Gears of War 3 Contest Semi-Finalists

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With the stakes higher than ever before, semi-finalist judges poured through thousands of entries for the Gears of War 3: Gears United/Artists United Contest. From battle scenes of brotherhood to stand alone soldiers, both co-op and rogue artists created epic scenes inspired by Gears of War.

Three out of the hand picked hundred will be chosen for ultimate victory by Epic judges. The first place winner will claim a bounty of $10,000, a battle-ready Xbox 360 Gears of War 3 Limited Edition Console Bundle, deviantART Points and more. For the first time ever, the remaining 97 semi-finalists will get $200, a copy of Gears of War 3, and a 1-Month Premium Membership to deviantART.
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The Final Showdown by EleosInteractive I done killed them all by elhero Delta Squad by DarrenGeers
:thumb260484336: GoW03 - Final Stand by JerMohler Good Morning Sunshine by karichristensen
Gears 3 Wallpaper by Kenpudiosaki Gears of War 3 by Phill-Art Do not disturb by Phorros
Game On by R-Tan:thumb260744302: Gears of War 3 by TheChaoticKnight
G E A R S  of  W A R   I  I  I by skribbliX The Ugly by vest GOW3 Night Battle without Cole by khuon
Unleashed Hell by dreno360 Graphic Death by monkeyemy Gears of War Cutout by PMat26oo
ALL OUT by EDWARDJCHUA Gears of war 3 contest entry by Noe-Leyva Semi Finalist Gears3: Marcus Wallpaper V2 by Shendijiro
Deathmatch by 3SidedDice

Mature Content

2011 GoW Co-op Submission by rbizzle4rizzle

Mature Content

Cover Fire by CBSorgeArtworks

Fenix - Gears of War 3 by PhotoshopIsMyKung-Fu Gears of War by Whiksers:thumb260735817:
Gears of War 3  Marcus Fenix by myoume Brothers to the End by CreepySketcher Gears of War by Walter-Ostlie

Mature Content

Overrun Color 2 by rhoogers
Gears of War III by AngelaRizza Behind Enemy Lines by MMan222
Delta Dominance by mkmatsumoto Gears of War Hell by mirana We got this... by LynxMB
Vigilance: Sisters in Arms by TheDrowningEarth:thumb260425529: Sometimes, Things just End. by jshardin

Mature Content

the blood of the gear by JimmyJ-90
Passage to Hell by wwudesign Last Stand by halohunter
March of the Locust by Aberantt Gears of War by AdamRoush
Gears of Fun by GaryStorkamp GOW 3 Wallpaper by FinalGlory:thumb258944801:
Too Many Arms by artfulshrapnel Catfight by arriku The Clash by thigu
Brothers to the End by BillyLazo Battlefield by BlacksMassiveArt GEARS OF WAR CONTEST by BookerJ
Last Stand by BPremo:thumb260760490: Frag Out by ChemicalAlia
Fight for Hope by chicachina Gears of War 3 by cindyrellacheng Gears of War by CrescentDebris
Gears of War : Go away by cubu3 One Man Army by d1eselx Gears of War 3 wallpaper by deanhsieh
Brothers To The End - Resubmit by designfarmstudios Scrub Killer by Digital-Iconic marcus and anya by dirv6501
Savage by dogmeatsausage Is that... by Zeth-09 Gears 3 'come get me' by JordanMichaelJohnson
Gears of War 3 contest entry by AndrewRyanArt Flight of the Valkyrie by RedAgent1010 Vengeance With Blood by BlkBullet23
win by Clown37 Checkmate by EdArtGaming Brothers to the End by HoustonSharp
GoW by Essency Gears of War 3 Entry by derangedhyena Leviathan Escape by XonkArts
Brothers to the End by ArtofTu:thumb260729574: Bring It by Aeonsend
Death Looms by Art-of-MAS GEARS by Synje Gears of War contest by RayDillon
Gears Of War - Freedom by MonsterGrafix gears of war by fandogh36 No Hope by NicholasWolf
KING OF THE HILL02 by Ukilles long live carmine by spikeeskimo
Nobody Wants a Happy Ending by alexcherrypicks Into Dust by count-joshula Chainsaw Duel by Nanaga
:thumb260497000: Gears Of War III by wags9452 Till the End by TheKunka
Gears of War wallpaper by bbox85

Please note: If during the finalist judging, any one of the semi-finalists becomes ineligible or is disqualified under the Official Rules, the semi-finalist judges will replace the disqualified entry with a new selection to be considered by the final judges.
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This was mine. I really thought I was gonna make it into the semi finals. But oh wells. There were some good ones I saw that didn't make it as well. I would love to hear what the judges thought of my work.
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i see it just another glowing effect and shining stuff in this 97 winner ... unlike the 2nd and 3rd winner, they we're pros. it just my opinion.
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I see three up there that should not be up there... Company wants original... Not stolen shitty work that is blatantly ripped off of the game itself.. Dom with the lancer in red background, no one wants happy ending or whatever with carmin image, and marcus with his lancer and again red background. They are pretty easy to spot since they are not original what so ever, just taken from game itself and lazily slapped a background on it. The backgrounds were probably taken also.

Rest that are handmade and 100% original should be only ones up there, not stolen stuff.. Really hope DA changes it's rules to something with more common sense.

