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Conan Fan Stamp

Conan- Because Shinichi's an 6/8-year old kid for most of the series anyways.
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I actualy am a fan of Conan and Shinichi. I mean they are the same person so what's the matter? ;) (Wink) 
As Shinichi he is a good looking handsome and clever Detective. Heart  Love 
As Conan he is actualy the same and also very cute. The cutest little detectve ever! Setimental -revamp- 
NekoBaby22's avatar
I really hope they get a little more of the series over here, even if they never finish it. I've been addicted since middle school when it first came on Adult Swim. ^^
TheSnowDrifter's avatar
I don't even know if its being dubbed anymore.
Austria-Gentleman's avatar
shinich/conan is the best!
Sir-Austria's avatar
Shinichi/Conan is a great Detective ^^
alirtist's avatar
i love shinichi ^\\\\\^
MorphiusX's avatar
This is a keeper! ^_^
Abarai-Rnji's avatar
i must say i am a huge fan of inspector Conan. I've watched the anime when i was a kid and still enjoy watching some.
addiction2anime's avatar
Must Fave! So cute and so true!
sweetmusa's avatar
i lovvve conan
goku2470's avatar
lol cool kid conan hehe
AmmegofKiel's avatar
Cool! *favourites*
Conners-Photography's avatar
favd i'm a conan fan XD
shsn's avatar
I like his older self better, but his kid self is also cool ^_^
HeavensChaos's avatar
I've really really fallen for this anime :D Beautiful stamp!
mara17's avatar
I wish this anime was known in Poland! ;( By the way, nice stamp! *w*
tsukiflower's avatar
Oh yay! A Conan Stamp! :heart: Very cute! ^w^
TheSnowDrifter's avatar
bloodycrusifix's avatar
Loved that showww
basserist's avatar
Conan's a much more amusing character. He gets to run around and be a dork. Shinichi just whines a lot. :D
Great stamp!
MrsRinrini's avatar
I could always use more Conan. :D Nice job!
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