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You're Still Here
I don’t want to mourn too early
Because to mourn is pain
And you never hurt me.
You’re still here.
And yet I can barely swallow
Can barely taste my food
Can barely breathe
Through that rock in my chest.
I can barely hold back tears,
But you’re still here.
Why is it so hard to plan
A celebration
Even if we plan it early
So that you can attend for certain.
You’re still here.
I don’t want to mourn too early.
I don’t want to waste this time
On feelings here too soon.
You’re still here.
:iconthesmileydinosaur:TheSmileyDinosaur 3 3
Once Upon a Time...
The pages from our childhood
Seep ink into our minds
Calligraphy and oil paint
Sketch “Once Upon a Time”s.
So we long to live a story
Worthy of growing old,
Worthy of quills and parchment,
Of pages gilded gold.
For some it seems so easy,
For princesses and knights,
To run into adventure,
To pick the noble fights.
Yet, dragons that breathe fire,
An old and wicked witch,
Have no power to dishearten
Like a skeptic’s bait-and-switch.
The magic of a story,
Is not in words of ink,
It’s not in singing maidens,
Or potions you can drink.
It’s in the fascination
Of secret worlds unknown,
Of sheer impossibility,
Of love and courage shown.
But chivalry and honour,
Care and sacrifice
Are virtues we can choose,
Defeating any vice.
A secret’s not a secret
Once it’s known to be true
And impossible’s a challenge,
Often won by me and you.
Black and cursive script
Is no work of alchemy
Nor does it grant your tale
Its immortality.
Most of the greatest storie
:iconthesmileydinosaur:TheSmileyDinosaur 6 2
Compass Needle
Limb by limb, I’m pulled in four
Directions, so I can’t ignore
How lost I feel fixing this
When all I do is reminisce.
I long to simply just point North.
If it was clear, I’d just set forth.
The Northern Star would take me home
But I’d be cold and all alone.
So I’m pulled East to promised lands
Where all that’s seen are begging hands.
No milk or honey can be found
And Abel’s blood has cursed the ground.
Down South I can enjoy the sun
And burn until blood starts to run.
The waves, the drinks, it’s all charades
Hiding tears with smiles and shades.
And out West’s the new frontier,
Could I get a fresh start here?
The land was there before I came
It’s far too big for me to tame.
A needle pulling thread repairs
And without thread, it causes tears.
It seems I will be doomed to drift,
If I can’t navigate these rifts.
:iconthesmileydinosaur:TheSmileyDinosaur 8 2
Little Relics
Little relics
Rest on shelves
In a clean room
With a made bed
An empty desk
And naked walls
Filling vacancy
:iconthesmileydinosaur:TheSmileyDinosaur 7 2
The Devious Dreamer
The delinquents on death row
Lived a life I want to know
Before their bloody brilliance
Was wronged by right’s resilience.
I won’t be as wonderful
As the hateful horribles
Rotting for revolting acts.
My time in grime won’t tithe tax.
I, albeit alluring, see,
Lack in likability.
Women, I can’t woo. It’s true.
They’ve no taste for my taboo.
So, I don’t dabble in death
Though I’ll bravely hold my breath
Am I to blame for barters?
You can’t murder the martyrs.
No, I can’t kill. I’m corrupt.
I can’t beguile, too abrupt.
This cruel cesspool that I crave
Guides me to a gallows’ grave.
Oh, how I lust for lynching
And folks falling unflinching
The thought has powerful plight,
Influence over insight.
Have I murdered none or nine?
I won’t tell, so can’t do time.
Trivial are ill-famed inmates.
I crave chaos death creates.
Were heroic, but now hollow,
When they’re forced, they will follow.
Kill me first
:iconthesmileydinosaur:TheSmileyDinosaur 6 6
Mature content
Bite Sized :iconthesmileydinosaur:TheSmileyDinosaur 7 6
Worse Than Death
What is worse than death?
When the parasite escapes
And lives on after.
:iconthesmileydinosaur:TheSmileyDinosaur 7 6
Mature content
Gathering :iconthesmileydinosaur:TheSmileyDinosaur 7 6
