Skribble Community Contest Semi-Finalists!

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In the Skribble community contest, we challenged you to take three randomly skribbled lines and use them properly to create something unique and amazing, and you definitely delivered!

Incredible talent flowed throughout the over 7,000 entries we received and we're here to introduce the top 25, each of whom will be receiving a 1 month Premium Membership.  From this group, we will choose our top three winners.  Check them out below!

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The Great Bedtime Story by jmardesigns Redefinition dark version by emiliestabell My art by jamespuga
:thumb250498834: Happy 11th by ZsoltKosa:thumb253580278:
:thumb254268666: Find the Seven Skribbles... by andrebdois Fins and eyes in Skribbleland by Mateteag
monster by allanjefferson666 Voyage by margaretmorales 'Eleventh season' by prokhoda
bloom by DigitalCutti:thumb254452488: Robots Are Awesome by m1rc0 Death of her by rynisyou
Conscience Alert by Leritoz New Born - Skribble contest by wakoART Queen by FASSLAYER wounded earth... by clapano
:thumb252405694: Monkey Skribble by ArtofTu:thumb248375733:
Lucha Libre by RaymundoRincon Skribble - Birth Fantasies... by Futago-KawaiI

Please note: If during the finalist judging, any one of the semi-finalists becomes ineligible or is disqualified under the Official Rules, the semi-finalist judges will replace the disqualified entry with a new selection to be considered by the final judges.
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Niiice : D
Can't even tell where the lines are!
These people, they really deserve this.
Thr3spawn's avatar
I heard the Lady with the Zebra got first, very shameful imo. Looks like the artist just slapped on the scribbles at random spots. Way to be creative with the scribbles.
isabelle96's avatar
MidnightDiviner's avatar
wow, yeah I'd never make it XP but truly incredible artwork! You're all my idols! :D
acjub's avatar
It's so sad how messed up this all was. Cheaters here and there.

But I think my own piece broke some rules as well. I was a bit unsure about what I was actually allowed to do. But this idea really was the first thing that popped into my head when I looked at the skribble lines. So I would probably have done it even if I knew I couldn't:shrug:

But just to check; I was not allowed to use a reference and I was not allowed to use Harry Potter theme? Here is my contribution: [link]
How many rules did I break? :XD:
Mcreation4102's avatar
ohhh i wasnt chosen, maybe next time, at least this contest, got me a lot of favourites on my entry, something i didnt had for my other, and that made me very happy!!
at least im inproving!!!
congrats to all winners!!!!
here is mine [link]
ensoul's avatar
Bit depressing that A) so many ineligible pieces were chosen in the first place, and that B) so many people don't realize that copying a "reference" work - even if it is freehand - is still considered cheating for any contest.
alrassamphoto's avatar
they all look the same
Grafik's avatar
best of luck to all that had hard work and did not cheat
Grafik's avatar
i see a lot off cheating :(
there's a lot of other nice ones, i really think mine had a chance to be there also, but hey its a contest: [link]
but the judges should try to sortout things a little better
RaczTamas's avatar
Yours is a pure winner in comparison to my works. :D Too bad.
Really would've used that tablet my digi stuff is all mousework. *sigh*

liquidminduk's avatar
All fun, sure things will be sorted out soon.

Here is a step by step of my own (not selected) work if you are interested. And the elusive dolphin is uncovered [link]
catcat7077's avatar
good luck semi finalist!!!(I like the harry potter one myself)
jennystokes's avatar
Nice work guys.
Hope the monkey wins.
Art is always subjective.
BlueSpark04's avatar
awesome works!!!!
Kittypants073's avatar
I would have liked to see this one win: [link]

Simple, yet affective as shit.

And if anyone cares to see mine: [link]
akreon's avatar
I call bullshit on :iconemziemzi:'s work [link]
It's an obvious paint over of this photo --> [link]

proof --> [link]
I wouldn't notice if not the fact that she posted a very high resolution and pixelated parts of the original photo are still clearly visible --> [link]

This contest is getting better by the minute.
Beruseruku's avatar
Oh that's nice to see that ....
A-Grand's avatar
EXPOSED!!! Good job!!
RunicRhyme's avatar
I really thought so too, at first. She did post a step-by-step of her process, though.

However, the use of Jessica Alba's face still poses a problem, since you're not supposed to use a likeness of any person without their express written consent.
neil78b's avatar

The Copyright infringer semi finalist, !ZtrikerZ :iconztrikerz:, closed his account for admittedly ripping work from this site [link] in his submission called "Rebellion" also removed with account. He closed his account because he had nothing to lose but a 1 month membership, which brings us to the next delinquent which has more at stake to lose, so he will not likely admit to not following the rules. Although, its inevitable that it will be removed, just a matter of by him or dA.

The next culprit is fatihatci :iconfatihatci: the second place cheating winner and the deviation he submitted is [link]. His cheating is just as clear as the former. This is his original of that work he took a year ago [link] You will notice his signature and date on the picture just like all the deviations in his gallery. Even further, you can look at [link] and scroll to "Camera data" and notice that he took this image on Sep 13, 2010, 3:07:47 PM with his Canon Camera he just added the scribbles where his signature was and something to one of the fishes, just wow. Absolutely no words for this kind of behavior and its not fair to the other artists who followed the rules.

The second place winner will be removed and the third place winner bumped up to his place. The semi-finalists will get a replacement for the other infringer and judging will take place for a new third place winner.
RunicRhyme's avatar
Also, the cyborg lady for using Jessica Alba's likeness without written consent, and the "You're a Wizard" and the luchadores poster for infringing on another party's proprietary rights, all forbidden under this bit of the Official Rules:

"By submitting the Work, Entrant represents that (i) (s)he has the unrestricted right to submit the Work; (ii) all persons whose name or likeness appears in the Work have unconditionally consented in writing to their appearance in the Work and unconditionally granted entrant in writing the right to submit the Work subject to these Official Rules, a copy of which consent and grant will be furnished to the Sponsor upon request; and (iii) the Work does not infringe upon any third party's proprietary or other rights. Entrant may use licensed brushes and textures in the Work."

That's 5 out of 25. That's 20% of all the semi-finalists. That's unacceptable, unfair to all those who followed the rules who lost out on those five spots, and an insult to those who were chosen who played the game right. One of the rule-breakers is an outright cheater, and that landed him 2nd place?

Unacceptable. Inexcusable.
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True. Won't happen again, or will be closely monitored next time.
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