This thing violate rules itself like many others mentioned.
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Just in case you guys haven't seen the winners yet: [link]
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Also, per the rules you're allowed to use official Gears imagery that was not inside the pack. If you read the technical legal jargon it does -not- forbid it. What it does forbid is the use of anything outside of official Epic imagery that is not your own work.
Vulgotha's avatar
I have a hard time swallowing some of this.
E-L-T's avatar
I wouldn't call myself a typical artist. I don't really draw a lot but I do a lot of photo manipulation I guess you would call it. I'm not 100% sure if any of mine were within the rules (if someone would look and tell me I would love to know [link] ) Although I didn't draw a lot from scratch I did invest a lot of time, passion, skill and effort in my designs. As I am sure most of us did. Some of the designs up there are just insanely awesome and I would love to be able to one day have the skill to create such pieces.

My only disappointment regarding the judges selections is that they didn't have different categories for the competition. For example best 10 water colour paintings, 10 best hand drawn pieces, 10 best photo manipulation designs. I don't know exactly how that would've worked but that was my thought on the competition.

Having said all that, I am very pleased with how my pieces came out [link] I learned a lot from the competition and it has definitely stepped up my abilities within Photoshop. And if you can check out my designs for the competition and tell me if they followed the rules or not that would be greatly appreciated [link]

Cheers everyone!

Oh and here's the [link] in case you missed it :P :w00t:
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Actually I think you broke some rules by using the designs from EPIC but what the hell, the judges broke their own rules too! as you can see some of the 97 semis did the same as you, but do not feel bad, we all tried and hard, I hope you had fun and learn something new along the way, I believe we all are winners for trying so congratulations to you too!!!!!!!!
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Yeah I was confused, I read through all the small print in the rules and then I looked through all the entries that were there before I started working on my entries and it didn't make sense to me. I definitely had fun working on my entries, learned a few more tricks to stick up my Photoshop sleeve and I'll try to stick to the rules next time. :lol:

Did you place? I haven't been on DA for almost a week now I think :wow: I'm gonna see if they've come to a decision on who placed in the top 3.
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Bro, you had to draw everything yourself, no photo manipulation. this was a contest on your artistic abilities. sorry you didn't make it.
E-L-T's avatar
Ah I see, this was for what I call true artists. I don't pretend I can draw. I wish I could :D
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not quite manips were allowed. some even cracked the top 100 and won prizes.
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Yessss ......YEEESSSSS....SHOW THEM YOU ARE LOCUSTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Well some of our "complaining" did go to good use...those of us that didn't get really rude and call people names, that is (that is uncalled for on either side of the fence). A new contest popped up for the t-shirt designs and the rules are much clearer than they have been since I have been on here and DA is covering the ripping off of other people's art and a place to ask questions to boot (love that).
Sorry will eat my words if that Tomb Raider rip off was drawn without tracing, and they drew it just by looking at it, it was someone else's work if not, plain and simple. If it was a rip off then DA shouldn't be held too responsible for that they can't look over the whole web just to see if someone was using someone else's art.
I still question someone just copying and pasting and a few filters/colors... it doesn't seem like technical skills... sorry to me it is just basic skills. If you were to make it more your own then I would appreciate it more and so would a lot more people including yourself. You sort of cheated your self out of a great solid piece of work with a great story told within your art, but well it worked out anyway. That is my opinion and I am entitled to it. But well with that said some call a red dot in a middle of a white canvas art, and maybe it is but it is not very creative nor a great technical skill. All I was saying was there were better out there that followed the rules to the T and they didn't make it.
All in all learned a lot had some fun and maybe it will get better and even though I may not agree with DA's decisions well that's the name of the game.... Cheer up people and for those that didn't win well on to the next one don't let this get to you so much you give up.... I almost did too but got over it quickly. I still like you all here and the great pieces of art that have been produced in these contests. Till next time.
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Well, as far as DA having "fixed" some of their contest issues, I hope so, but they'll have to repeatedly prove it before some people here invest any time in entering any more DA so-called contests.

When images that were just Live Traced and colored in 5 minutes beat out images that took time and talent to make (regardless of whether they were Photoshopped or Painted) there's something seriously wrong with the "judging." I doubt there's a statement in the T-shirt contest rules stating that judges will not have their heads up their asses and not exhibit lack of common sense and lack of awareness in judging. If there is, I'd love to see it.
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loved all the images.they are all awesome!
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Yeah I also am one of the semi finalists that haven't played gears of war 3 yet and is anxiously waiting to receive my copy. I hear great things.
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How many artist have not played gears yet??? I am patiently waiting myself but looking foward to a great campaign.
Walter-Ostlie's avatar
I've played the first 2 and loved them to bits. I can't wait to get a copy of 3, I'm itching to play. It looks pretty epic.
Ukilles's avatar
Lol I never owned an XBOX...and never played the game. Always wanted to play the game... Now I will receive the game by mail and I still can't play it.
dreno360's avatar also won 200 bucks. So go ahead and get a 360 as well. The game is a treat for sure. you might as well go buy 1 and 2 as well to get yourself the trilogy.
SophiaLee's avatar
Does anyone else kind of pity the winner at this point? It is going to be like a shark attack when the announcement comes. Whoever it is I hope they do not let the comments ripping their work apart get to them.
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Whoever it is gets 10,000 dollars. Haters and comlainers can go F themselves.
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