Mature content
Bloated :iconthesmileydinosaur:TheSmileyDinosaur 6 5
Mature content
Decay :iconthesmileydinosaur:TheSmileyDinosaur 7 2
The Figure In The Sand
The air was heavy, still, and dry
Muffling sound like it supressed a sigh
And on the streets, no cars drove by.
People were standing to stare at the sky.
I want to hear them when they cry.
I watched the storm approach, but I
Against this force, could not defy.
The sand had come to testify
So, awed, I stood there to comply,
At least until you’re terrified.
The billows, rumbling as they rise,
Swallowed a Minaret nearby,
Then stole the light out of the sky,
And next to be consumed, was I.
Doesn’t chaos satisfy?
My senses had all gone awry
I thought I heard a woman cry,
“Allahu Akbar” or “The end is nigh!”
But the voice could have been mine.
If you seek, you’ll surely find.
Through swirling pitch, it caught my eye
A figure standing dignified,
Though all else had fled to hide
It stood as though prepared to die
What do your sand filled eyes imply?
As they trudged towards me, I
Saw the figure had my eyes.
We were jus
:iconthesmileydinosaur:TheSmileyDinosaur 9 9
“He was always headed to an early grave,”
They whispered gravely, dressed in black
As they approached his grave site.
Beside a resting casket and a hole, there’s a gravestone
With engraved letters reading,
“From the cradle to the grave, forever loved, Our Dave.”
His mother had chosen it, gravely assured
That having had one foot in the grave while living
Would not define his grave in death.
“Upon my son’s grave, I never would have thought…”
She choked, releasing the gravest cry,
But he was turning in his grave beside.
“He dug his own grave with the way he behaved.”
But on a day so grave, there were no words they could say
And when the graveyard held just her.
Knowing she’d take her secret to the grave, she smirked.
:iconthesmileydinosaur:TheSmileyDinosaur 5 9
Sprinkled upon domestic comforts and pumpkin pie,
Enchants us like the crisp leaves that begin to litter sidewalks
And the leather seats of school buses,
Trusty steeds that carry the chatter of children away on adventures,
A cacophony also associated with the costumed pursuit of sweets,
A happy roar only quieted by the humming of a mother on a rainy eve
Minding an oven that fills the home with rich and savoury scents.
She fills you with comfort until it pleasantly pains your abdomen and heart,
A pain cured by the loving liquid embrace of coffees and teas.
Warm and sweet, like the blanket that has been sitting on a shelf,
Waiting for the cold nights to return, to remind you you’ll always be warm,
You’ll always love and be loved
And for that we can always be thankful.
:iconthesmileydinosaur:TheSmileyDinosaur 3 2
Head heavy with haunted thoughts,
You’re forced to behold your feet.
They hesitate,
Horrified of having lost their way,
Dreading possibly treading
Down to darkness even darker
Than the dingy dullness
You dwell in now.
Headlights fueled by hindsight
Home in on your heels
Hiding your hands in the haze of
Hopelessness… and helplessness.
Your hands are hanging at your side
Hold them up before your eyes.
You’ll see.
Don’t step down into the hole
When your hands can hug and heal
Do not drift deeper in the dark
When hands can hoist your head
And draft the distance to daylight.
The hassle of honing your happiness
Will design a high definition destiny.
:iconthesmileydinosaur:TheSmileyDinosaur 2 4
Mature content
Burning :iconthesmileydinosaur:TheSmileyDinosaur 7 5
Nothing Holds All Of Me
I know how to suffer
I know what to do
I have been conditioned
To heal my own wounds
I’ve had people fail me
My mind has failed me too
I have failed myself
And yet I will not lose
Every scar I’ve gotten
Has a given me the tools
The more that I keep learning
The less I’ll be abused.
Through every bitter tear,
I have had to choose.
So I live.
:iconthesmileydinosaur:TheSmileyDinosaur 7 6

