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Espy Part Two.
         You know that feeling you get when you've seemingly lifted a burden off your back? You know, that sense of relief, of finally receiving that respite you've always dreamed of from time to time?         Well, I feel the same way. You see, I had a number of writing commitments that were becoming too much to handle. I couldn't work with them after a few months of trying to deal with the backlog caused by them, and my nerves were starting to wear from the stress. Over time, this small amount of stress, caused by worrying about what the next response would be for each one, how to continue conversations between characters without much err
Roleplay Stories: Part 1.
Welcome to a series which I was planning to introduce to you all sometime last month, but decided to start now. In the spirit of giving, I have decided to give you all the chance to read synopses or entire excerpts of text roleplays I have done which exceed in terms of quality, plot direction, character development and dialogue, etc. Today I'd like to present you a short, first-person RP which was done with !Glitchfest (, which actually turned out surprisingly well for the time it was active. Due to mobile browser constraints, however, I will not be able to type out each and every response here just yet. Instead, you may view it via the
A Short Story.
Another day, another dreary day. People walking along the sidewalks, doing their own thing, you name it. The sky was overcast, as it had been for the past week or so. Almost everyone on these streets was looking or listening to some piece of technology, be it a phone, tablet, or a media player. To them, their little worlds were all that they needed. A little shop stood off to the side, amidst the tall cages of steel that stretched out into the clouds. It was a rather quaint coffee and book store, perfect for anyone who wanted to sit and delve into the worlds of literature while sipping on a cup of joe. It was business as usual when a newcome
BuiBot: The latest in artificial Poke-Technology.
Name: BuiBot Designation: Personal Companion/Protector Description: The Buizel Personal Companion Robot, or BuiBot for short, is one of the latest in friendly artificial intelligence technology, with it possessing a dynamic personality, reprogrammable functions, and enhanced overall strength, agility, and durability. In other words, a very good friend to have. Most BuiBot functions are given by voice command. For example, if you wanted the robot Pokemon to, say, clean up after you or alter its programming to suit your needs, all you have to do is tell it “BuiBot, clean my room.” or “BuiBot, enter reprogramming mode.”
Guide to Text-Based Roleplaying.(Very Unfinished.)
If you've found this journal, you're probably someone who's new to the concept of text-based roleplaying, someone who's just started and is looking for ways to improve, or just anyone who happened to find this by chance. No matter who you are, welcome! Before we get into the more complex aspects of the genre, let's start with a simple question: What exactly is text-based roleplaying? Well, for starters, text-based roleplay, or text roleplay, is a subgenre of collaborative writing and storytelling. It consists of two or more people creating a story using characters or personas they have created in a specific world. The story usually follows
Kyra the Espeon. (Bio)
Name: Kyra Race: Pokemon Species: Espeon Stance: Biped Description: Kyra is an Espeon who leads a very peaceful lifestyle, and has a lot of time on her hands. She's big into relaxation and meditation, but doesn't display vibe or energy wave-sensing stereotypes like other meditative Pokemon. She can normally be found in a quiet room or out in her peace garden. Was first created for use as part of an RP with ~weegeefan3 (
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