlo D=!
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New hose
new city
new school
new frustrations
new life

my first day in me new apartment :la:
i still have to put some things in their place =___=
i wish i wasnt this lazy xD
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im going today to puebla, friday to the D.F. and on saturday i will be in guadalajara in my new
apartment =D

and then one week to get used to the city and then the university starts =)

finishing packing right now :la:
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i just bought 2 cds of the arctic monkeys *O*
(favorite worst nightmare)
(whatever people say I am, That´s what I´m not)
now i have 3...
anyone knows how many they have? i want em all =D

i just looooved both of the cds  :la:
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i got accepted in the university i wanted *O*
i will finally study what i allways wanted to study
animation >w<
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groups that i joined