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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
Hello Friends!

October was a busy but very exciting month! I've finally caught up on my notifications and I managed to post all my October themed poetry in time to enter the contests that I was interested in. 

First of all, I am very, very, very excited to say that my poem, The Figure In The Sand, won a first runners-up position in the All Hallows Tales 2018 contest! I was honestly not expecting that at all and was overjoyed to be given such an honour. In addition to that I was also selected as a judge's pick!

BlackBowfin very kindly said, "I like how the sense of devil didn't necessarily follow the prince of darkness formula, but the servant of darkness we all house. Risks were taken in this piece and it paid off, IMO."

My heart is so full of happiness and I really can't share my gratitude enough.

Because there were so many talented people who entered this contest, I just want to share some other amazing pieces that I think really deserve attention: Miracles (Grand Prize Winner), Mother (1st Runners-Up for Prose), Home Sweet Home (2nd Runners-Up for Prose), his sympathies lie in me (2nd Runners-Up Poetry), Stray from the Path (Poetry Entry).


I was also very happy to discover that I was rewarded with an honourable mention in the HorrorKu Contest for my haiku, Decay, so that was very exciting. I didn't have any luck with the Horror Haiku Challenge hosted by PoetsOfDA, but would like to extend a very heartfelt congratulations to my good friend Jackster12 for winning with Itsy Bitsy!

Halloween Pumpkin, Chuckle

Octacula 2018 was more of a challenge than a contest and it's probably a good thing, because there were some amazing pieces written for this challenge. Mine was The Devious Dreamer, but I encourage you to check out some of the other poems written for this challenge because they are quite impressive. You can do so here.

*Free Icon/Emote* Halloween Pusheen

My poetry was featured in three different collections this month as well, which was really nice.

Pixel Rose Divider 2 - White 2 Pixel Rose Divider 2 - White 2 Pixel Rose Divider 2 - White 2 

Now, November is here but the excitement is not over yet!

Remember, WhiskeyDreamer from LitConquistadores is still running a contest to select poetry for an anthology that will be published. (Info here: Triskele Poetry Publication)

Also, the deadline for Yuukon 's Once Upon a Time - All Mediums Contest is coming up on Nov. 12!

Pixel Rose Divider 2 - White 2 Pixel Rose Divider 2 - White 2 Pixel Rose Divider 2 - White 2

As always, thanks again to my followers for being the best humans around. (At least I'm assuming you're all humans? lol I know after Halloween, you might now be all zombies, witches, or aliens OMG ANOTHER SHOCK.)
Your support has meant so much to me. That might be easy to see on DA, but seriously, your support has impacted me in the real world too and given me so much confidence to pursue things I want to pursue. Thanks so much for the love.

emote : Dino approves  

P.S. This month I reached 50 watchers. WHAT?! I know it's crazy. Thank you all!
This month is just exploding with opportunities!

I was recently contacted by WhiskeyDreamer from LitConquistadores who is running a contest to select poetry for an anthology that will be published! They could use more prizes, exposure, and of course your poetry! I know some very talented writers here whose work I would love to see published. For more information, see below:

Triskele Poetry PublicationWell well, looky here.  We’ve been so focused on prose related things (FFM and NaNo) that we decided it was high time we allowed the poets here on DA to jump into the fun of being published.
Theme | Life · death · rebirth

The Triple Spiral or Triskele is the basis for our theme.  If you are unfamiliar with the concept of the triskele, it is a symbol consisting of three interlocking spirals, or legs.  Its origin and meaning have been debated for ages, and there is still no definitive meaning.  It has taken on many meanings, including: spirit/mind/body, mother/father/child, past/present/future, life/death/rebirth, power/love/intellect, creation/preservation/destruction, the Holy Trinity, etc etc.
For our publication, we will using Life, Death & Rebirth as the theme.  The book will be laid out in three parts.  We have three submission folders; one for each part.  So your poem should be written with one of those three

Writer fella (Artists)    

Yuukon is also running another all mediums contest based on the theme "Once Upon a Time," So my non-poet friends can enter that as well :)
Once Upon a Time - All Mediums Contest
UPDATE: The contest is closed for entries! Judging will start soon! :la:
Hello all! :happy-wave: 
I am excited to announce I am hosting a new contest! Back in July, the All Mediums Cocontest was a huge success with many amazing entries, so let's do that again! 
"Once Upon a Time"

Meaning, fairy tales! I am a big lover of any type of fairy tale, and I followed the TV series "Once Upon A Time" religiously every week. If you are a lover of fairy tales, then this contest is what you want! This contest is for all mediums! (so, you can draw, photograph, manipulate, write, craft, anything you want, as long as it follows the prompt!) 
There will be two winners and a runner-up! These winners will be judged on interpretation of the prompt, not on skill.


First ChallengeSo the first challenge will be…
Haiku of Horror
This idea was sent to me by Barosus.
So the challenge speaks for itself. Write a horror haiku. You can add as many as you want. There is a special folder in which you can add your submissions. The winning haiku will be displayed in the featured folder. The winner will be decided at the end of October, so you have plenty of time.
Have fun writing!
  HorrorKu Contest- Winners!It gives me the creeps- seriously! I'm getting chills reading all of these HorrorKus!
Please join me in congratulating our winners!
1st place goes to...
:iconladytana:   LadyTana

2nd place goes to...
:iconasahi-taichou:  Asahi-Taichou

And because there was just SO MANY entries, we are awarding 2 honorable mentions.
  by :iconbarosus:   Barosus
  by :iconthesmileydinosaur:  TheSmileyDinosaur
Thank you so much to everyone who participated and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!
Halloween is approaching and I'm in the mood for some spooky words. You?  I hope so because we're having a contest!  [Death]
We are working in conjunction w
  Octacula 2018        
Stamp made by the formidable and fierce HugQueen - go give love!
Welcome To the Fourth, Annual

:new: This journal was created by a combination between myself and MagicalJoey . We honour her legacy as a writer, friend and member of our community. She was important. I miss you Jo, and hope that you are at peace and watching all our craziness with a smile and a nod. You will live on through your work and the memories we carry in our hearts. 

RIP Joanne Bolton 7th September 2018
Welcome to the fourth year of Octacula! In honour of October and all it cree-eights, Octacula shall reign throughout the entirety of the month. Whether it's the tenth month or the eighth (Oct as in eight baby).
Octacula features eight forms divided into two groups. The first group consists of:
:ninjabattle::matrixfight: Form-idable Foes :
  CONTEST CLOSED - All Hallow's Tales 201811/3/18: Winners have been announced! Congratulations all!

The judges will now ruminate upon your efforts over the next week. We will hopefully announce results on October 31.
Thanks everyone for participating! 

 This contest is generously sponsored by prize donors and:
:iconcrliterature: :iconcommunityrelations:
I have never made one of them do anything. Never.
They live their own tiny lives. I do not live their lives for them.
And then they die, and they come here
(having transgressed against what they believed to be right),
and expect us to fulfill their desire for pain and retribution. 
I don't

Do I plan on entering all these contests? Yes I do! Do I hope for some talented competition from my DA friends? YES I DO. Did I take the bargain for the Sympathy for the Devil Contest - YES I HECKIN DID!

When I said there was spooky stuff coming your way, oh boy, did I mean it!! If I find any more Halloween contests for poets I will post them here. If anyone else knows about ones I've missed here, let me know!

:halloween: revamp F2U Ghost pixel   Dancing Pumkin head 3  Dancing Pumkin head Dancing Pumkin head 5  F2U Ghost pixel :halloween: revamp 

And this doesn't even cover the Thursday Prompts for Core Members being run every week by the CoreMembers group, so keep an eye out for those too.

In addition to my responses for all these pieces (which are in the works), I also have some other pieces coming your way that I want to fine tune a bit more before posting.

I wrote a poem for the CoreMembers group Thursday Prompt "Know Hope" but didn't finish it in time for the deadline. Regardless, I plan on sharing the poem anyways. I also have a poem about my new job that I plan on sharing if it's any good once I'm finished.

I've also written a spooky slinky poem (details here: Some really cool things) and a fall themed colour poem which was inspired by SilverInkblot 's Cherry Blossom Pink. Those will be published very soon as well. 
I'm really looking forward to seeing all the creativity that this month will bring. Happy haunts!! [Emote] Jack-'o-Lantern Smile 

 emote : Dino approves 

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Saw this gem on Facebook today:

"Being Canadian is saying "thank you" when someone opens a door for you and then saying "thanks" when they open the second door for you, but a little quieter."
This is Halloween This is Halloween Ghost Icon This is Halloween This is Halloween 
Well I accidentally took a 1 month break from Deviant Art. My new job has been amazing but it was really overwhelming and fast paced to start so I feel like I have barely had enough time to sleep, let alone do anything else. I'm just taking some time to catch up on notifications today! :) I have missed chatting with you all.

By the way, I was super happy to see the results of America's Got Talent! 
Behind on notifications again. Been sick with a cold.

But just because tomorrow they announce the winners, my top 3 pick for agt is:
3. Samuel J Comroe
2. Shin Lim
1. Zurcaroh

I would also be happy with Duo Transcend, Brian King Joseph, or Glennis Grace but would be surprised. For me it is really between Zurcaroh and Shin Lim.

I am worried about Courtney Hadwin. She is very talented and has a huge fan base which could get her a win but I really feel her act pales in comparison to these. We will see!


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